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Awards presentations.

Cynthia Perkins was the recipient of the Chet Dziekonski Grant that provides financial assistance to an AMT member attending the convention for the first time.

Student Technical Writing Awards were presented to Patsy Cole and Kaytlyn Kline, both from Northwest Community College, Archbold, OH. (Accepted by Patricia Kroeger)

Representatives of the Honor Roll state societies accepted the Award of Superior Achievement on behalf of their states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Central Plains, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine/New Hampshire, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rocky Mountain, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia.

Distinguished Achievement Awards were presented to Annette Cook, Salimata Kone-Coulibaly, Patricia Dare, Jennifer Dillard, Debbie Johnson Dogan, Katrina Fryar, Patricia Harris, Deborah Janeczko, Dorothy Marks, Zobida Khan-Mohammed, Nettie Norphleet, Rosette Richardson, Steven Stockford, Agapito Tablate, Annie Washington, Patrick Watkins, Nicole Weiss, Christopher Williams, Nancy Winslow

The O.C. "Skip" Skinner Uniformed Services Award was presented to Roxanne Erskine

Recipients of the State Society Publication Awards were Kay Tschop, Kimberly Meshell, Nancy Gabl, Henry Oh, Dr. Teresita Hacuman, Kathleene Hardy, Ruthann Burkholder, and, Kathy Sutton.

Exceptional Merit Awards were presented to Tera Benefiel, Ruthann Burkholder, Sujanalatha DeAlmeida, Greselda Evans, Josephine Harden, Kenneth Hawker, Peggy McCutcheon, Fred Morley, Sheryl Rounsivill, and Deborah Westervelt.

Recipients of the Norman Frankel Outstanding Student Awards were Kaylan DeWeese. Phlebotomy Student at Northwest Community College, Archbold, OH; Michelle Stone, Medical Assistant Student at American University, Colorado Springs, CO; and Samantha Katt, Medical Administrative Specialist Student at College of Owosso, Owosso, MI.

The President's Award was presented to Tera Benefiel.

Pillar Awards were presented to Deanna Wilson-Ayers, Jeri Bond, Clara Boykin, Patricia Kroeger, Zenaida Maraggun, Donna Mae Nelson, Shannon Newman, Debra Smeal, and Kathy Sutton.

GEM Awards were presented to: ( l-r) Vernell Boyd, Arthur Contino, Joyce Lybrand, Zenaida Maraggun, and Kathleene Hardy (not pictured).

Recipients of the Silver Service Award were Janet Crigler (pictured left), Barbara Garrido, Barbara Ware, and Tommie Williams (pictured right).

Melissa Martin was awarded the Medical Assistant of the Year.

Norma (Taffy) Durfee was the recipient of the Pride of the Profession Award.

Recipients of the Special Recognition Award were Dr. James Fidler and Michael McCarty

(Not pictured): Technologist of the Year, Kimberly Cheuvront, PhD.; Becky Award, Shannon Newman.

Sujanalatha DeAlmeida was awarded the RMA Medallion of Merit by President Mary Burden.

President Mary Burden presented the Order of the Golden Microscope to Edna Anderson.

Janet Crigler was the recipient of the Cuviello Commitment to Excellence Award.

President Mary Burden and Executive Director Chris Damon congratulate OGM and MOM recipients Edna Anderson and Sujanalatha DeAlmeida.

Phlebotomist of the Year was awarded to Patricia Kroeger.

Susan Constable, president of the Maine/New Hampshire state society, accepted the Leona Lyons Carter Award on behalf of the state society.
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Date:Sep 1, 2013
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