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Here is a list of new baby care ingredients introduced by suppliers in the past 12 months. For more information about the products listed here, contact the supplier directly at the numbers provided.
* Cognis Care Chemicals
Dusseldorf, Germany
Tel: 49 (0) 211 7940 0
Fax: 49 (0) 211 798 400

Cegesoft PS 6

INCI name: vegetable oil (non-EU) olus (EU)
Suggested use level: 3-10%
Applications: creams, care lotions, sun care
products and wipes
Comments: Vegetable oil with high caring

Cetiol CC

INCI name: dicaprylyl carbonate
Suggested use level: 3-10%
Applications: creams, care lotions, sun care
products and wipes
Comments: Extremely skin compatible.

Hydagen B

INCI name: bisabolol
Suggested use level: 0.2-1%
Applications: baby skin care creams and
Comments: Antiphlogistic effect.

* Croda Inc./Sederma Inc.
Parsippany, NJ
Tel: (973) 993-2973
Fax: (973) 644-9222


INCI name: bacopa monniera extract (and)
water (and) PEG-8 (and) hydroxyethylcellulose
Suggested use level: 3-5%
Applications: baby lotions, diaper rashes,
prickly heat, cradle cap preparations
Comments: Calming properties reduce
inflammation and soothe iritated skin;
decreases cutaneous sensitivity which is especially
important in baby's diaper area; extract
is derived from primary herb of Ayurvedic
healing system.

Cromollient SCE

INCI name: di-PPG-2 myreth-10 adipate
Suggested use level: 1-8%
Applications: baby cleansers and bath products,
Comments: Mild di-ester emollient and solubilizer;
water dispersible, surfactant soluble;
leaves pleasing afterfeel on baby's skin.


INCI name: modified lanolin USP
Suggested use level: 1-50%
Applications: diaper rash ointments, baby
creams and lotions, prickly heat/cradle cap
preparations, nipple creams and other products
for nursing mothers
Comments: High purity medical grade lanolin
with barely any detectable trace impurities
(i.e., low pesticides and low free alcohols) and
virtually no allergenic potential; soothing
properties are ideal for baby products or compromised

* Degussa-Goldschmidt
Essen, Germany
Tel: 49 (201) 173 2854
Fax: 49 (201) 173 1828
Hopewell, VA
Tel: (804) 541-8658
Fax: (804) 541-2783

Rewoderm LI S 80

INCI name: PEG-200 hydrogenated glyceryl
palmate (and) PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate
Suggested use level: 1-4%
Applications: baby shampoos and cleansing
products for sensitive skin
Comments: Very mild additive for baby
cleansing products. Rewoderm LIS 80 is nitrogen-free,
vegetable based and provides a good
mucous membrane and skin compatibility.

Tego Care CG 90

INCI name: cetearyl glucosid
Suggested use level: 1-1.5%
Applications: baby care, facial and body care
and sun care
Comments: Tego Care CG 90 is a sugar
based very efficient emulsifier for PEG-free
o/w lotions and creams. The product imparts
excellent spreadability and temperature stability
to emulsions.

Tegosoft CR

INCI name: cetyl ricinoleate
Suggested use level: 2-5%
Applications: o/w body creams and lotions
and products for sensitive skin
Comments: Tegosoft CR gives a silky, but
non-oily feel on the skin. As the material is
based on vegetable raw materials and
unbleached, it is especially suitable for products
for sensitive and baby skin.

* Desert Whale Jojoba Company
Tucson, AZ
Tel: (520) 882-4195
Fax: (520) 882-7821

Jojoba Glaze

INCI name: simmondsia chinensis (jojoba)
seed oil (and) ethylene/propylene/ styrene
copolymer (and) butylene/ethylene/styrene
Suggested use level: 5-90%
Applications: skin care
Comments: Jojoba Glaze is a transparent,
high-viscosity gel from jojoba (simmondsia
chenensis) seed. Jojoba Glaze is highly emollient
and soothing, providing excellent moisturization
and softening properties.

Jojoba Pro-AA

INCI name: jojoba amino acids
Suggested use level: 1-5%
Applications: skin care and hair care
Comments: Jojoba Pro-AA is a solution of
jojoba amino acids produced from the proteins
found in jojoba (simmondsia chinesis) seed.
Jojoba Pro-AA provides excellent moisture
retention, moisturizing and film-forming
properties to both skin and hair formulations.
These low molecular weight amino acids are
capable of penetrating the hair shaft to provide
moisturization and luster to hair. In addition,
Jojoba Pro-AA enhances the quality and
functionality of hair and skin care products
such as shampoos, conditioners, creams,
lotions and sunscreens.

* International Specialty Products (ISP)
Wayne, NJ
Tel: (877) 812-7501
Fax: (973) 628-3401

Escalol Z-100

INCI name: zinc oxide (and) octyl
methoxycinnamate (and) PVP/hexadecene
copolymer (and) methicone
Suggested use level: 3.79-25.00%
Applications: baby sunscreens, lip balm, lip
gloss and color cosmetics
Comments: Escalol Z-100 can be easily incorporated
into anhydrous products because of
its hydrophobic silicone coating and Ganex

Prolipid 141

INCI name: glyceryl stearate (and) behenyl
alcohol (and) palmitic acid (and) stearic acid
(and) lecithin (and) lauryl alcohol (and)
myristyl alcohol (and) cetyl alcohol
Suggested use level: 3-7%
Applications: skin creams, lotions, treatment
products, sun care products, makeup
and cleansing products
Comments: Unique oil-free, globally
approved multi-functional lamellar gel forming
skin care system. Structures multi-phase
products, promotes healthy skin, provides
long term moisturization, delivers added benefits
from functional molecules and imparts
outstanding skin feel.

Suttocide A

INCI name: sodium hydroxymethyglycinate
Suggested use level: 0.4-1%
Applications: creams and lotions, liquid and
bar soaps, baby wipes, sunscreens, rinse-off
products, eye area cosmetics, shampoos
Comments: Suttocide A can be used at levels
up to 0.5% active without restrictions. It can
also be used to neutralize anionic thickening
systems. It may be used in products requiring
antimicrobial protection at alkaline pH.

* International Sourcing, inc.
Franklin Lakes, NJ
Tel: (201) 560-0111
Fax: (201) 560-1156

Cupuacu Frulix

INCI name: theobrama grandiflorum fruit
Suggested use level: 12%
Applications: skin lotions, moisturizing
creams and lotions and massage creams
Comments: This natural product has protective,
nourishing and mositurizing properties
for skin care products.

Passion Fruit Frulix

INCI name: passiflora alata fruit extract
Suggested use level: 5%
Applications: skin lotions, moisturizing
creams and lotions and massage creams
Comments: This natural product has protective
and remineralizing properties for skin
care products.

Quiditat SRC

INCI name: water (and) hypnea musciformis
extract (and) geldielia acerosa extract (and)
cocus mucifera extract
Suggested use level: 3-5%
Applications: skin lotions, moisturizing
creams and lotions and massage creams
Comments: This natural product uses the
protective and mositurizing properties of sea-weeds
for skin care products.

* Lipo Chemicals, Inc.
Paterson, NO
Tel: (973) 345-8600
Fax: (973) 345-5975

Associative Thickener Pure-Thix M

INCI name: PEG-180/laureth-50/TMMG
Suggested use level: 0.5-20%
Applications: shampoo, gentle cleansing
gels, bubble bath

Associative Thickener Pure-Thix 1442

INCI name: polyether-1
Suggested use level: 0.5-20%
Applications: shampoo, gentle cleansing
gels, bubble bath

Optigel SH-CG

INCI name: sodium magnesium silicate
Suggested use level: in deionized, or very
soft water, low viscosity suspensions of up to
Applications: clear gel products, lotions,

* Midwest Grain Products, Inc.
Atchison, KS
Tel: (800) 255-0302/(913) 367-1480
Fax: (913) 367-1838

Aqua Pro II BG

INCI name: beta glucan
Suggested use level: 1-5%
Applications: soaps, creams and lotions
Comments: Aqua Pro BG can impart a wide
array of benefits to skin care products --from
moisturization to revitalization and rejuvenation
of the skin.

Aqua Pro II CO

INCI name: colloidal oatmeal
Suggested use level: 1-5%
Applications: creams, lotions, ointments and
Comments: Containing all the essential elements
of oats, Aqua Pro II CO has soothing and
healing properties that help soothe dry, itchy
skin and counteract insect stings.

Cosmogel RS

INCI name: rice starch
Suggested use level: 1-10%
Applications: creams, lotions, face-cleansing
products, cosmetic powders, mascara and
Comments: Cosmogel RS is a highly refined
rice starch that provides tremendous functionality
in a variety of applications.

* Natunola Health Inc.
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Tel: (613) 727-7337
Fax: (613) 727-3772

Aloe Vera Oil Gel C1X/C1XL

INCI name: canola oil (and) aloe barbadensis
leaf juice (and) tocopherol
Suggested use level: 1-10%
Applications: A gelled emollient with a single
strength of aloe vera. Also a viscosity controlling
agent for the anhydrous phase of diaper
rash creams, ointments, moisturizing
lotions, protective creams, sun care and baby
bar soaps.
Comments: Aloe Vera Oil Gel C1X/C1XL are
two of the first aloe vera gels that can be
quantified in a vegetable oil and supported by
a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) study.
Aloe Vera Oil Gel C1X is a clear oil consisting
of a gel-like structure. Aloe Vera Oil C1XL is a
flowable liquid oil gel and is a lower viscosity
version of our Aloe Vera Oil Gel C1X. Both
gels have outstanding thermostability and a
high concentration of vitamin E.

Naunola CWAX 5611

INCI name: canola oil (and) glycine soja (soybean)
oil (and) hydrogentated vegetable oil
(and) zea mays (corn) starch (and) silica
Suggested use level: 5-30%
Applications: diaper rash creams, ointments,
moisturizing lotions, protective
creams, sun care and baby bar soaps
Comments: Natunola CWAX 5611 is a natural
ingredient that provides a soft smooth feeling
to the skin. It can be used as a viscosity-increasing
agent for non-aqueous systems. It
can be used in a number of skin care, hair care
and sun care applications.

* New Phase Technologies
Piscataway, NJ
Tel: (732) 562-9797
Fax: (732) 562-9380

Performa V 825

INCI name: synthetic wax
Suggested use level: 0.5-2%
Applications: creams, lotions and sprays
Comments: Excellent hydrophobic film forming

* Presperse Inc.
Piscataway, NJ
Tel: (732) 819-8009
Fax: (732) 819-7175

Melasfresh SLR

INCI name: tea tree (malaleuca alternifolia)
oil (and) cyclodextrin
Suggested use level: 1-5%
Applications: creams and lotions for baby
care products
Comments: Natural, slow release, broad spectrum
anti-microbial/anti-inflammatory activity.

Olivem 400

INCI name: sodium PEG-7 olive oil carboxylate
Suggested use level: 5-25%
Applications: bath and shower gels, shampoo
and conditioner
Comments: Mild cleansing agent and surfactant
derived from olive oil.

Olivem 900

INCI name: sorbitan livate
Suggested use level: 5-7%
Applications: creams and lotions for baby
care products
Comments: Emulsifier for water in oil emulsions.

* RITA Corporation
Woodstock, IL
Tel: (815) 337-2500
Fax: (815) 337-2522

Ritafactant 122MS

INCI name: cocamidopropyl betaine (and)
sodium caproyl lactylate
Suggested use level: up to 20%
Applications: baby products, products used
around the eyes and mild shampoos and body
wash applications
Comments: Ritafactant 122MS creates a wet
spherical high volume foam with excellent stability,
providing a mild, cost effective foaming
surfactant package. An ideal amide free and
sulfate-free system.

Ritafactant 138AN

INCI name: decyl glucoside (and) sodium lauroyl
Suggested use level: up to 30%
Applications: baby products, products used
around the eyes and mild shampoos and body
wash applications
Comments: Ritafactant 138AN is an excellent
all-natural surfactant blend that is extremely
mild and stable. An ideal amide- fee and sulfate-free

* Roche Vitamins inc.
Parsippany, NJ
Tel: (973) 257-8332
Fax: (973) 257-8580

Stay-C 50

INCI name: sodium ascorbyl phosphate
Suggested use level: 1-10%.
Applications: baby care, skin care, sun care
Comments: An antioxidant which quenches
free radicals generated by UV light. Enhances
the activity of vitamin E derivatives and other

* RTD Hallstar
Hackettstown, NJ
Tel: (312)554-7417
Fax: (312) 554-7499

Hallbrite Betawax

INCI name: hexanediol disalicylate
Suggested use level: Efficacy testing, product
claims and marketing tools.
Applications: patented, proven testing tools
for assessing skin's level of sebum output and
to sample the superficial stratum corneum to
determine dryness
Comments: Customizable products for marketing
and promotion of skin care lines.
Evaluate skin type in seconds for selecting
appropriate products.

* Scher Chemicals, inc.
Clifton, NJ
Tel: (973) 471-1300
Fax: (973) 471-3783

Hydramol TGL

INCI name: polyglyceryl-3 laurate
Suggested use level: 2-10%
Applications: superior moisturizer, humectant
and protective barrier for creams and
lotions; water soluble emollient for skin treatment
Comments: Non-oily emollient, with a honey-like
consistency that soothes, lubricates and
protects sensitive skin. Hydramol TGL is
water dispersible. It is used in oil-free, non-greasy
cleansers and moisturizes. It provides
super moisturization and humectancy to skin
and is particulary effective in nourishing dry
and sensitive skin.

Schercemol SHS

INCI name: isostearyl hydroxystearate
Suggested use level: 2-10%
Applications: barrier cream, lubricating
balm, hand and body lotions
Comments: A soft, buttery moisturizer to
soothe chafed, irritated skin. Viscosity builder
and thickener. Schercemol SHS is a soft solid
that provides a buttery finish to skin surfaces.
It moisturizes, softens and soothes irritated
skin. It provides a protective barrier without

* Seppic
Paris, France
Tel: (33) 1 40 62 55 59
Fax: (33) 1 40 62 52 53

Lipacide C8G

INCI name: capryloyl glycine
Suggested use level: 0.5-2%, depending on
the efficiency
Applications: sensitive skin products, formulas
with a low quantity of preservatives,
dermoprotective skin products
Comments: Lipacide C8G is a glycine biovector.
It protects the skin and helps to maintain
its natural ecosystem. It also protects cosmetic
products by increasing the microbiological
stability of formulas with a low preservative

Oronal LCG

INCI name: PEG-40 glycerylcocoate (and)
sodium coceth sulfate
Suggested use level: co-surfactant: 3-5%,
principal surfactant: 15-20%
Applications: baby shampoo, cleaning lotion
for eyes, cleaning foam gel, dermatological use
Comments: Oronal LCG is an ultra-mild
anionic foaming surfactant characterized by
the absence of adverse skin or occular tolerance.
It does not produce excessive delipidation
making it idea] to clean mucous membrahe
and fragile skin (like baby skin).

Proteol Oat

INCI name: sodium lauryl (and) oat amino
Suggested use level: 5%
Applications: cleaning foaming gel, shower
gel, shampoo, bubble bath
Comments: The abundant foam obtained has
a particulary creamy texture; very pleasant to

* Uniqema
New Castle, DE
Tel: (302) 574-1080
Fax: (302) 574-1790

Estol 3609

INCI name: triethylhexanoin
Applications: baby care products
Comments: This versatile emollient will
improve the end product's sensorial properties
by imparting a light skin feel and a non-oily

Phospholipid CDM

INCI name: sodium coco PG-dimonium chloride
Applications: baby wipes, body washes, bath
products, creams and lotions
Comments: Phospholipid CDM combines
gentle cleansing, mildness and excellent substantivity.
It is compatible with all surfactant
types and its the idea] additive for use in baby
care products.

Promidium 2

INCI name: PPG-2 hydroxyethyl coco/
Applications: liquid soaps, shampoos, body
Comments: Promidium 2 allows the formulator
to move forward in the development of
excellent cleansing properties that respond to
"DEA-free" market requirements.

* U.S. Cosmetics Corporation
Dayville, CT
Tel: (800) 752-0490
Fax: (860) 779-3994

Diglycerin 801

Description: diglycerin
Suggested use level: 5-50%
Applications: creams, lotions, baby shampoos,
baby cleansers
Comments: Gentle humectant with good
moisturizing properties. Provides more elastic,
finer foam in shampoos and cleansers than
similiar products using glycerin.

Nofable EO-85S

Description: ethyl oleate
Suggested use level: 3-20%
Applications: creams, lotions, ointments
Comments: High purity imparts better skin
elasticity versus conventional ethyl oleate.
Low coeffecient of friction for excellent lubricity.

Nofable Extra 0S-85

Description: oleic acid
Suggested use level: 3-20%
Applications: creams, lotions
Comments: High purity (85%), low color and
very mild odor compared to conventional oleic

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