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Axed Jack must be a role Model.


BOSS Liam Dunne claimed Jack Guiney can be one of the greats for Wexford if he applies himself properly.

The Model County were without the young forward yesterday who was axed for a breach of team discipline - and they missed him badly.

Wexford were shot shy and failed to create any sort of spark.

Dunne, above, said: "Look, you want your best players all the time. The player in question has the potential to be one of the best players in Ireland, let alone in Wexford.

"But you have to treat everyone the same. You've 33 guys in a panel that are rowing in the one way with you. Sometimes you have to make decisions and tough calls. I'm just hoping that the short-term plan with that player will be the long-term gain with Wexford.

"It is up to a guy to do whatever he wants to do but you are expecting 33 or 34 guys in a panel to row in behind you. Guys have a choice and they are amateur players so if a guy wants to do it he wants to do it and if he doesn't then he moves aside and lets somebody else in to do it. I want my best players available to me at all times but no one man is bigger than the team."

Asked if Guiney will be back for their opening qualifier game on Saturday week, Dunne gave no indication.

He said: "Well, the door would be open for Martin Storey after that game today to be honest with you. That's for another day. We'll take our beating, we got hurled out the door, and we'll see what's left in us for the next day."

Dunne added: "It was hugely disappointing. Mark Fanning was pucking out the ball and Kilkenny guys were catching them without being contested. That's an aspect to the game that's not good enough. And no better team that Kilkenny to put you to the sword.

"We're very disappointed because we came here to win - we're going home with our tails between our legs again. No team puts you to the sword better than Kilkenny and they did it again."

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jun 22, 2015
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