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Superior Technology Solutions for Membership Organizations

Avectra offers flexible, Web-enabled solutions for managing your association. Our most valuable assets are our belief in the power of partnership and our industry knowledge. We are committed to our products, our philosophy, and, above all, to our customers. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with Avectra.

Avectra's flexible solutions

Our flagship product, AvectraFORUM, combines more than 20 powerful association management modules with tier-one Internet components to provide a full-service solution. This unique product gives staff easy- to-use tools and builds value for members with the following features:

* member relationship management,

* e-commerce,

* online learning,

* community, and

* a customer service center.

AvectraFORUM is also the only association software offered at no cost. We eliminate the investment in software so that you can focus your resources on the services that make the system work exactly as you need it to work.

Avectra's commitment to partnership

Avectra has been serving member-based organizations since 1993, and we still have the clients who started out with us back then. We believe that every client is our partner and that our partnerships set us apart in the industry. We believe that long-term commitment and dedication to our client-vendor relationship is the most important factor in our success. In Avectra, you will find a company that works to meet your needs today and to anticipate your needs for tomorrow.

We strive to offer one-stop shopping so that you don't spend your time dealing with a multitude of vendors. Instead, we partner with the leading providers of member-driven Web features to offer you tools like online learning and online communities. We manage the partnerships so that you can focus on your members. Our partners, CertiLearn and Teamware, are the best in their field and share our commitment to partnership.

Avectra's superior industry knowledge

Our industry knowledge is unparalleled. We go to great lengths to attract staff members who have both association and technical experience. We constantly train new staff on the business practices and procedures of member-based organizations. That knowledge flows through our development process, our sales strategies, our implementation services, and our customer support. We have the knowledge that can only be gained through years of experience managing the members, dues, committees, meetings, and more that are part of the everyday life of an association.
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