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BABY BOMBSHELL HITS JIMMY HARD; As a mystery woman arrives saying she's carrying his child...


Between Donna's dramatic death and the eventful shenanigans of last week it has been a dramatic, yet oddly not unusual summer for the residents of the Dales. At least one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is in residence there at any one time.

The bombshells continue to drop as a lady called Juliette has turned up to tell Jimmy she is expecting his baby. Which is news to Jimmy and even more so Nicola. She goes on to say that all she needs from him is a signature and she'll forget him forever, but that still leaves him with plenty of explaining to do to Nicola. However, when it comes down to it, how will he cope with just saying goodbye to his baby?

On a brighter note, could someone be about to do Edna a good turn? For years she has felt guilty over a death. But when Sandy learns her regret is unfounded, he convinces Paddy and Aaron to help him sort it all out.

Will they end up with good news for Edna, or will she react badly to her past rearing up around her so quickly?

Zak and Lisa get a shock when the bailiffs arrive for the TV. Just how much financial trouble is young Sam in?


Kylie is tempted to take more of Max's pills but David disturbs her just in time. Later, though, she gives in to temptation on the basis that David is picking up a new prescription. But he catches her and storms out. Furious, he takes the kids with him as he doesn't want to leave them with her and when he returns, he locks the new pills safely away.

Neil sees the error of this ways and calls to tell Andrea and Lloyd he has managed to get his old job back and is leaving the country. Is the nightmare finally over?


A soap opera wedding – especially one in London's East End – is always an occasion of joy and laughter, blissful reminiscences and happily ever after. Or perhaps not.

It's not just because it's Sharon and Phil – two unhappy souls fated to make soap fans even unhappier than each other. We have, after all, been down this aisle before. And the build–up to this one appears to have gone on longer than most marriages in Soapland ever last.

So, will Phil choose Sharon or will he have a last–minute change of mind? Or will Shirley pop up just in time to have her say on the matter? Either way, it's an EastEnders wedding, so someone's going to have a very bad day.

There's also trouble for Aleks as two unwelcome visitors arrive.


Finn's trial is here and The McQueens and Ste unite to support John

Paul. Can Ste survive the pressure of the trial – not least when he will be giving his vital evidence – or will he revert to his bad habits again? And how will John Paul be hit by what he has to tell the court?

The trial already has serious ramifications for the Osbornes after only one day. Tony and Sinead are moving closer, not least due to the machinations of Diane, but Sinead tells Ste one secret too many. Diane finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dennis and Tom's new business venture gets off to an explosive start.


It's a testing time for Frank as he comes under further suspicion from Eileen over his part in Raymond's death.

She returns to work this week and is stunned to hear that Frank has suggested the council pull out of the regeneration plans. Convinced that he's simply trying to cover his tracks, she approaches the Chairman of the Committee, asking for an investigation into Frank.

He isn't going to go quietly into the night, though, so he begins to attempt to bury all of his dodgy dealings.


The path of true love runs like a snail through an obstacle course at the best of times on Ramsay Street, but this week sees one couple finally take the plunge when Daniel asks Amber to marry him.

At the other end of the scale, Terese's paranoia about Lauren's plans to get her claws into her husband increases.

Things come to a head when she spots her and Brad in deep conversation during dinner at the Waterhole. She publicly accuses Lauren of trying to steal her husband – which isn't the best of moves.


Oscar and Maddy become close but it's clear it's quite a one–way street and she's only using him to get back at Evelyn. Oscar's smitten though and it's only when Roo intervenes that Maddy realises she needs to tell him the truth.

Casey's annoyance at Josh moving in disappears quickly when he learns that it's to protect him from Andy's problems with drug dealers.

As they decide to move in together, Sophie turns Nate against Leah, but later the two women bury the hatchet.


SHOCK Nicola and Jimmy



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