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Avoid 'near death situation' of your battery.

Shaden Abdulrahman

A dying battery is one of the century's new diseases, one that we wish to cure without medicine. As a matter of fact, saving on your smart phone's battery is the best way to avoid disconnection by battery death.

Here are a few ways to do that:

Lower screen brightness' level: Your mobile screen uses up a great deal of energy; if you turn brightness down it can give you a couple of hours more battery life. You can usually adjust screen brightness from "Settings".

Turn on Airplane mode: If you can afford not receiving calls, turn on Airplane mode to save battery life. You can even keep your Wifi connection enabled while on Airplane mode.

When you can, switch to Airplane mode.

Turn off Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth: Even when you're not surfing the internet, even when your smart phone is in your pocket it's using up your battery in sending and receiving data all the time. If you only turn on Wifi or 3G when you actually need to do something that requires a connection, your phone battery could last an entire day.

Turn off push notifications: If you can live without knowing about every single email, tweet or Facebook message/post the moment you receive it; turn off push notifications for these apps from the "Notification Center". By doing so, your phone will stop checking your email, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare...etc every minute.

Reduce screen auto lock duration: Make sure your phone's screen turns off quickly. It would add to your battery's life if you turn the screen off immediately after you're done using it.

Turn off the screen faster: Reducing the screen timeout length, which switches off the screen after a certain length of inactivity, can also help.

Turn off location services: Location detection eats up your phone battery in no time. It usually, single handedly, reduces battery life in a matter of an hour to a near-death percentage. You should make sure to turn this one off first, even before you check other settings.

Don't watch videos, play games or listen to music: Another major battery consumers are video and audio streaming as well as playing games. A few lives spent on Candy Crush could mean a near death experience for your phone. Avoid video, audio and games especially when traveling.

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Sep 16, 2014
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