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Avnet Electronics Marketing Introduces Mini-Module Plus Development Kit Supporting the Xilinx Kintex[TM]-7 FPGA Family.

PHOENIX -- Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), introduced today the Xilinx Kintex[TM]-7 FPGA Mini-Module Plus Development Kit - a completely customizable development kit, perfect for system architects and field programmable gate array (FPGA) designers looking for a flexible, high performance and upgradable platform. The Avnet Mini-Module Plus system consists of a modular baseboard with three slots supporting a FPGA module, a power supply module and an optional FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) application module. The Xilinx Kintex[TM]-7 FPGA version of the kit is the first of three planned kit offerings, with future modules planned for the Xilinx Artix[TM]-7 FPGA and Zynq[TM]-7000 EPP. A complete Xilinx Kintex[TM]-7 FPGA Mini-Module Plus System, including baseboard, FPGA module and power module, is offered in a 325K logic cell version for $1,695 or a 410K logic cell version for $1,995. Order entry is open now, with kits shipping in April.

The Avnet Mini-Module Plus system consists of a modular baseboard with three slots supporting a FPGA module, a power supply module and an optional FPGA mezzanine card (FMC) application module. (Photo: Business Wire)

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The baseboard of the Mini-Module Plus system provides the FPGA and power module interfaces, plus user switches, LEDs, USB-RS232 port, PCIe Gen 2 x 4 connector, SFP connector, DisplayPort output connector, FMC LPC slot, Micro SD card connector, XADC header and two PMOD connectors.

The FPGA module is a complete system on a module, packaging all the necessary functions needed for an embedded processor system onto a small footprint, pluggable daughter card. The FPGA module is based on either the Xilinx Kintex[TM]-7 K410T or K325T FPGAs, and includes DDR3 memory, 64 Mb Flash memory, 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY, USB 3.0 PHY, system clock, 8 Gigabit transceivers MGTs and 132 user input/output (I/O). The on-board 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, accompanied by a USB 3.0 port, adds expanded networking capabilities, while the configurable I/O and gigabit transceivers (MGTs) offer versatile interface options. The I/O can be configured as single-ended signals, as well as low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) pairs.

One of the unique features of the Mini-Module Plus system is the modular power supply interface. This gives users the ability to select different power modules to power the system, providing ultimate flexibility for evaluating various power topologies from Avnet's Mini-Module Plus power partners. The power modules are designed to meet a common specification, accepting a 12V DC input and generating all required voltage rails to power the FPGA module, FMC slot and baseboard circuits. Power modules from Analog Devices, GE Power, Maxim and Texas Instruments are all available now, with additional information provided at

"Designers looking for an off-the-shelf, fully configurable, high-performance system on a module will find the Kintex[TM]-7 Mini-Module Plus from Avnet an ideal fit," said Jim Beneke, vice president, global technical marketing, Avnet Electronics Marketing. "Helping to jump-start design efforts, Avnet's Mini Module Plus Development Kit provides engineers with stand-alone modules that can be easily integrated into custom applications. The Kintex[TM]-7 FPGA version of the kit is our first offering, with support for the Artix[TM]-7 FPGA and Zynq[TM]-7000 EPP coming in the second half of 2012."

"Avnet's Mini-Module Plus system is an innovative way for designers to get their FPGA designs started right away," said Xilinx Senior Marketing Manager for Targeted Design Platforms Raj Seelam. "Because of the scalable nature of all our 28nm devices, any design developed with Kintex-7 FPGA now can be easily ported to a smaller Artix-7 device, larger Virtex-7 device or even the Zynq-7000 EPP, should design requirements call for a change."

Learn more about Kintex[TM]-7 FPGA and the Mini-Module Plus System at X-fest 2012

Starting in April 2012 and traveling to 22 cities across the globe, X-fest 2012 is the marquee technical training seminar offered by Avnet Electronics Marketing, Xilinx and many other industry leading suppliers. This year, the focus will be on Xilinx's 7 series FPGAs, including the Kintex[TM]-7 FPGA. Registration for X-fest 2012 is free and open now at

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