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meeting management tools that save time and money first fully integrated Internet system and management tool for meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and group travel-provides planners and event organizers with the latest e-commerce solutions they need to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological environment.

At the heart of is a sophisticated Internet- transaction engine called ERS (event reservation/registration system). Only allows the planner to create tailor-made Web sites that enable attendees to register for the event and conference sessions, as well as hook hotel, air travel (including prenegotiated air fares), rental cars, leisure tours, and event/destination products-in real-time, online. The system handles online payment processing on a secure basis, revises reservations as needed, maps housing choices, maintains space or availability inventories of intra-conference events and housing blocks, and, best of all, can provide any of this information, around the clock, to the event manager and designated vendors and suppliers.

Karen Vogel, vice president of sales and marketing for, notes, "Every planner knows one of the most difficult challenges he or she faces in organizing a meeting or conference is that of managing and marketing the hotel block to avoid attrition costs. Now, provides them with the most up-to-date tools to better forecast and manage their room needs and market their hotel block, thereby cutting back on financial losses due to unused rooms. clients also report a savings of 25-35 percent in one year, just in operational costs alone. In addition to saving handling costs by enabling the attendee to register and make reservations online (at a cost of less than $5 compared to an average of $15 by phone), saves time for the planner by eliminating an enormous amount of administrative and paperwork, thus allowing more time for actual "planning."
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