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Awareness made easy.

No company, large or small, enjoys total freedom from security threats. But some smaller companies can't afford to hire staff security. To put everyone on equal footing, National Security Associates Inc. (NSAi) of Herndon, VA, has come up with a program to combat security threats at the grass-roots level.

Most security problems are due to accidents and employees breaking the rules out of ignorance. The objective of the program--Security Awareness Connection--is to teach employees about their security responsibilities.

The easily implemented and comprehensive program includes publications, policy presentations, reminders, screen covers, software and hardware, tutorials, and access to the Computer Security Connection (CSC)--a compilation of information security data accessible on NSAi's worldwide network system.

Employees start their training with "FirstAware," a program that presents an overview of the subscriber company's policies by introducing the users to eight security themes and 30 graphics, which are repeated on posters, notepads, mousepads, diskette labels, and other office supplies.

Next, nine-minute long tutorials present and explain the eight security themes. For example, a program called "They're Here..." explains the symptoms of viruses, worms, and logic bombs, how infection takes place, and how to react to the threat.

Viruses and software piracy--two problems faced by larger companies--are covered in more detail in two other software packages. "AssetAware" enables users to audit the software and hardware for which they are responsible.

According to Ralph Tener, counsel for NSAi, "When there exists an employee agreement, ongoing reminders, and the tools to audit software, the company's liability in a software piracy case is drastically reduced, if not eliminated."

The second program, "VirusAware" scans PCs for all known viruses and strains, helping companies avoid costly information loss.

In addition to the software, subscribers organizations receive two monthly publications featuring news, events, and advice on security issues. Subscribers have permission to reprint, and management is encouraged to superimpose the company logo on the publications and distribute them as internal documents.
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Title Annotation:Security Spotlight; National Security Associates Inc.'s program against security threats
Publication:Security Management
Date:Apr 1, 1992
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