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BABY GETS SIX OF BEST; (Fingers and toes just like his dad).

BABY Matthew Thomas is all fingers, thumbs and toes - just like his dad.

Little Matthew has followed in dad Adrian's footsteps by being born with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot.

Doctors and nurses were amazed at the incredible coincidence which makes 11-month-old Matthew a real chip off the old block.

Proud Adrian, 36, said yesterday: "Like all parents we counted his fingers and couldn't believe it when there were 12.

"Then we counted his toes and there were 12 of them too.

"We were flabbergasted - just like me he was born with six perfect fingers on each hand and six perfect toes on each foot.

"Now when friends say he has got his dad's hands they couldn't be more right."

Adrian and Matthew's mum Diane plan to have the tot's extra toes removed when he is two and his feet start growing.

Diane, 35, said: "Adrian had his extra toes removed because his mother found it difficult to get shoes to fit.

"We will probably do the same thing but we are definitely not touching Matthew's extra fingers.

"The extra fingers don't cause any problems at all for Adrian - in fact they are great conversation topics.

"We were told by the doctors during the pregnancy scan that it was a possibility the baby would have the extra fingers and toes, like his dad.

"When he was born the doctors and nurses were thrilled."

Diane was told after a pregnancy scan there was a possibility her baby may have extra digits.

But nurses at Swansea's Singleton Hospital still thought their eyes were deceiving them when they looked at little Matthew's hands and feet.

The family, of Llanmorlais, Swansea, have been told it is an hereditary condition called polydactyly.

But they have failed to find anyone else in their family with extra digits.

Diane said: "Adrian often uses his fingers as a party piece by asking people how many he is holding up - they get quite a shock when they count to 12."
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Author:Servini, Nick
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 18, 2000
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