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Axis Communications Announces New 'Three-In-One' MIO Print Server

Adds Exclusive Functionality to HP Printers -- Native SNA Support and Web
 Based Configuration

WOBURN, Mass., Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Capitalizing on over twelve years experience within the IBM midrange and mainframe printing environments, Axis Communications announces two new products within its top-of-the line network print server family, the AXIS 570 and AXIS 670 MIO print servers (internal cards) for Ethernet and Token Ring respectively. Based on the AXIS 570 and AXIS 670 external print server, the high-end MIO print server plugs directly into HP printers and provides exclusive opportunities to add functionality to HP printers beyond normal operations of MIO print servers.

The new SNA enhancements include formatting options for word processing applications such as OfficeVision, through 3812/16 (5219) printer emulation. The print servers are a cost-effective solution for providing enhanced functionalities to HP printers within an IBM environment. By emulating both an IBM Control Unit and a IBM printer, companies can save money by replacing their installed base of 3x74 or 5x94 controllers and coax/twinax printers. With the AXIS 570 and AXIS 670, users can now print both native SNA jobs and LAN jobs to one printer.

The AXIS 570 and AXIS 670 print servers are easy to install and manage since each unit is self-contained and intuitive to IBM host administrators as they emulate standard IBM 3x74 or 5x94 control units.

"The AXIS 570 and AXIS 670 MIO allows users to share printer resources, without having to rely on costly conversion software" said Peter Hanson, product manager for IBM products, Axis Communications. "We will continue to meet our customer's demands by providing cost-effective solutions for the IBM environment."

Another new feature in the AXIS 570 and the AXIS 670 is support for web-based configuration. By using a standard web browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Explorer, users can set-up the AXIS 570 and/or AXIS 670 print server from a single tool independent of computer platform. The AXIS print servers also ship with the Windows based AXIS NetPilot(TM) management tool for installation and administration, while providing a mechanism for the network administrator to control the printing process in terms of queuing, job status, accounting, software upgrades and configuration, among others.

In addition, the products use flash memory for the simplified updating of print server software over the network, as well as NEST technology providing support for NetWare Directory Services (NDS).

These enhanced and reliable print server products are based on AXIS' 32-bit RISC processor, ETRAX, which is designed specifically for LAN peripheral devices. The ETRAX family of embedded controllers can be found in all of AXIS' award winning family of products.

Key features include:

The AXIS 570 and AXIS 670 MIO provides the same advanced functionality as the three port version AXIS 570/670 with following additions:

* Basic set-up from the printer's front panel

* Plug-in to any HP printer with MIO slot, i.e. HPIIISi, HP4/4+, HP4V, HP4Si, HP5, HP5Si, HP Color LaserJet/5 and selected DeskJet, DesignJet and PaintJets

Price and Availability

The AXIS 570 MIO print server for Ethernet is priced at $699.00, and the AXIS 670 MIO print server for Token-Ring is $799.00. These products are distributed through Ingram Micro, Tech Data, GBC/Globelle (U.S.), and Litco Systems (Toronto, Canada).

About Axis Communications:

Axis Communications develops and manufactures multi-protocol RISC-based network CD-ROM, camera and print servers, as well as printer connectivity solutions for IBM mainframes and AS/400 systems. Its products enables users to easily share peripherals on heterogeneous networks with state-of-the-art, cost-effective connectivity alternatives. Founded in 1984, Axis Communications headquarters is located in Lund, Sweden. Axis has 200 people employed, with revenues of $49 million (95/96) and has shown a yearly growth rate of 67% per year since the start. Axis was appointed "Computer Company of the Year" both 1994 and 1995, in its home country.

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