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B.S.N.N.A. (Britney Spears Need Not Attend).

Labeled with the heading "nudity," Cardinal Anthony Okogie sent a message to all the parishes in his Archdiocese of Lagos, Nigeria, getting specific on new dress codes for church attendees. The letter asks parish priests to "quietly ask to worship outside" those dressed in "clothes that reveal sensitive parts of the body, such as the bust, chest, belly, or upper arms, transparent clothing, or dresses with slits above the knee," BBC News reports.

Young men, are prohibited from wearing "jerry curls"--long hair with loose curls--tight jeans, and earrings.

In one case, a bride whose dress was deemed inappropriate was refused entry to her own wedding. According to BBC News, the parish priest told the bride "he would wait for her all afternoon if he had to, but she would have to go home and put on more clothes."

Traditional Nigerian dress for women usually includes a long skirt, blouse, and headwrap in colorful patterns, but many women are opting for Western fashions.
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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