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BABY STOLEN FROM THE WOMB; Foetus thief sliced open pregnant girl's stomach.

Evil Frederick Polion sliced open a pregnant teenager's womb and stole her unborn baby.

Polion cut the full-term foetus from Carethia Curry while she was still alive. Carethia, 17, had been shot in the head and later died.

His own girlfriend was unable to have children and the couple were desperate for a baby.

So they hatched their gruesome plot to steal a baby.

Amazingly, the little girl survived and is now living with her father.

Polion, 37, was convicted yesterday of kidnapping the child but cleared of murdering her mother.

His girlfriend, Felecia Scott, 30, is in prison awaiting trial on murder and kidnapping charges.

A court in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, heard Scott befriended Carethia during her pregnancy.

Prosecutors said Scott and Polion then kidnapped her and performed a crude Caesarean section.

Medical experts told the court that Carethia was shot in the head but was still alive when her child was removed.

Polion told the jury he was completely innocent and believed his girlfriend when she suddenly brought him the baby and said it was their own.

But the baby's grandad, Curtis O'Neal, said: "No man on this earth could be that stupid and not ask any questions about what was going on."

Polion's brother, Lorenza James, 45, said he was pleased he'd been cleared of murder.

James added: "We are joyful but at the same time our family is sad that a life has been taken.

"We feel sorry for the family that lost Carethia."

Early next year, in a similar case in Chicago, three people face the death penalty for stealing a pregnant woman's unborn baby.

That child also survived and is being cared for by relatives.
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Author:Lines, Andy
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 17, 1997
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