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Ayoon Wa Azan ( An Ongoing Western Immunity ).

Byline: Jihad El-Khazen

What would have happened if it was Arab intelligence agents that forged British and other European passports instead, and travelled to a distant country to assassinate an Israeli visiting that country? The Arabs and Muslims would have all been immediately accused of terrorism, the U.S Congress would have voted in favor of cutting off all aides to Arab countries or increasing aides to Israel, and the major powers would have competed in the UN Security Council in the condemnation and denouncement of the perpetrators.

If man was molded out of sin, as the bible says, then Israel was molded out of crime, beginning with the theft of Palestine from its original inhabitants, and culminating with decades of murder, displacement, destruction and occupation, all by Nazi methods whose perpetrators would have all been condemned, except in Israel, which selected Meir Dagan as the head of Mossad solely because of his proficiency in murdering children in Gaza.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was assassinated in Dubai. There are surveillance footages of the Israeli terrorists who stole innocent people's passports, and put these innocents' lives at risk. However, there were a thousand martyrs before al-Mabhouh, who perished at the hands of the criminal state that is protected by an ongoing Western immunity.

Before I carry on, I want the reader to be patient and read the following:

A few days ago, two of the dearest people to our hearts were martyred. Mustafa Hafez, the commander of the Palestine Army, was martyred while carrying out his duty for you and for Arabism, and for Arab nationalism. Mustafa Hafez pledged to train the Palestine army, to revive the Palestine army, and to resurrect the name Palestine; so did the colonials overlook him? Did Israel, the brainchild of colonialism, overlook him? Never, they always found Mustafa Hafez to be a direct threat to them and to their greed and ambitions. But do they believe that by killing Mustafa Hafez, there will be no others to replace him? They will find that in Egypt, all parts of Egypt, each and every Egyptian carries his principles and that each of them believes in these principles.

As for Salah Mustafa, he rose to fight for Egypt, and he believes in you, in your freedom and in your dignity. But he preferred to fight in silence. He believes that he has dedicated his life, his soul, and his blood for your sake, for the sake of your Egyptianness [sic], and he has given his life and his blood for the cause of Arab nationalism, and for the cause of the entire Arab world.

They have assassinated Salah Mustafa using the worst methods of treachery, the methods they had used before 1948; this makes me feel that the gangs that became a state have gone full circle, and that the state is now becoming once again, a group of gangs.

I want to pause here to say that the above was part of one of the most famous speeches delivered by the late President Gamal Abdul Nasser, namely, the speech that he gave on July 26, 1956, in which he announced the nationalization of the Suez Canal. This led to the infamous tripartite aggression.

I requested the speech for a research I was conducting, in which I compare among the most famous speeches both of today and those of yesteryear (it will be published within days). By coincidence, I stumbled upon the names of Mustafa Hafez and Salah Mustafa whose martyrdom took place prior to my political maturation. I searched in many references, and found out that the first had been assassinated on 11/7/1956 by means of a booby trapped parcel, and that the second was assassinated on 19/7/1956 in a similar explosion; he was a military attachE[umlaut] in Jordan.

All forms of old and late terrorism in the Middle East, and up until this very day, were concocted by the Jewish terrorists in Palestine. Others only learned from them, and if we bear in mind the assassination of the international mediator Count Folke Bernadotte and the bombing of the King David Hotel, then we arrive at the conclusion that Israel's entire history is nothing short of an ongoing criminal record.

In fact, Israeli terrorists destroyed 13 Lebanese civilian places at the airport in Beirut on 28/12/1968, shot down a Libyan civilian passenger planet with missiles, killing all 109 passengers and crew on board, hijacked other airplanes and forced them to land in Israel, and killed the children in the Bahr al-Baqar school in Egypt in 1971.

Prior to this and that, Israeli terrorists attempted to blow up the U.S. Information Agency in Cairo to upset the relationship between Egypt and the United States, in what was to be later known as the Lavon affair, named after the then Israeli Minister of Defense Pinhas Lavon.

I was the head of news shift at the Reuters news agency and reported the bombing of the aircraft, after my aunt had notified me about the attack which she saw from the balcony of her home. Benjamin Netanyahu was among those terrorists who carried out the attack which he would boast in his writings later. In 1973, I also trod in the blood of Kamal 'Idwan, Kamal Nasser and Abou Yussef al-Najjar who were killed inside their homes near my house (Madame Curie Street at the time), and across a garden where a tall building stands today. (I have written about all the Israeli crimes that I have witnessed at the time).

A year before that, Annie Kanafani called me to say: "they killed Ghassan", i.e. Ghassan Kanafani, the famous writer, painter and freedom fighter. I saw with my own eyes the martyred friend and his niece carrying body parts in plastic bags, after he was torn apart by the blast.

It is a state of crime and terrorists that has no place in the international community. Its terrorism endures only because both the West and the East are in collusion, and because the Arabs and Muslims are weak and cowardly, and have become accustomed to humiliation by others peoples.

I write while waiting to hear the name of the next martyr.

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Publication:Dar Al Hayat, International ed. (Beirut, Lebanon)
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Date:Feb 19, 2010
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