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Azerbaijan's Azerenerji OJSC carrying out comprehensive reconstruction of substations.


Azerbaijan's Azerenerji OJSC, in accordance with the "Rehabilitation Program", is carrying out comprehensive construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation work at substations of system significance,Trendreports with reference to the company.

Reconstruction of substations of Azerbaijan's energy system, as well as increase in power through the replacement of overloaded transformers is very important from the point of view of preventing accidents.

At the same time, reconstruction and increase in power of substations is extremely important for transferring the load from one substation to another in case of an emergency mode, in order to reduce losses, and most importantly, to provide consumers with a better power supply.

Thus, at the expense of the allocated state and equity funds, the stations "Khirdalan" and "Mushfig" with a capacity of 220 kilovolts, substations "8th kilometer", "Zabrat", "Ahmadli", "Dubandi", "Mashtaga", "Buta", "Alyat", "Zygh", "Sumgait-2", "Ganja-1", "Guba", "Mingachevir city", as well as substations "Shaki" and No. 205 are being reconstructed.

In addition, a new substation "Sulfanol" with a capacity of 110 kilovolts is being built to provide power to an industrial complex in the city of Sumgait. The work is nearing completion.

As part of the "Rehabilitation Program", over the past six months, repair and restoration work has been simultaneously carried out at other substations as well, and their capacity has increased significantly.

Thus, a 25-megawatt transformer at the substation "Masazir" was replaced with a 40-megawatt transformer, a 25-megawatt transformer at the substation "Janub" was replaced with a 40-megawatt transformer, two transformers at the substation No. 135 with a 40-megawatt transformer were replaced with 80 megawatt transformers. Also, a 15-megawatt transformer at the substation "Alyat" was replaced by a 25-megawatt transformer, and so on.

In general, over the past six months, the capacity of substations has increased by 249 megawatts.


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Publication:Azer News (Baku, Azerbaijan)
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Date:Mar 29, 2019
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