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Ayoon Wa Azan (The Progeny of a Cesspool).

Perhaps some of the Arab readers have heard about an editorial written by Gilad Sharon, son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, in the Jerusalem Post, in which he called for all of the Gaza Strip to be flattened along with its people. He said that the people of Gaza were not innocent, because they voted for Hamas and must bear the consequences, and called for decisive action, similar to the U.S. nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima and followed with a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki, while the Japanese were rushing to surrender.

Prior to the editorial, I had not heard the name Gilad Sharon since 2005, when he was charged in a case of bribery involving the amount of three million dollars. But he was not convicted for lack of evidence. His brother Omri Sharon, meanwhile, was convicted in a corruption case related to raising funds for his campaign, and was sentenced to nine months in prison in 2006.

Staying on with Glad, his statements about the Gaza Strip are Nazi-like, as though the person who said them was a Nazi officer in the SS. In Lebanon, we have a saying that those who don't turn out to be like their parents are bastards, or mongrels. But it is clear that Gilad is not like that, and is indeed his father's son, and draws inspiration from that cesspool called Ariel Sharon.

Of course, Sharon is not the real name of the infamous war criminal, who was behind massacres from Qibya, Qalqilya and the Bedouin of Negev until Sabra and Shatila and each subsequent act of terror. The original name of the family, which hails from Lithuania, was Scheinermann, which was changed to Sharon, just like every Israeli prime minister since David Ben-Gurion had changed his name, because they are all mongrels and bastards that the people of Palestine were afflicted with.

But Sharon is perhaps the worst of the bunch. The victims of his crimes were not limited to Palestinians and Arabs in neighboring countries, but he also caused the deaths of many Jews. Indeed, the man combined recklessness and cowardice, sacrificing his soldiers while he was in a safe area.

This is what happened for example when the Israelis crossed the Mitla Pass in Sinai in 1956 (and with the Defresoir "Bulge" in 1973). The Israeli side suffered heavy losses as a result, and the Israeli soldiers and officers in his brigade accused him of the following:

- That he stayed in the rear at the Mitla Pass

- That this was not the first time he remained in the safety of the rear.

- That he relaxed at home even when the entire brigade was called to the base on alert

- That tis eating habits set a poor example for the soldiers

- That his reputation has been built up at the expense of the paratroopers, whom he refused to let share in the fame and limelight

- That there is a wide gap between the courage and audacity of his plans and his own willingness to participate in them

- That he is a coward.

This is not my opinion, but the opinion of Israeli soldiers who served with Sharon. So it seems that Sharon's sons, including Omri and GIlad, have inherited his genes for corruption and terrorism.

There is another side to Sharon's personality that is no less despicable than the above. After a famous love story, Sharon married Margalith, a student, who gave birth to his son Gur. Gur was killed while playing with a rifle with his friends. And Margalith was killed in a car accident on 6/5/1962 while driving between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, after she veered out of lane and hit a truck. A police report determined that she was responsible for the accident.

But prominent Israeli journalist Uzi Benziman said in his book "Sharon, Caesar of Israel" that Margalith had committed suicide when she discovered that her husband was having an affair with her younger sister Lily, who served under his command in the paratrooper brigade. After Margalith died, Lily moved immediately to Sharon's home to care for his children, and they married later on in the same year that Margalith died. Lily gave birth to children who are just as decadent and inhuman as Sharon is.

Gilad epitomizes his father, and his father epitomizes Israel's crimes against the Palestinians, the only people who have any rightful claim to their own country.

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Date:Nov 24, 2012
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