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B K. Madan. Towards Monetary Cooperation in South Asia.

B K. Madan. Towards Monetary Cooperation in South Asia. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. 1986. 105 pp.

This study was conducted in pursuance of the research programme of the Committee of Studies for Co-operation in Development in South Asia.

The study begins with a bird's eye-view of aspects of the economies of South Asian countries, their common features as well as divergent traits, trade patterns and trends of interregional trade. Chapter 1 sets out the significant aspects of the economies of South Asian Countries relevant to economic and monetary co-operation. Chapter 2 surveys the salient trends in foreign trade and balance of payments of the different countries--with a focus on relative intra-regional and inter-regional trade. Chapter 3 reviews the bilateral features of trade and payment agreements and arrangements of the countries of the region. A quick survey of the framework of trade and payment arrangement and exchange and exchange rate systems in the area has been made in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 analyses the main features of various types of multilateral payment arrangements among developing countries which are in operation in different parts of the world, ranging from a simple clearing arrangement to a Monetary Union. The Asian clearing union is discussed in Chapter 6. Chapter 7 presents the main findings of the study and suggests future lines of research for a closer monetary co-operation among the countries of the region.

* Prepared by Ms Sabiha Ibrahim, Assistant Faculty Member in the Project Evaluation Division of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, Islamabad.
COPYRIGHT 1987 Reproduced with permission of the Publications Division, Pakistan Institute of Development Economies, Islamabad, Pakistan.
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
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Title Annotation:Book Notes
Author:Ibrahim, Sabiha
Publication:Pakistan Development Review
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jun 22, 1987
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