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Award to "Women in Solidarity".


On April 13, 2010, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, four Puerto Rican women were recognized for their efforts of solidarity through an award given by Marie Hellene Morrow, Haitian, philanthropist and owner of Joyeria Reinhold. Three of these women received the award for their work to promote solidarity with the women and people of Haiti in the wake of the earthquake on January 12, 2010. Maria Suarez Toro, from Radio Internacional Feminista (Feminist International Radio Endeavor) and the initiative Solidaridad Feminista Ayiti (SFA, Ayiti Feminist Solidarity) has worked with the activist Maud Duquella to coordinate a special campaign of the SFA in Haiti, under the name Mano a mano con las mujeres de Haiti (Shoulder to Shoulder with Haitian Women). This project has distributed shelter, food, medication and other resources and has supported Haitian women, their organizations and their communities in their struggle for human rights. Andrea Perez, a young missionary who has developed action of solidarity with the Haitian people, also received an award. Finally, the painter Mirna Baez was recognized for her cultural work to promote women's expression through art.

Source: Radio Internacional Feminista,

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Title Annotation:LACWHN Groups in Action
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Date:Jan 1, 2010
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