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Avidian Technologies Answers Industry Call for Sales Management Solution Built Inside of MS Outlook.

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Prophet 2004 is Now Available for All Frustrated ACT and Goldmine

Users As Well As Those Seeking a More Effective MS Outlook

For the millions of Microsoft Outlook users, Avidian Technologies today introduced Prophet 2004, a new solution that adds comprehensive sales and contact management features conveniently into Outlook. Avidian Technologies, a software development company, has answered an industry need with Prophet 2004: an easier to use and more productive sales opportunity management solution that eliminates the need for an additional application on top of Outlook.

Available as both a downloadable and shrink-wrapped box solution, Prophet 2004 now empowers small to mid-sized businesses with customer relationship management (CRM) functions while keeping the same look and feel of Outlook. With Prophet 2004, Outlook 2000/XP acts as a user's only application for sales tracking, personalized group e-mails, contact management, reporting, and sharing of sales information, in addition to Outlook features of e-mail, calendar, tasks, and appointments.

"Finally, someone has built the right tools into Outlook that helps me close more sales," said Michael Cairns, director of business development for Red Rover Solutions of Bellevue, Wash. "I have completely discarded using ACT because I got tired of flipping between applications and maintaining multiple contact databases."

Prophet 2004 competes directly with ACT, Goldmine, and the soon to be released Outlook version 11 with Business Contact Manager (BCM) from Microsoft. Prophet 2004 differs from ACT and Goldmine by being built directly into MS Outlook using .NET, including the ability to share opportunity data without a central server, and allowing you to build on your current Outlook Contact database without the need to synch between two applications. Unlike BCM, Prophet is available now, works with Outlook 2000 and XP, and includes a personalized group email wizard.

"I've been an ACT user for more than seven years and have always wanted a simpler way to integrate Outlook and ACT. The fact that Prophet is a contact manager built inside of Outlook is the solution I have been looking for. Prophet eliminates the hassle of running two applications. Now I can do everything inside of Outlook," said Bob Thordarson, CEO, Consumerware Incorporated of Seattle, Wash.

Earlier this year, more than 600 beta users from 29 countries in 6 continents praised Prophet 2004. The beta users operate in a wide variety of industries, such as sales and marketing, consulting, real estate, insurance, etc., and find the solution suitable for their unique sales opportunity management needs.

"Prophet 2004 is not only a sensible choice for sales management convenience in MS Outlook, but it's a cost-effective one where $149.95 is a tremendous value considering how comprehensive and flexible the application is compared to our competitors," said James Wong, CEO and co-founder of Avidian Technologies. "We are very dedicated to our Prophet users as well. Daily online and phone support is available as well as tutorials and guides to ensure customers use Prophet to its fullest potential."

For more information or to order, call 1-877-Avidian or visit

About Avidian Technologies

Avidian Technologies is a Seattle-based software development firm specializing in creating solutions for users of Outlook and Exchange. Prophet 2004 is the first shrink-wrapped product from Avidian and leverages the .NET platform to build the most important requirements of a world-class sales opportunity management solution INTO Outlook. Avidian is committed to creating solutions that help Outlook and Exchange users be more effective. For more information on Avidian and Prophet, visit
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Date:Aug 6, 2003
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