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Aviator Sports Joins Forces with Wheel Fun Rentals Specialty Bike Rentals Now Available at Floyd Bennett Field.

Brooklyn, NY, April 17, 2014 --( Aviator Sports Center at Floyd Bennett Field now offers specialty bike rentals. They've partnered with Wheel Fun Rentals, a nationwide specialty rental company, to offer Surreys and more. If the idea of riding a bicycle brings back memories of freedom, fun, and carefree days of youth, then come see the new offerings of custom bikes for rent.

Wheel Fun Rentals' products offer a chance to rediscover the joys of having some old-fashioned fun. “Somewhere along the line most of us got off our bikes and into automobiles,” says Brian McInerney, Wheel Fun Rentals founder and Executive Vice President. “Our purpose is to help you rediscover what you knew by heart as a kid - that once you climbed on your beloved bike and headed through the mud puddles, you were really free and headed for fun.”

Mud puddles and beloved bikes aside, Wheel Fun Rentals delivers a menu of strictly 21st century specialty bicycles that satisfy the whims of even the most amused-challenged among us. The most popular rental item is the Surrey, pictured below. Unabashedly nostalgic, Wheel Fun Rentals' logo is reminiscent of a 1950's family taking a ride and having fun. “How many of us remember that we used to ride bikes just to have fun?” says McInerney.

Having fun at Wheel Fun Rentals at Aviator Sports Center is not hard. The center has a spectacular setting on Floyd Bennett Field, previously the busiest airport in the U.S. during World War II. Explorers can cruise along the waterfront or pedal to Brooklyn's largest community garden. More adventurous cyclists can board rental cycles for a half day or full day and journey throughout the park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Wheel Fun appeals to both locals and vacationing families as an amusement diversion and is usually an impulse buy. “Families will be walking down the sidewalk and see our bicycles and one of the kids will pull the parents in and say, 'Hey we've got to try this,'” says Wheel Fun president Al Stonehouse. “An important underlying aspect of the business is that it invites involvement in the activity instead of just having an external distraction that is offered by so many amusement venues,” says Stonehouse.

Wheel Fun Rentals at Aviator Sports Center invites you to rekindle memories of childhood freedom and create new memories of family fun. Whether you are sightseeing, enjoying family time, or simply looking for an afternoon adventure, Wheel Fun Rentals at Aviator Sports Center at Floyd Bennett Park is the perfect destination. For pricing or more information regarding this location visit

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Date:Apr 17, 2014
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