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AxFlow's own peristaltic pump range.

AxFlow has announced the introduction of its very first own brand of pump, the realax peristaltic pump.


The realax peristaltic pump range reflects new thinking in peristaltic pump technology, giving end-users the widest selection of models available in the market. Employing both shoe and roller technologies the realax pump range comprises four series, namely the APY, ISI, IP and RP, and 24 models, giving capacity rates from 0.16 ml/rev through to 201/rev and pressures from 2-15 bar.

The complete series of seal-less Realax pumps have many common features, including: reversible rotation, corrosion and abrasion resistance, high dosing accuracy, dry running without damage and easy cleaning/low maintenance. The pump comes in four versions: bare shaft, gear reducer (fixed speed), integrated inverter and mechanical variable speed. Accessories include: leakage detector, batch controller, vacuum equipment and discharge pulsation dampers.

AxFlow has had a high profile in the European peristaltic pump market for 35 years and as a result, it has a first-class knowledge of the technology and the vast range of applications for which peristaltic pumps can be used. "For quite some time, our customers have demanded a peristaltic pump that operates efficiently at low pressures while continuing to give high levels of accuracy," comments Tony Peters, AxFlow Managing Director. "Easier maintenance and conformity to food applications was another key issue. This new range of peristaltic pumps enables AxFlow to address the low pressure end of peristaltic pump applications."

Apart from the development of a low pressure, low capacity pump, Realax addresses the issue of making maintenance easier by a redesign of the inspection window on the pump housing. This makes it easy for the operator to access the rotor and the hub, and easy to change the number of shims to accommodate pressure changes demanded by the application without removing the front cover of the pump case.

Contact AxFlow on tel 020 8579 2111 or visit

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Date:May 1, 2012
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