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Capita has contacted practitioners for further information to process outstanding claims for CET grants.

A spokesperson for Capita confirmed that at the end of January there were 900 claims that had not been processed because of missing information.

"Primary Care Support England (PCSE) contacted all contractors where further information was required to process the claim, confirming the additional information needed in order to make a payment. Where PSCE has received all required information, payments have now been made," the spokesperson concluded.

At the time of going to print, it was I unclear how many of the incomplete claims remained outstanding.

At the beginning of February, Capita stated that all outstanding claims submitted on time and containing the right information had been paid.

Extended wait for payment

The AOP reached out to members following the announcement and more than 30 people responded saying they were still waiting for payment.

AOP professional adviser, Henry Leonard, highlighted to OT: "Despite recent reassurances from Capita that outstanding CET claims had been paid, we are continuing to receive a steady stream of enquiries from members who are still waiting for their CET grant payments."

"Although Capita state that all outstanding claims with the correct information have been paid, given their track record on handling GOS claims and performer list applications, we remain skeptical, and continue to raise our concerns at the highest level."

At the National Optical Conference in November last year, PCSE's managing director, Paul Dawson, told delegates that CET claims would be processed and paid by the end of the 2017 calendar year.

However, an update published on the PCSE website in December explained that some claims would not be paid until January.

The statement elaborated: "We are working through the remaining submissions as quickly as possible and we have a dedicated team logging every claim. As each claim is logged, contractors will receive a unique case reference number acknowledging receipt of their claim, ahead of the payment being processed."

Capita took over the administrative support service for NHS England in 2016.

In January, the Optical Confederation called for the NHS to consider an alternative ophthalmic payments provider unless Capita can deliver a "cast iron guarantee" that a backlog of payment issues can be resolved by the end of June. The OC's statement followed a similar letter from the British Medical Association labelling the situation with Capita as "completely unacceptable."

OT investigates

* Capita reports that all claims submitted on time with the correct information have been paid

* Around 900 practitioners were contacted at the end of January for further information

* Capita originally aimed to process payments by the end of 2017 but this was extended to January 2018

* Claim queries can be sent to

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