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Awards & honors.

The awards ceremony kicked off to a fast start as the audience was treated to a special and enormously energetic hoop dance performance that was played out by a local Native American family. All in all, twelve different presenters combined to recognize over 73 different environmental health professionals and students for outstanding work in our field of practice, making this year's awards ceremony one of NEHA's most memorable.

The awards ceremony was memorable this year for several reasons. Apart from the fact that the ceremony moved at a nice and fast pace, there were many surprises, memorable moments, and touching events. One of the surprises involved Dr. John Barry receiving the Journal Editor's Award. John was unaware that he was this year's recipient. The award was presented to an astonished John only after he had read a dummy script on behalf of a fictitious award winner. The audience then gave John a loud and heartfelt ovation for his wonderful work as the technical editor of the Journal.

NEHA's executive director was also caught by surprise when incoming NEHA President Dick Pantages arose unannounced to present Nelson Fabian with a special award from the board of directors on the occasion of his 25th anniversary as NEHA's executive director.

Walter S. Mangold Award

Dr. John M. Barry

NEHA's highest honor, the Walter S. Mangold Award--given for outstanding contributions to the advancement of the environmental health profession--was bestowed this year upon the very deserving Dr. John Barry. Please see the accompanying story on page 80, which details Dr. Barry's contributions to the profession.

Certificates of Merit

Certificates of Merit are awarded to affiliate members who make exemplary contributions to the profession of environmental health. Each affiliate sets its own criteria for recognition, so recipients do not need to be NEHA members. For 2008, the following winners were announced:

* Alabama--Lemuel Burell,

* Arizona--Marlene Gaither,

* Alaska--Rachel Goldberger,

* California--George Nakamura,

* Illinois--Glen Filip,

* Louisiana--Marian Aguillard,

* Massachusetts--Gary D. Perlman,

* Michigan--Patrick Donovan,

* Minnesota--Lori Green,

* Missouri--Jerry Brown,

* National Capital Area--Shannon McKeon,

* Nebraska--Douglas A. Clark,

* New Jersey--Harriett Zivin,

* Ohio--Matt Johnson,

* South Carolina--Dorothy Soranno,

* Texas--Patrick Buzbee,

* Uniformed Services--CAPT (Ret.) Thomas E. Crow,

* Virginia--Charles Shepherd,

* Wisconsin--Mary Myszka, and

* Wyoming--Stephanie Malcolm.

Affiliates may submit their nominees at any time for Certificate of Merit awards to be announced next June in Atlanta, Georgia.

A. Harry Bliss Editor's Award

Dr. John M. Barry

Dr. A. Harry Bliss was the Journal editor in 1969, the year this award was first presented. When he retired, the award was named after him to honor his 40 years of involvement in Journal production. NEHA often gives the annual Harry Bliss Editor's Award to outstanding writers and columnists, but the award may also go to individuals who, through the Journal of Environmental Health, advance the cause and interests of the association.

This year, we are proud to announce that the 2008 recipient of the Harry Bliss Award is Dr. John M. Barry, technical editor for the Journal of Environmental Health. Dr. Barry has been an unparalleled asset to the Journal program. In addition, he has provided years of service to both NEHA and the profession in a variety of capacities. He was the 1993-1994 NEHA president, and prior to his retirement, he served as the director and then the deputy director of the environmental protection program for Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. For the past 10 years, NEHA has benefited from his expertise as the technical editor of the Journal. It is largely through John's role as technical editor that we have been able to provide such vital information and such a useful resource to all of you.

As Journal department staff member Alicia Green, who has worked closely with Dr. Barry for the past four and a half years, said, "John approaches his role as technical editor with dedication, professionalism, intelligence, and humor. He is truly a credit to this profession. We are very fortunate to have his vision and collaboration as we move forward as an association and a field." As NEHA Executive Director Nelson Fabian said, "Few people have given to NEHA and to our profession as much as John has. His example honors the spirit of Harry Bliss. It also gives today's workforce proof of what is possible." Congratulations, John, you are very deserving of this recognition!

NEHA/AAS Scholarship Awards

NEHA supports students in many ways. One way involves financial tuition support through a special scholarship program that is cosponsored by NEHA and the American Academy of Sanitarians (AAS). This year, NEHA Past President and Scholarship Committee Chair James Balsamo presented the following scholarships on behalf of the scholarship committee:

* $2,000 Graduate Scholarship to Kara M. Koehrn from Duke University, who is majoring in environmental health and toxicology,

* $1,000 Undergraduate Scholarship to Kristina E. Maurer from Eastern Kentucky University, who anticipates receiving a B.P.H. degree in May 2009 with a major in environmental health sciences,

* $1,000 Undergraduate Scholarship to Michael Hani Romani from California State University, Fresno, who anticipates receiving his degree in environmental health sciences in 2010, and

* $1,000 Undergraduate Scholarship to Lauren E. Schuster from Eastern Kentucky University, who is majoring in environmental health sciences.

Walter F. Snyder Award

CAPT Craig Shepherd

NSF International and NEHA honored CAPT Craig Shepherd with the 2008 Walter F. Snyder Award. The award is given in honor of NSF's cofounder and first executive director, and it recognizes outstanding contributions to public health and the environment. Please see the accompanying story on page 81, which details CAPT Shepherd's contributions to the profession.

Sabbatical Exchange Award

M.L. Tanner

NEHA offers a wide-ranging opportunity for professional growth and the exchange of valuable information on the international level through its longtime Sabbatical Exchange Program. The recipient of this award may go either to England, in cooperation with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, or to Canada, in cooperation with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) currently sponsors the sabbatical.

The award jury this year decided that the sabbatical award should be given to M.L. Tanner, environmental health manager from the Bureau of Environmental Health in the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Tanner will soon be studying in England for four weeks with a primary focus on healthy housing. Anyone interested in applying for the award should contact Genny Pfeufer at (303) 756-9090, extension 302, or

Excellence in Sustainability Award

City of Plano

This newly created award, reflecting NEHA's commitment to the promotion and practice of sustainability, was presented to the City of Plano for its outstanding "Live Green in Plano" program. NEHA Sustainability Committee Chair Tom Gonzales and Jim Dingman of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) presented the award to Nancy Nevil, director of sustainability and environmental services for the city of Plano. UL generously sponsored a plaque and a $500 honorarium. The city of Plano graciously donated the $500 honorarium to NEHA's Scholarship Fund.

Student Research Presentations

Every year, the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs (AEHAP) and CDC's National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) sponsor and financially support undergraduate and graduate student research presentations. Thanks to a generous donation from NCEH, eight students and their faculty mentors had the opportunity to present their research at the AEC & Exhibition. Each student participant received a $500 award, a plaque, and a stipend of up to $1,000 to cover travel and research expenses. Presenting the student research awards were Captain Michael Herring of the U.S. Public Health Service/CDC/NCEH and Dr. Dale Stephenson of Boise State University.

The following undergraduates were honored for their research presentations: Valerie Scola and Lucy Loftus from Illinois State University, Leah Arnold from Boise State University, and Michaela Hall from Western Carolina University. The following graduate students were honored for their research presentations: Amanda Grantham from East Carolina University, Benjamin R. Wischmeier from University of Washington, Leslie Leggett from University of Washington, and Kelly Stumbaugh from University of Washington. Each student gave a 20-minute presentation on his or her research on Monday morning, June 23. For more information about these scholarship awards, visit and follow the link to "Student Resources."



Samuel J. Crumbine Consumer Protection Award

County of Sacramento, Environmental Management Department

The Samuel J. Crumbine Award is a prestigious national award given annually to a local food protection agency that demonstrates excellence and continual improvement in a food protection program. The award is named in honor of Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine, a sanitarian-physician and public health pioneer who was renowned for his innovative methods of improving public health protection, and it is supported by the Conference for Food Protection in cooperation with American Academy of Sanitarians; the American Public Health Association; the Association of Food & Drug Officials; the Foodservice & Packaging Institute, Inc.; the International Association for Food Protection; the International Food Safety Council; the National Association of County and City Health Officials; NEHA; NSF; and UL.

The Crumbine jury was impressed with the county of Sacramento's implementation of the nation's first color-coded placard program (with industry's involvement along every step of the way), external communications, particularly with the public about the placard program, their work force development strategy, training, and their multilingual inspection guidelines. For more information, visit to read Sacramento's winning application. Accepting the plaque was Val Siebal, environmental management department director of Sacramento County.

Past Presidents Award

Dr. Carolyn Harvey

Each year, the Past Presidents group, comprising former NEHA presidents, recognizes a NEHA member for outstanding achievement. Past President Jim Balsamo presented this year's award to Carolyn Harvey, Ph.D., from Eastern Kentucky University.

Presidential Citations

A Presidential Citation is a special award given to individuals who have made exemplary contributions to NEHA during the president's term of office. President Rob Blake presented presidential citations to Gary Hague, Michele Samarya-Timm, Jason Bashura, Chuck Lichon, Charles Otto, DeKalb County Board of Health, State of Georgia, and CDC's National Center for Environmental Health. Citations were also given to Dick Pantages, Tom Ward, and Jim Dingman at the NEHA board of directors meeting.

Davis Calvin Wagner Award

The Wagner Award and honorarium are given each year in recognition of outstanding professional work, accomplishments, and contributions to environmental and public health. The award is particularly meaningful since recipients are nominated and selected on the basis of recommendations from their peers in the profession. This award was not presented in 2008.
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