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Naval Aviation News received second place in the 2000 CHINFO Merit Awards, in the publications for a specific audience category. Art Director Morgan Wilbur and Grampaw Pettibone artist Ted Wilbur received second place and honorable mention (HM), respectively, for graphics in support of a publication.

Other aviation winners were: Military funded newspapers, small deployed units: 1st, Take Notice/Gator Gazette, Belleau Wood (LHA 3); 2nd, The Guardian, George Washington (CVN 73); 3rd, Give 'Em Hell Herald, Harry S. Truman (CVN 75); NM, Starscope, Constellation (CV 64) and The Kennedy Eagle, John F. Kennedy (CV 67). Military funded newspapers, small shore units: 1st, Northwest Islander, NAR Whidbey Island, Wash. Military funded newspaper (magazine format): HM, Depotalk, NADEP North Island, Calif. Civilian enterprise newspaper (metro): NM, The Weaponeer, NAVARIRWARCENWPNDIV, China Lake, Calif. Civilian enterprise newspaper (tabloid): HM, The Signature, NAS Sigonella, Italy.

News article: NM, JO1(SW) Joel Huval,' Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Sports Article: HM, Loren Barnes, NAS Jacksonville, Fla. Series: 1st, Art Giberson, Scott Hallford, Mike Antoine, Larry Kachelhofer, NAS Pensacola, Fla.; 2nd, JO2s Pete Robertson and Robert A. Carfrae, George Washington (CVN 73). S

Single or stand-alone photograph: Jeff Hall, NAS Lemoore, Calif. Photojournalism: 3rd, Art Giberson, NAS Pensacola, Fla.

Web-based publication, 1st, USS Nimitz News Online, Nimitz (CVN 68); HM, NAVAIR E-Mag, COMNAVAIRSYSCOM, Patuxent River, Md.

Outstanding new writer: 1st, JO3 Paul S. Newell, George Washington (CVN 73); 3rd, JO3 Jackey Bratt, NAS Jacksonville, Fla.; NM, JO2 Laura C. Wiggins, Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6).

Department of the Navy Print Journalist of the Year: HM, JO1 Luis M. Luque, George Washington (CVN 73).

Family Grams, small commands: 2nd, The Seahawker, VAW-126. Family Grams, large command: 2nd, Talon, Tarawa (LHA 1).

Cruisebooks, large commands: 1st, Millennium Cruise, John C. Stennis (CVN 74); 2nd, Hull Swap Summer 2000, Essex (LHD 2)/Belleau Wood (LHA 3).

TV information program: HM, Chow Boss Show, John F. Kennedy (CV 67). SITE TV newscast: 1st, NewsLinc, Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72); 2nd, WJFK On Station, John F. Kennedy (CV 67). SITE TV spot production: 1st, JO2 Carmichael Yepez, Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). SITE open: 1st, FOD Walkdown Training Video, JO2 Carmichael Yepez, Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72); 3rd, Tracy's Travels, JO2 Greg Bobish/OSCM(SW/AW) Tracy Connell, John F. Kennedy (CV 67).

The Navy League presented the following 2001 inspirational leadership awards to the aviation community: MTCM(AW/SS) Sean P. McGurk, VAQ-136, Adm. Claude V. Ricketts (E7 and above); AT1 (AW/SW) Daniel L. Gray, HC-2, Adm. Claude V. Ricketts (E6 and below); Lt. Kendra M. Bowers, VFA-105, Capt. Winifred Quick Collins (female officer); and AD1 Renee L. Behn-Leblanc, VP-9, Unit 25447, Capt. Winifred Quick Collins (female enlisted).

VFs 32 and 143, VFA-87 and VP-45 received the 2000 Golden Wrench Award for aircraft maintenance excellence.

The top fleet antisubmarine warfare squadrons received the 2000 Capt. Arnold Jay Isbell Trophy: HS-7, HSL-42 VP-45 and VS-31 in the Atlantic; and HS-7, HSL-42 VP-4 and VS-21 in the Pacific.

The SECNAV Achievement in Safety Ashore Award winners and runner-ups in the aviation community were: large industrial activity winner, NADEP North Island, San Diego, Calif.; large nonindustrial activity runner-up, MCAS Miramar, Calif.; Out-Conus nonindustrial activity winner, NAS Keflavik, Iceland; and runner-up, NAS Sigonella, Italy.

The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, Pensacola, Fla., presented the 2001 Arthur W. Radford Award for excellence in Naval Aviation history and literature to Capt. Edmund T. Wooldridge, USN (Ret.), and the 2001 R. G. Smith Award for Naval Aviation art to Craig Kodera.

Lt. Juan Garcia of Constellation (CV 64) received the National Image Inc., Meritorious Service Award for excellence in promoting education programs in CY 2000.

AME3(AW) Leighton Bridge received a Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal for rescuing an airman on the flight deck of Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Bridge risked his life by tackling the airman as she was unknowingly walking toward the moving props of an E-2C Hawkeye.
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Title Annotation:Naval Aviation News wins 2nd place in the 2000 CHINFO Merit Awards
Author:Pittmann, Amy L.
Publication:Naval Aviation News
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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