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Axio Research starts offering Statistical Genetics and Genomics services.

M2 PHARMA-September 24, 2014-Axio Research starts offering Statistical Genetics and Genomics services


24 September 2014 - US clinical trial services provider Axio Research said Wednesday it had launched Statistical Genetics and Genomics services to respond to the biopharmaceutical industry's need for advanced statistical support in the analysis and interpretation of complex genomic data for drug discovery and development, drug repositioning and companion diagnostics development.

Axio Research's new interdisciplinary Statistical Genetics and Genomics division merges the company's deep expertise in biostatistics, bioinformatics, and clinical understanding with additional new capabilities in statistical genetics. The division will be led by Dr. David Henderson, who has joined the company as director of Statistical Genetics and who has over 20 years of experience in genetics, genomics, statistics and statistical computing. Dr. Henderson and his team of PhD/MS staff will apply leading-edge statistical and computational methods which will focus on analysis of large-scale data sets from genome-wide association studies (GWAS) as well as methylation, gene expression, genotyping, copy-number variation (CNV), and next-generation sequencing experiments. The methods will also focus on assisting clients in experimental design and developing tools for analysis and for graphical display of analysis results.

Dr. Henderson noted that, with next-generation sequencing and other technologies generating evermore complex genetic and genomic data sets, statistical methods must continue to evolve and emerge for studying the genetic components of clinical traits.

Axio Research's CEO Lee Hooks said that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have a real need for advanced statistical analysis capabilities to address the challenge of interpreting the complex data sets that are being generated by genomic assays, especially those in next-generation sequencing. With the launch of its new services division, Axio Research is now in the position to offer state-of-the-art statistical genetics and statistical genomics capabilities and methodologies to researchers trying to uncover specific genetic components of complex human disorders and quantitative traits and to advance new and enhanced drugs and diagnostics.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Date:Sep 24, 2014
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