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Avon Park sees savings on tipping fees from trucking waste.

Since the City of Avon Park opted to use Waste Management Inc.'s Okeechobee County landfill in May 2014, hauling its waste by Waste Management trucks about 56 miles southeast, the city has seen a savings based on tipping fees compared to using the Highlands County Landfill, located at 12700 Arbuckle Creek Road.

According to Avon Park's fiscal year ending the 2014-2015 budget cycle, city landfill tipping fees amounted to $178,638.

To compare cost savings, in 2013 Avon Park paid Highlands County a base of $285,318 in tipping fees to use the county landfill. Avon Park City Manager Julian Deleon said for 2015, the city was able to save $106,680 by trucking garbage to the Okeechobee County landfill--a 37 percent disposal cost reduction to the residential and business sanitation customers of Avon Park.

In Highlands County, the city was paying $45 per ton to deposit waste; in Okeechobeee, its $25 per ton. However, Deleon also stressed the city is technically still a Highlands County customer, spending $2,317 for refuse disposal at the county landfill.

Although the city's savings by trucking waste out of the county has been substantial, it has also depleted a bit of revenue from the county, but not drastically. District 1 Highlands County Commissioner Jim Brooks, who represents Avon Park, said although the extra income the county would get if Avon Park didn't truck to Okeechobee would help cover the cost of the county landfill, it was Avon Park's "prerogative" to do it.

Source: Paul Catala, Highlands Today

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Publication:Solid Waste Report
Date:Nov 2, 2015
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