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It is departure always that amazes

not the claims of this or some other shore;

many make their homes in distant places.

Changes of light, time, heart, mere commonplaces

against the final closing of a door.

It is departure always that amazes.

Exile is sweet, when chosen, it effaces

all we have leanred, reveals what we must explore:

how we can make our homes. In distant places

meanders broaden. All praise is

due those turns we failed to take before.

Bless the departure, always. A maze is

what we make of our lives: impromptu braces

and timbers comfort the Minotaur

who finds himself at sea in open places.

Strange offspring! Our masks, our faces

fall as we strip them bare. What more

than departure possibly could amaze us

who have to make our homes in distant places?

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Author:Lesser, Rika
Publication:The Nation
Date:Jun 16, 1984
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