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Avoiding the real danger of burnout.. Jane Downes, author of The Career Book encourages us all, but students in particular, to stick to her five-point plan to help cope with the pressure of expectation. By Siobhan O'Connor.

Byline: Siobhan O'Connor

With thousands of Leaving Cert students stressing out about their future, life coach Jane Downes has told how you can achieve your dreams and be successful.

The author of The Career Book said by sticking to a five-point plan you can do reach your goals.

Speaking to the Irish Mirror Jane explained how burnout is the root of all evil: "Burnout is real, we need to avoid that, saying yes to too many things, when we're mentally and physically exhausted leads to burnout.

"After this comes anxiety and then depression so let's try to master everyday."

When it comes to your time you need to value it and cut out those who are zapping your energy.

Jane (inset) said: "Look at any time leaks, we need to shed people who are draining us and you have to say to yourself what am I doing to put a value on my and master the present that's key to all of this. we can realise that time is such a precious resource and put thought into how we go about managing it, it impacts every area of our lives." Living time "If resou mana in the here and now is something we all struggle with and Jane believes focusing on being present can help achieve your goals.

She said: "We need to be able to learn to live in the present and avoid living in the past and the future, happiness really is only experienced now.

"You've got to be in the here and now, it's a concept we all struggle with, it's as simple as saying to yourself, what am I doing now, I'm drinking a cup of coffee.

"I'm enjoying time with my child, I'm doing this piece of work, it's just connecting with yourself and being there and available for yourself.

Jane teamed up with Pharmaton Active Life, devising tips on how we can achieve our everyday goals.

1. Awareness Become aware of being present, say to yourself am I here and am present, in whatever task you're doing. We've always got to check in with ourselves.

2. Goal setting Typically we can have too many goals and don't achieve any of them, then we feel resentment and frustration.

People often say I don't have time, but there's power in taking two minutes out to write down your goal.

It could be a goal for that day, week or month. We need to chunk it down and get it down on paper so we can make it a reality.

3. Master your focus If we're busy and doing too much and on the go constantly with too many demands put on you, you will never achieve success.

The key to being effective is learn the art of mastering your focus. How do we do that? We have to be here and present and avoid feeling negatively. We all get into a tizzy of feeling stress, and if you feel the worst outcome in everything and worry you will get nowhere.

Avoid internal dialogue like: I'm never going to get to that, today's too busy, I won't get to that, who am I kidding I'm too busy for that.

If we think those negative thoughts we are visualising the worst, a great method to improve our productivity is to check in with our mindset.

Watch the negative stuff it interferes with your success rate.

4. Create routines We need to create routines for the important stuff. The physical aspect is really important, we know when we aren't looking after ourselves. Then there is the social and emotional side, our relationships with others.

Ask yourself am I getting to spend time with those who are important to me? Am I connecting with others or just working, working, working.

Our brain needs learning, we need intellectual stimulation at times. When is the last time I've taken a course or mastered a new skill? The last thing is the spiritual side of things, get closer to nature spend time at the beach or the park.

5. Master peak performance Repeat, repeat, repeat is key, just look at a child learning to walk or toilet train. Practice short spurts of peak performance and it will happen.

Ask yourself how can I do that better the next time? What did I notice in that meeting and how can I improve? A lot of it is down to confidence and positivity is informing all of this.

If we run out of fuel it affects everything, we've no boundaries, we don't say no a lot, it's all a vicious circle. If we can try and master some of these everyday techniques it will really help our overall success.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 24, 2017
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