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From the Editor. Kingwell, Mark Editorial Mar 22, 2020 4529
Aesthetic Perception. Osborne, Harold Report Mar 22, 2019 3530
Awareness, Access and Utilization of Information on Climate Change by Farmers in Zamfara State, Nigeria. Chukwuji, Charles Nwabueze; Tsafe, Aliyu Gadanga; Sayudi, Sule; Yusuf, Zainab; Zakariya, Ja'afar Report Jan 1, 2019 8525
Situation Awareness in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Their Relatives: an Endophenotype Study. Tezcan, Didem; Tumkaya, Selim Report Dec 1, 2018 5382
Toward an Understanding of Attention and Awareness. Maxfield, Lynn Column Nov 1, 2018 2262
Teaching students to question assumptions about gender and sexuality: If public schools are to promote a just and equitable society, they have a responsibility to teach all students to think critically about prevailing gender norms. Blackburn, Mollie V.; Pennell, Summer Melody Oct 1, 2018 3618
YOUR WARRIOR MINDSET: The Mental Side of Staying Safe. Canavan, Pete J. May 1, 2018 1093
Strengthening the Warrior Mind. May 1, 2018 625
The Warrior in Everyday Life. May 1, 2018 641
Role of Pakistan Studies in Promoting Political Awareness at Secondary Level in Pakistan. Muzaffar, Muhammad; Javaid, Muhammad Arshad; Sohail, Fariha Report Dec 31, 2017 5209
Students' Level of Awareness and Practice of the University Core Values. Gallinero, Winston B.; Otig, Vergie S. Report Dec 1, 2017 5733
Quantum fluctuation fields and conscious experience: How neurodynamics transcends classical and quantum mechanics. Hankey, Alex Essay Jul 1, 2017 2835
Most Americans want to learn more about climate change. Perkins, David; Maibach, Ed; Gardiner, Ned; Witte, Joe; Ward, Bud; Placky, Bernadette Woods; Seitter Jun 1, 2017 2811
Awareness about biomedical waste management amongst medical interns- an interventional study from Central India. Deb, Anasua; Gajbhiye, Sunita; Raut, Sharmila Report Feb 23, 2017 2365
Neigyvendintu projektu vaidmuo visuomenes samonejimo kontekste. Gudelyte-Raciene, Indre Report Feb 1, 2017 5496
Awareness of Age-related Macular Degeneration and Its Risk Factors among Beijing Residents in China. Zhang, Chen-Xi; Zhang, Gu-Muyang; Ma, Nan; Xia, Song; Yang, Jing-Yuan; Chen, You-Xin Feb 1, 2017 3434
ICTs in climate change communication in the Pacific Islands. Harris, Usha S.; Papoutsaki, Evangelia; Kailahi, Sandra Report Dec 22, 2016 6579
Knowledge and awareness regarding hepatitis B among preclinical medical and dental students of Chitwan Medical College Nepal: a questionnaire-based study. Shah, Dev Kumar; Jha, Rajesh Kumar; Ansari, Shamshul; Sah, Phoolgen; Dhungana, Govinda Prasad; Basne Report Nov 1, 2016 3539
African Renaissance and Pan-Africanism, a shared value and identity among African nationals. Oginni, Oyewole Simon; Moitui, Joash Ntenga Report Mar 1, 2016 6421
Study of the Mobile Phone Technology in Creating Awareness among Small Farmers of Sindh Province. Report Dec 31, 2015 2373
Decoding ourselves: an inquiry into faculty learning about reciprocity in service-learning. Miller-Young, Janice; Dean, Yasmin; Rathburn, Melanie; Pettit, Jennifer; Underwood, Margot; Gleeson, Report Sep 22, 2015 12474
Voices from the field of social justice: defining moments in our professional journeys. Marbley, Aretha Faye; Bonner, Fred A., II; Robinson, Petra A.; Stevens, Hal; Li, Jiaqi; Phelan, Kath Essay Sep 22, 2015 7425
Upon Hearing That Someone Has Forgotten Their Laptop, iPhone, Watch, Dog Leash and Sneakers at Airport Security. Harel, Jared Poem Jan 1, 2015 206
Cultivating awareness in honors: first-person noting and contemplative practices. Cooke, Kathy J. Jan 1, 2015 4727
The relationship between local geomagnetic activity and psychic awareness La relacion entre la actividad geomagn'etica local y la consciencia ps'iquica/ La relation entre l'activite geomagnetique locale et la perception paranormale/ Die beziehung zwischen lokaler geomagnetischer aktivitat und parapsychischer erfahrung. Roney-Dougal, Serena M.; Ryan, Adrian; Luke, David Report Sep 22, 2014 9034
Sexualization of awareness: catchy, but does it actually increase knowledge of breast cancer? Burgess, Melinda C.R.; Murray, Ashley B. Report Jun 1, 2014 5097
Mirror as prism: reimagining reflexive dispute resolution practice in a globalized world. Fox, Kenneth H. Mar 22, 2014 9119
A study of health seeking behavior, health care spending and awareness among cases of malaria like illness in a tribal area. Suryawanshi, Deodatt M.; Sinha, Sati Prasad Report Mar 3, 2014 2741
Living on the real world. Mar 1, 2014 972
Perseveration found in a human drawing task: six-fingered hands drawn by patients with right anterior insula and operculum damage. Niki, Chiharu; Maruyama, Takashi; Muragaki, Yoshihiro; Kumada, Takatsune Report Jan 1, 2014 3383
GP eye health survey established. Brief article Dec 13, 2013 254
Awareness and action: a general semantics approach to effective language behavior part 3--allness: discovering it is not possible to know everything about anything: Lahman, Mary P. Lahman, Mary P. Report Oct 1, 2013 1925
Cheetah. Bass, Ellen Poem Sep 22, 2013 178
A comparative assessment on students' awareness of the concept and the process of entrepreneurship, a study conducted in Hormozgan Payam--e--Noor university. Bahman, Saidi Pour; Ziba, Nouri; Rasool, Nouri Report Sep 1, 2013 2350
Australasian Journal Of Philosophy: Vol. 91, No. 2, June 2013. Jun 1, 2013 1715
Ratio: Vol. 26, No. 2 June 2013. Jun 1, 2013 1057
New survey reports low rate of patient awareness during anaesthesia. Mar 31, 2013 571
Deficiency in the awareness of Hepatitis B amongst students of medical colleges-Alarm! Dohadhwala, Nava Asad; Ahmed, Syed Mustajab Report Feb 28, 2013 589
Estimation of the willingness to pay (WTP) for organic vegetables in Ahwaz city. Sabbaghi, Mohammad Aghapour; Mahammadi, Afsaneh Report Jan 1, 2013 4958
Facilitating trust in virtual teams: the role of awareness. Jang, Chyng-Yang Abstract Jan 1, 2013 6852
HIV/AIDS advocacy organizations work to raise awareness. Hawkins, B. Denise Conference notes Dec 20, 2012 896
Infusing student activism into the college curriculum: a report of a service-learning project to bring awareness to sexual violence. Stepteau-Watson, Desiree Essay Dec 1, 2012 2840
AWARENESS DURING CORONARY ARTERY BYPASS GRAFTING SURGERY. Siddiqi, Rashad; Naqvi, Shahab; Abbas, Safdar; Bakhsh, Muhammad; Ahmed, Iftikhar Report Dec 31, 2011 2550
Oral cancer knowledge and awareness amongst undergraduate dental students of Lahore - Pakistan. Kazmi, Farhat; Chaudhary, Muhammad Aslam; Mumtaz, Muhammad; Bhatti, Muhammad Umair Dastgir; Khawaja, Survey Jun 30, 2011 2156
Meningococcal vaccine: awareness is not enough. London, Susan Conference notes Jun 1, 2011 963
The Truth About What We Don't Know. Schlitz, Marilyn Mar 1, 2011 558
Trans-formative. Mott, Stephanie Column Mar 1, 2011 494
The Grupo Vidanta Awards: democracy, poverty, and inequality. Jan 1, 2011 1284
Grades 1-3: what's it like to be different? Brief article Jan 1, 2011 277
A preliminary investigation: potential of Interactive Multimedia Learning Awareness (IMLA) in enhancing awareness of autistic characteristics among parents and society in Malaysia. Dolah, Jasni; Yahaya, Wan Ahmad Jaafar Wan; Chong, Toh Seong Report Jan 1, 2011 5588
Storytelling images: photographer uses skill to make case for aid. Wampler, Damian Nov 1, 2010 821
Hunger & Homelessness: how can you raise awareness? Nov 1, 2010 419
Ride the arc bicyclist makes stops in cities across Kansas. Thomison, Brad Oct 1, 2010 1046
Using heart-centered therapies and the integral model for shadow integration and psycho-spiritual development. Northcutt, Louise Report Sep 22, 2010 5235
Fostering tolerance of obesity through empathy and critical reflection: a curricular unit incorporating filmed testimonials. Ogle, Jennifer Paff; Damhorst, Mary Lynn Case study Sep 1, 2010 12459
enLIGHTen America goes viral. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 115
New transgender education organization takes shape. Kufahl, Mindy Aug 1, 2010 473
Washburn student group works for equality. Mott, Stephanie Brief article Aug 1, 2010 265
Sometimes Life Feels Like This. Block, Melissa May 1, 2010 599
Lack of awareness of partner STD risk among heterosexual couples. Witte, Susan S.; El-Bassel, Nabila; Gilbert, Louisa; Wu, Elwin; Chang, Mingway Report Mar 1, 2010 6338
New York state looking to help unemployed. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 104
Does altered state of awareness mediate the relationship between the unusual experiences trait and alcohol cue-reactivity? Rock, Adam J.; Kambouropoulos, Nicolas Report Dec 1, 2009 4126
Missouri priest to cross country on bicycle for poverty awareness. Filteau, Jerry Oct 16, 2009 525
Teva roundtable eyes affordable care. Brief article Jul 20, 2009 119
Integrated awareness: a key to the pattern of mutual process. Phillips, Barbara Brinkley; Bramlett, Martha Hains Jul 1, 2008 6582
HIV and AIDS awareness programs in remote areas of PNG: an evaluation of VSO Tokaut AIDS impact in the third year of activity. Levy, Catherine Report May 1, 2008 7666
Delegates get into spirit of St Patrick's Day. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 92
Poverty close to home. Bodin, Sandra Nov 1, 2007 802
Counselors' and counselor educators' practice of mindfulness: a qualitative inquiry. Rothaupt, Jeanne W.; Morgan, Michael M. Report Oct 1, 2007 6741
The magic of mindfulness: slowing down and paying attention to the here and now. Curtis, Beth Sep 1, 2007 1587
The impact of individual awareness on organizational productivity/Bireysel farkindaligin orgutsel verimlilik uzerine etkileri. Seckin, Zeliha Jun 22, 2007 2446
ALA'S locator spreads flu information: national collaboration tied efforts of many into one. Nobles, Marla E. Organization overview Jun 15, 2006 1572
The three gaps in minority franchisee recruitment: tackling the lack of information, relationship structure and capital to finance franchise growth presents opportunities as weil as challenges. Brathwaite, Sonya Jun 1, 2006 1774
Awareness among Teachers of Learning Disabilities in Students at Different Board Levels. Mehta, Deepti Report Jun 1, 2006 323
National City Afterschool Summit to highlight vital municipal role. Shah, Bela P. Dec 19, 2005 366
Put on your red dress. Mar 1, 2005 366
First self. Callahan, Gerald N. Feb 1, 2005 4775
Use of an ESP cover story facilitates reinforcement without awareness. Bizo, Lewis A.; Sweeney, Nicola Jan 1, 2005 3284
Carvel Ice Cream. Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 130
Memory processes of flight situation awareness: interactive roles of working memory capacity, long-term working memory, and expertise. Sohn, Young Woo; Doane, Stephanie M. Sep 22, 2004 8700
Style over substance? Look within to find the real you. Clarke, Caroline V. May 1, 2004 500
Pilot ability to anticipate the consequences of flight actions as a function of expertise. Doane, Stephanie M.; Sohn, Young Woo; Jodlowski, Mark T. Mar 22, 2004 6541
The sorbonnic trots: staging the intestinal distress of the Roman Catholic church in French reform theater *. Persels, Jeff Dec 22, 2003 9933
How good is your Situational Awareness? Maj Sprague, Ted Feb 1, 2003 1076
Spreading consciousness: awareness goes global in the brain. Bower, Bruce Oct 19, 2002 1899
Awareness is the key to safety. England, Jeffry B. Oct 1, 2002 483
The stargazer. Barna, Mark Mar 1, 2002 2607
Thoughtful travel: Tricia Barrett, the Director of Tourism Concern, explains why travelling sensitively is of vital importance. (Tourism Concern). Barrett, Tricia Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 137
Expanding the developmental school counseling paradigm: meeting the needs of the 21st Century student. Keys, Susan Dec 1, 2001 8830
From the Editor's Desk. Fahey, Michael A. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 824
Pandimensional awareness, purposeful change and the kaleidoscopic cosmos. Todaro-Franceschi, Vidette Column Jan 1, 2001 3135
Increase your knowledge, awareness & retention: Understand your psychological blind spots. Cathcart, Jim Dec 22, 1999 1829
Developing a self-referencing system. Kaparo, Risa Jun 22, 1997 4410
The origin of Will Barrett's "exceptional states." Lawson, Lewis Dec 22, 1996 7182
Extending awareness for health and creative living: an interview with Dr. Risa Kaparo. Wolfe, Ellen K. Interview Jun 22, 1995 2945

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