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Naval Aviation News was honored in the 2003 Chief of Information Merit Awards competition, receiving 1st Place in the category Publications for a Specific Audience (Magazine Format). In addition, Managing Editor Wendy Leland received 2nd Place for Photojournalism, and Grampaw Pettibone illustrator Ted Wilbur won 2nd Place for Art/Graphics in Support of a Publication.

An aviation boatswain's mate stretches a fuel hose across the deck of John C. Stennis (CVN 74) during flight operations. Photo by PH3 Mark J. Rebilas.

The Women Officers Professional Association selected two members of VR-53 for the 2004 Captain Joy Bright Hancock Award. Cdr. Karin Kulinski earned the award in the senior officer category and MCPO Christine Blinn received an honorary mention in the senior enlisted category. The award recognizes military women who are outstanding leaders and make significant contributions to the service.

LCdr. Marcel LeBlanc received the 2003 LCdr. Michael G. Hoff Attack Aviator of the Year Award. The award recognizes exceptional dedication, professionalism and tactical expertise in the strike community.

Kearsarge (LHD 3) received the 2003 CNO Safety Afloat Award for outstanding contributions to fleet readiness, increased morale, efficiency and economic use of resources through safety.

Adm. Wesley L. McDonald received the Cliff Henderson Award from the National Aeronautic Association. The award recognizes an individual or group whose vision, leadership or skill has made a significant and lasting contribution to the promotion and advancement of aviation or space activity.

Lt. Carter Moreland of VFA-87 received the CNO Captain Charles J. Nechvatal Award, which recognizes the aviation ground maintenance officer who has made the most beneficial impact on command readiness and mission accomplishment during the previous year.

VFA-34 received the CVW-17 Top Hook Award for the first line period of its combat deployment in 2004. VFA-195 received the CVW-5 Top Hook Award during the second half of its 2004 spring deployment. VFA-82 won the overall CVW-1 Top Hook Award during its 2003-2004 deployment. The award is given to the fixed wing squadron in the air wing with the highest landing grades per line period.

NAVDEP Jacksonville, Fla. received three safety awards: the 2003 CNO Award for Achievement in Safety Ashore in the large industrial activity category: SECNAV Safety and Occupational Health Shore Safety Award in the large industrial category for the overall quality of its occupational safety and health programs; and the 2003 CNO/NAVAIR Aviation Safety Award based on 37 years and over 27,000 hours of Class A/B mishap-free flying.

The aviation community winners of the RAdm. William Thompson Awards for excellence in public affairs were: community relations, afloat, large, John F. Kennedy (CV 67); emergency activities, shore, large, NAS Sigonella, Italy; international communications, afloat, large, John F. Kennedy (CV 67); and special events, observances and special publics, afloat, large, Ronald Reagan (CVN 76).

The winners of the 2004 Department of the Navy Safety Excellence Awards in the aviation community were:

Safety Ashore--NAVDEP Jacksonville, Fla., (industrial) and NAS Keflavik, Iceland (nonindustrial).

Shipboard Safety--Iwo Jima (LHD 7) (large deck surface combatant).

Marine Corps Ground Safety--2d Marine Aircraft Wing, II MEF (Group I) and HMM-266 (Group IV).

Aviation Safety--HC-11 (active duty Navy); HMH-464 (active duty Marine Corps); VR-53 (reserve Navy); VMGR-234 (reserve Marine Corps); and HT-8 (training command).

The 2003 SECNAV Energy Conservation Award winners in the aviation community were MCAS Yuma, Ariz.; Peleliu (LHA 5); and VFA-4.

Edited by JOSN Brandy Lewis
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