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Azimuth Systems Delivers Solution for New Wi-Fi Alliance Certification Test Methodology.

Enables Wi-Fi Alliance Test Engine Approach for Certifying Embedded Wi-Fi Devices

OSAKA, Japan -- Azimuth Systems Inc., the leading provider of Wi-Fi[R] engineering test equipment, today announced a solution that enables vendors to perform certification testing according to the new Wi-Fi Alliance Test Engine architecture. The AzCert[TM] Wi-Fi Certification Test Suite for Test Engine-enabled devices will be used by Wi-Fi Alliance Authorized Test Laboratories (ATLs) and allows product vendors, device manufacturers and semiconductor vendors to pre-test their Station Devices using the same approach. The new solution is expected to streamline the certification process for a broad range of products with embedded Wi-Fi connectivity such as phones, handheld games, cameras, TVs and MP3 players, and also for standard Wi-Fi equipment such as notebooks and network cards.

"The introduction of the AzCert Wi-Fi Certification Test Suite for Test Engine-enabled devices reinforces both our vision of seamless connectivity and our commitment to industry standards," said Jeff Abramowitz, vice president of marketing at Azimuth Systems. "This new Test Engine methodology was developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to allow Wi-Fi vendors to certify products more efficiently and will also enable vendors to develop better products with faster time to market."

The Test Engine methodology was originally architected by the Wi-Fi Alliance task group for Application Specific Devices (ASDs), and Azimuth Systems was chosen by the Alliance to develop tools required to execute the methodology. There are five primary components of the methodology for certification, including:

1) Device Under Test (DUT) Software that enables the DUT to generate traffic;

2) Control PC Software that allows vendors to control their DUT;

3) A Capture Engine that captures the packets generated by the DUT for analysis;

4) A management tool that executes the Wi-Fi Certification test plan;

5) The Wi-Fi Alliance Test Bed required to verify interoperability.

Sample source code for the DUT agent software (1) and the control agent software (2) are provided free-of-charge by the Wi-Fi Alliance to its members. Azimuth provides the AzCert Wi-Fi Certification Test Suite for Test Engine-Enabled Devices as a basic certification package that includes the ADEPT capture engine (3) and the Azimuth Test Engine Management Tool (4). Products successfully tested using this methodology at an ATL achieve the critical Wi-Fi CERTIFIED[TM] mark.

"We're excited to release the Wi-Fi Alliance Test Engine approach that will ultimately enable thousands of devices in emerging product categories to become Wi-Fi CERTIFIED," said Frank Hanzlik, managing director of the Wi-Fi Alliance. "The solution brings new efficiencies to Authorized Test Labs, and now our members will have access to a standard set of tools that enables them to pre-test their products."

In addition to providing some of the tools required to execute the methodology, Azimuth also offers Test Engine device developer tools, which help vendors ensure that they have ported the Wi-Fi Alliance code to their products correctly. A device validation tool performs a basic conformance test on every command in the Wi-Fi Alliance device specification so that a successful pass yields confidence that the DUT will operate properly during the certification process. The Test Engine device developer tools currently ship with Azimuth's basic certification package.

"The Azimuth Test Engine device development tools successfully accelerated our delivery of the TapRoot Wireless LAN Test Engine," said Glen Shelton, Vice President of Engineering at TapRoot Systems, a software company that provides embedded software and system integration services for the global smartphone marketplace. "As a result, we can now enable customers to automate their handset testing and to achieve the important 'Wi-Fi CERTIFIED' mark."

Azimuth also offers customers upgrade packages with increased automation, control and test flexibility. The full automation upgrade adds DIRECTOR[TM] software to provide operator-free execution of the Wi-Fi Alliance test plan, including the configuration and control of all Wi-Fi Alliance Test Bed Devices. The Automation and RF Control upgrade also provides automation using DIRECTOR, but adds the award winning W-Series testing platform to ensure repeatable results and eliminate the need for screen rooms, providing a complete platform for performance testing using the Azimuth Approach.

The Azimuth Approach

Azimuth's patented testing approach provides unmatched repeatability, flexibility and automation for wireless data communications testing. The six key elements of the Azimuth Approach include: RadioProof[TM] enclosures that isolate the RF environment; SmartMotion[TM] technology to precisely control virtual motion between devices in the network; TestMAC[TM] technology to emulate clients and APs and to perform protocol behavior tests; a Real2Real[TM] architecture that enables interoperability testing between real world devices; Azimuth DIRECTOR[TM] test executive to provide an easy-to-use console for test and device management; and Azimuth STUDIO[TM] database management software for automated report generation and correlation of test results.

About Azimuth Systems

Azimuth Systems is a leading provider of wireless data communications test solutions. Azimuth's products are used by more than 100 of the world's leading wireless semiconductor, system vendors and service providers to speed time-to-market and improve wireless product quality. Azimuth's standardized test solutions enable research, development, QA and marketing engineers to test the performance, conformance and certification of wireless devices and networks supporting data, voice and video applications. The company is based in Acton, Massachusetts and is backed by prestigious investors including Kodiak Venture Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. Azimuth may be contacted at (978) 263-6610 or at

Azimuth[R] is a registered trademark of Azimuth Systems. AzCert[TM], DIRECTOR[TM], RadioProof[TM], SmartMotion[TM], TestMAC[TM], Real2Real[TM] and STUDIO[TM] are trademarks of Azimuth Systems. Wi-Fi[R] and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED[TM] are trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
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Date:Oct 23, 2006
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