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ROSE CITY, Mich., Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- In a time when microbrews are popping up by the hundreds, one that will certainly grab attention is Bad Frog Beer. Bad Frog definitely has an attitude and his beer is not short on catchy slogans:

* He's mean, green and obscene

* He's naked, nasty and insensitive

* He's an amphibian with an attitude

* He likes to "do it froggy style"

* The beer so's bad

* No Bad Frog...No Party

And his main slogan -- He Just Don't Care.

The frog appears to be using his frog hand to "Flip the Bird." This explosive graphic and attitude definitely sets him apart from other beers. Bad Frog's creator, Jim Wauldron of Wauldron Corp. in Rose City, Mich., has gone as far as applying for a trademark for "The Bird" as a corporate logo for Bad Frog Brewery Co. Their kick-off promotion, one that will certainly get them some attention, is:

"Flip the Bird...Get a Frog."

If anyone wants to order a Bad Frog Beer, all they have to do is "Flip Off" their bartender or waitress. They will know that "The Bird" means "Bring me a Bad Frog Beer!"

"There's a thousand beers on the market, but I'm pretty sure this is the only one you can order with a hand symbol," said Rick DiLoreto, Vice President of Bad Frog Brewery Co. "And a fun symbol at that!" Bad Frog Brewery Co. will be encouraging everybody to flip each other off, insisting that the symbol now means something different and very positive.

The beer itself is also unique. It has a rich golden amber color and a smooth but distinctive taste. Bad Frog is being contract brewed at Frankenmuth Brewery in Frankenmuth, Mich. and will be available in 12 oz. 6 pack bottles, 22 oz. bottles and draft. Bad Frog Beer will hit the market in Michigan starting Oct. 1 as a result of a strong and established distributor network. Pre-orders and interest in Bad Frog p.o.s. and retail merchandise has been strong and there will certainly be excitement brewing along with this new beer.

Jim Wauldron is no stranger to successful promotions. In 1984, his company Wauldron Corp., launched the very successful "Bless You Boys!" campaign in connection with the 1984 world champion Detroit Tigers. In 1991, Jim also started the successful campaign "Thumbs Up" for the Mike Utley Foundation, which began after Detroit Lion Mike Utley was paralyzed during a game on November 17, 1991. "Thumbs Up" T-shirts were sold in stores across the country and raised several hundred thousand dollars for Mike's foundation and were worn by many celebrities, from the President to O.J. Simpson.

Bad Frog Brewery Co. has two new beers which are scheduled for release in Spring 1996. The goal of Bad Frog Brewery Co. is to "Flip off the World" and see Bad Frog Beer sold nationwide.
 -0- 9/25/95

/CONTACT: Jim Wauldron of Wauldron, 517-685-2990/

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