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B. S. Detecting.

B. S. Detecting

Mary Thompson

Lighthouse Press, Inc.

PO Box 910, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33443

1932211101 $15.95

Now in an updated second edition, B. S. Detecting: The Flip Side of Success-Possible Communicating is a treasury of information everybody needs to know about how language (and other forms of communication, but language in particular) can be abused and misused, whether intentionally or obliviously. A simple color-coding of different types of speech (silver = verifiable facts, black = demands and orders, white = important truths that are left out, red = emotionally angry speech, brown = plain old B.S., etc.) is the precursor to an in-depth, layman's terms guide to language abuses ranging from misunderstandings to manipulations to pathological behavior. B. S. Detecting is more than simply learning to beware the high-pressure salesman threatening to take away the "limited-time" deal or the Isolator who lures new people into his group by excluding and villifying others (the worst Isolators include drug pushers and cult leaders); it also includes ways to focus on communication problems, and know when to make overtures or when to recognize that an individual is simply too disturbed to deal with. B. S. Detecting especially mentions solid advice for discerning whether a person will be a compatible and trustworthy mate (hint: if he won't give you verifiable details about his address, phone number, family, or job he's probably a con man or worse) but also applies to sifting through lies, manipulative dogma, and half-truths in every aspect of life. And when one is dealing with an honest person, B. S. Detecting gives practical tools to mediate disagreements--especially Operational Definitions (clarifying the initial definitions both parties are working from) and Anecdotal Reporting (a meticulous description of a series of actions, comments, and responses in order to discover patterns). B. S. Detecting is quite literally a self-help manual for dealing with the complexities of human beings. In a world where increasingly savvy con artists cannot be identified by their appearance or mannerisms, B. S. Detecting gives the reader need-to-know information to sift the truth from a line, and warns that no one can B. S. you as thoroughly as you can B. S. yourself. Unless you are a hermit with zero contact with any and all other human beings, B. S. Detecting is an absolute "must-read".
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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