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Awards, Keynote Lectures and Sessions.

Award Ceremonies

Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Fund Award 2019 for 3Rs Lifetime Achievements

Jan van der Valk, Utrecht University, NL October 11,2019 at 17:30

ALTEX Prize 2019 for the best article published in ALTEX in 2018

Fabian Grimm, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA

October 12, 2019 at the Social Event

Keynote Lectures

Christoph Giese (ProBioGen, Berlin, DE) The Artificial Human Lymph Node

Lucia Lu Lee (Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou, China)

Evaluation of in vitro Embryotoxicity Tests for Chinese Herbal Medicines

Susanna Louhimies (EU Commission, Brussels, BE) (to be confirmed)

Implementing EU Dir. 2010/63 for the Protection of Experimental Animals

Jan van der Valk (Utrecht University, NL) Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS): Past--Present--Future

Round Table Discussions

Future of Mouse Genetics

Establishing a European 3Rs Centers Network

Biology-inspired Microphysiological Systems (MPS) to Advance Medicines for Patients' Benefits

Sessions--General Topics

Bjorn Ekwall Memorial Fund Session "Initiative for implementing serum free media" co-chairs Jan van der Valk (Utrecht) & Stina Oredsson (Lund)

Establishing a Network of European 3Rs Centers coordinators Winfried Neuhaus (EUSAAT) & Arian Smith (Norecopa)

International Progress in 3Rs Research: New Funding Initiatives & Global Cooperation coordinators Shujun Cheng (CCARE, China) & (Hajime Kojima (JaCVAM, Japan)

Animal Experimentation--Working Towards a Paradigm Change co-chairs Kathrin Herrmann (CAAT) & Jarrod Bailey (CFI)

YOU EUSAAT 2019--Young Scientist Events at the EUSAAT Congress 2019 coordinators Annemarie Lang, Christopher Fassbender, Christian Zoschke

Sessions--Specific Topics

LUSH Prize Session--In Silico Models: toxicology & efficacy of drugs, chemicals & cosmetics, new approaches for biomedical research chair Rebecca Ram (LUSH Prize Organization)


co-chairs Marius Hittinger (Pharmbiotec) & Winfried Neuhaus (EUSAAT)

Ecotoxicology co-chairs Christopher Fafibender (PETA) & Dominik Ruenzler (EUSAAT)

Education and Academia co-chairs Chantra Eskes (Swiss3RCC) & Monika Schafer-Korting (BB3R)

Ethics co-chairs Christopher Fafibender (PETA), Christa Thone-Reineke (FU Berlin) & Kristina Wagner (EUSAAT)

Medical Devices coordinator Helena Kandarova (Centrum.SK)

Vaccines--The IMI VAC2VAC project, an innovative non-animal approach for quality control of established vaccines coordinator Coenraad Hendriksen (Utrecht U.)

Validation--How to account for uncertainties of reference methods & data for the validation of new approaches? co-chairs Roman Liska (JRC) & Martin Paparella (U. Graz)

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Title Annotation:European Society for Alternatives to Animal Testing
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Date:Jun 22, 2019
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