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Awareness (The Hero Within) (Volume 1).

Awareness (The Hero Within) (Volume 1)

Dr Yeral Ogando

Christian Translation LLC

9780996687317, $12.99, paperback, 322 Pages

B01D95AKY8, $3.99, Kindle, 323 Pages

"I've held a sword in my hand, seen a demon, and I've recognized the reality of what really goes on behind the scenes. My life is never going to be the same again."

The Elite Commander is calling up an army. Not just any army, an army of those who may be considered unworthy. But God calls the unworthy and makes them worthy. Anthony, who faced the end of a gun before answering the call. His sister, Janet, always served the Lord, but lacked courage and boldness. Michael is facing prison for drunk driving and killing 3 people. His wife, Deborah who loves God, but whose life has been shattered by Michael's drinking and rage. However, all now stand ready to face the demons of darkness with sword and armor, ready to take on the call God has placed on them. Warriors in God's army. The question is who will be called next will it be Anthony's wife Becky and young son Ben? Who else will be called to Ohio to join the team? What demons will they encounter--fear, hostility, despair and sorrow or others? Only time will tell ...

What an amazing book! Spiritual warfare with the demons of darkness, humans called out from the pit of despair, God's grace and forgiveness, the authority of God's name, the power of the Holy Spirit, everyday people becoming superheroes and there is even more to this book to even list! I've always felt Christian novels needed to be more than a sweet, clean story. They need to cause us to ponder and think-walking away changed and Yeral does not fail, In fact he more than exceeded my expectations. Christian readers will be inspired, encouraged and captivated by this outstanding book. The characters are real and engaging, the writing superb. Scripture came alive before my very eyes. "Left Behind", "The Screwtape Letters", "The Shack" and "This Present Darkness" rolled into one epic novel that I couldn't put down. I wasn't the same after reading "Awareness" and (and this is only book one!) and I guarantee no one else will be either. Pondering the question, are we ready to answer the call? Remarkable must read for all Christians and those seeking.

Cheri Clay


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Author:Clay, Cheri
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2018
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