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Azerbaijan,United States : AZERBAIJAN, US plans to beef up its strategic affiliation.

Azerbaijani ambassador to the U.S Elin Suleymanov's stated that, Oil-rich Azerbaijan is flourishing and the wealth is trickling down to its poorest people.

"Azerbaijan and the United States are partners in addressing the world's most difficult challenges from fighting terrorism internationally to serving shoulder-to-shoulder in Afghanistan and working together to ensure peaceful future for the Afghan people," the ambassador said.

"Our nations also work to together promote Europe's energy security by bringing Caspian natural gas to the European markets through the strategic Southern Gas Corridor, including the recently announced Trans-Adriatic Pipeline," Suleymanov said.

On Oct. 9, current President Aliyev succeeded a landslide victory.

"Any nationwide election with 5.1 million registered voters is never a perfect process," Suleymanov said. "There were likely irregularities and problems, which need to be addressed in accordance with the law."

"Still, the latest election was observed by more than 50,000 observers, including some 1,400 international observers representing 100 countries and 50 international and nongovernmental organizations," Suleymanov said.

"Following the election, most international observers, including the European Union, Council of Europe delegations and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe observation mission head, described the election as a step forward," according to the article.

"In a stark contrast, the OSCE mission from the Office of Democratic Institutions and Human Rights issued a highly negative report, unfortunately echoed by the U.S. State Department," Suleymanov said. "Interestingly, this controversial assessment of the election is not shared by the Azerbaijani citizens, who spoke loud and clear by voting for President Aliyev."

"Democracies consist of fundamental building blocks, which include pluralism, diversity, tolerance, gender equality and economic opportunities," Suleymanov said. "The Azerbaijani people have established these fundamentals."

"Today, we should strengthen the strategic U.S.-Azerbaijan partnership and continue

making news by breaking existing convenient stereotypes, not by imposing new ones," he said.

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Date:Dec 14, 2013
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