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Avery Dennison adhesives assist with reclosure packaging.

Avery Dennison has made recent enhancements to its Select Solutions Reclosure Portfolio. The line helps converters with pressure sensitive reclosure labels, which are often seen with various foods and medical uses.

"I think what's really unique about our portfolio is the breadth of products and adhesives that can work in various reclosure applications," says Anh Marella, senior product manager of Select Solutions at Avery Dennison, "As more and more packaging is going into flexible film, the marketplace is changing on a constant basis because new materials are being developed."

This portfolio also offers customizability to meet a variety of needs. The materials are designed to adhere to a wide range of substrates, especially as consumers see their needs expand to functional labels. The end uses can range from anything to cosmetic wipes, homecare uses, and food ranging from cookies to deli meats.


Avery Dennison offers adhesives for dry, moist and wet reclosure applications. Wet applications include high moisture or high alcohol content. The company's R1490 adhesive Is suitable for high moisture conditions, such as indirect food contact, and provides a smooth, buttery feel. The R143 adhesive Is a more aggressive product and features a stickier feel. It is commonly used with towelettes and medical wipes, especially if the products contain high Isopropyl alcohol content.

"We have multiple adhesive solutions depending on the application," explains Marella. "We have a variety of products, and we have the ability to customize different combinations of facestocks and liners. We also have the ability to add high barrier features within our film facestocks, through the adhesives," According to Marella, the food market has seen an increased need for reclosable technology, as 190 billion retail units will switch to flexible packaging by 2019. She estimates that the reclosure labels are 2-3 times larger than a standard conformative label. This style of packaging will compete for space with zippers and hard-case snap lids, in addition to more traditional closure systems, she says, concluding, "I think this technology has huge potential."

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