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AxisPointe Launches HomeWorx.

Outsourced Service Provides Trained Customer Service Professionals to Manage Final Home Walkthrough and Punch List Management for Builders and Developers in the U.S.

SALT LAKE CITY -- AxisPointe, Inc., the national leader in warranty management, outsourced call-back management, and subcontractor certification, announced today the launch of HomeWorx, an outsourced service that assumes the final home walkthrough and punch list creation for residential builders and multi-family developers to ensure that customers receive consistent orientations from highly-trained service representatives.

HomeWorx is a convenient service that turns the entire final home walkthrough and punch list creation process over to trained customer service professionals. With HomeWorx, builders and multi-family developers eliminate the burden of conducting final walkthroughs and managing the punch list process of documentation, service ticket creation, and routing. HomeWorx offers the people, tools, and resources to:

* Perform a pre-inspection walkthrough to spot and fix problems before the final walkthrough.

* Make sure every customer receives a thorough, complete new home orientation from a trained customer service expert.

* Quickly identify, document, and initiate resolutions for final punch list issues.

* Tap into AxisPointe's proven HomeProfile system for logging, managing, and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.

HomeWorx is part of AxisPointe's SmartBuilder Suite, which also includes HomeProfile, a warranty and document management solution; BuilderCertified, a service that gathers and tracks subcontractors' insurance documentation and expirations; and BuilderOnCall, a U.S.-based multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean) outsourced call center for service calls, service ticketing, and issue escalation.

"A best practice for builders and developers of all sizes is to make the walkthrough process as much about home orientation and customer relationship building as developing a punch list of unfinished items," said Andrew K. Smith, president and founder of AxisPointe. "HomeWorx provides the tools, processes, and people to deliver a comprehensive walkthrough experience designed to increase buyer satisfaction and improve referral rates. Customer/Homeowner expectation management in the post-construction phase is a growing concern and HomeWorx is a scalable, cost-effective solution."

About AxisPointe

AxisPointe - creator of HomeProfile - offers turnkey, outsourced post-construction services for residential home builders and multi-family housing developers. With special expertise in sectors where builders and developers have the highest legal exposure and greatest risk to their reputations (warranty management, call-back processing, and subcontractor insurance certification), AxisPointe offers four products in its SmartBuilder Suite:

HomeProfile, a digital, online, and print service that offers builders and developers a turnkey, outsourced solution of all post-construction warranty and document management, including service ticketing and delivery of a builder-branded manual.

BuilderCertified, a turnkey, outsourced service that leverages teams of researchers and Web-based tools to track subcontractors' licenses and liability insurance expirations, so builders and developers can effortlessly pass their yearly insurance audits.

BuilderOnCall, an outsourced call center for builders and developers in the U.S., which provides service ticketing and issue escalation.

HomeWorx, an outsourced service that assumes the final walkthrough and punch list process, so customers receive thorough, consistent orientations from trained service representatives.

All four services offer remarkably affordable outsourced, time-saving solutions to builders and developers' most pesky problems: call backs, document tracking, and post-construction customer management. Learn more:; (801) 753-0070.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 22, 2007
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