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BAD SANTA! Nuneaton police arrest Father Christmas for being drunk and disorderly after scuffle Santa arrested as reindeer and angel caught up in bother.

Byline: Sam Dimmer CRIME REPORTER

SANTA found himself in trouble with the law after enjoying too much Christmas spirit.

A man dressed as Father Christmas was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. He got into a scuffle with a man wearing a Christmas jumper. Warwickshire police officers sent messages out on Twitter about the incident- which ended with the man in a Santa outfit being arrested for being drunk and disorderly. in Nuneaton. The first tweet, at 9.22pm on Saturday read: "3rd night of brill Xmas CCTV. Nuneaton,

Man in Xmas jumper scuffling with man in santa suit, Boys in blue to rescue!! who needs Radio times?" An hour later officers tweeted: "Nuneaton Scuffle update - Peace & Goodwill restored, but at a heavy cost. Santa has been arrested for being drunk & disorderly. Pressies could be delayed!" The scuffle was just one of a series of bizarre Christmas incidents shared by Warwickshire police on Twitter. In an effort to show people in the county just how busy things can be over the festive season they shared what they doing during a series of hectic shifts. On Saturday night alone there were 60 reported incidents in the county and 18 arrests. At 11.09pm on Saturday police tweeted: "Brilliant CCTV again - Sesame St last night, mass collection of santas out celebrating in L/Spa tonight. Sea of red down Parade - its Xmas." A few hours later police were called to deal with a fancy dress dispute, with officers tweeting: "Oh the Magic of Xmas, Stratford officers attempting to resolve rowdy dispute between group of men, 2 reindeer and an angel." Away from the county's busy town centres officers caught one Christmas shopper who decided against paying for his food. At 3.54am police tweeted: "1 Rugby resident has got up early to beat the crowds & do last minute Xmas Shoplifting at Asda. No queues custody either!" They also dealt with disorder at a hotel at 5.21am, tweeting: "L/Spa Two arrested from one Hotel after damaging a room one came quietly the other decided to play up and ended up getting tasered. Its Xmas! Across the West Midlands there was a festive flavour to another crime - with two men dressed as elves being arrested for assault in Wolverhampton. Police believe they were responsible for two separate attacks when two men suffered cuts and bruises. The alleged elf attackers, aged 20 and 27, were released on police



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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Dec 26, 2012
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