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Complete functionality--completely free

There is a revolutionary new approach to association management that capitalizes on the extraordinary capabilities of the Internet. Avectra has matched those capabilities with a revolutionary solution and a truly extraordinary business model.

AvectraFORUM is the most extensive Internet-based solution available and it is available at NO COST.

Through a focus on high-quality services and world-class partnerships, Avectra makes tier-one, highly integrated solutions the rule rather than the exception. FORUM harnesses the versatility of the Web for every constituent of membership-based organizations by completely addressing the needs of members, staff, and prospects. Imagine making one choice in association management, Internet functionality, and operating environments. Imagine your first-choice software for free.

Avectra offers entirely Web-based solutions along with professional services like technical consulting, implementation, and hosting options that allow organizations to easily acclimate to today's technology climate. We are dogged in our determination to provide membership organizations with highly functional solutions that take advantage of the extraordinary sophistication of the Internet.


AvectraFORUM is the first truly browser-based solution for managing associations and nonprofits. Traditional association management functions, e-commerce, online communities, and distance learning can now be accessed through the Internet. The only operating requirement is an Internet browser.

FORUM is a portal that welcomes staff, members, and prospects to the association and personalizes the information available to each visitor. Staff members have access to all of the functions of the association that they need to do their jobs. Membership dues, meeting registrations, sales orders, committee management, and more are accessed through the Internet. Views are personalized for each person and real-time reports that are built into the views give quick glimpses of everything from daily financial summaries to upcoming events.

Members access the association through the same portal but are shown different options like online registration options, online purchasing, chatting with other members, and other features the association chooses to offer. The online, or virtual, community function adds value to association membership by providing a forum for member-to-member networking. This functionality is provided through Pl@za by Teamware, which is a virtual community tool that has been integrated with FORUM to provide unparalleled functionality. Prospects encounter similar features that allow them to interact at whatever level the organization chooses--from e-commerce to becoming a member.

Distance learning is accessed through the portal to give associations the edge on education. As a revenue stream and a member benefit, online certification and accreditation is integrated with other association data to provide accurate, one-stop member management. By placing course content on the Web with streaming audio and video, you take your association to the next level.

AvectraFORUM gives associations incredible functionality and, at the same time, Avectra allows for the elimination of all of the headaches of network management, hardware maintenance, and system upkeep required by other solutions. Avectra has chosen partnerships with companies like Teamware Group (a Fujitsu subsidiary), Interliant, and others to provide cutting-edge operating environment solutions.

Avectra hosting

Avectra's hosting options allow associations to do what they do best--provide topnotch membership service--and still avoid the cost of hardware and the expense of a trained information technology staff. Avectra can house customer applications on a remote server and conduct all maintenance and upkeep on both data and hardware.

Research and development of tier-one solutions is the passion of Avectra. Our dedicated development staff not only focuses on basic functionality, they also are committed to adding tomorrow's features today. Functionality like Wireless Access Protocol (WAP), in which customers can access all of their system's functions through a cell phone, is already available with FORUM.

Avectra solutions are the most innovative in cost and functionality in the industry and are supported by superior experience and service. Avectra's international staff of professionals is ready to offer the best in account representation, implementation, project management, design, and support. Offices are located in Falls Church, VA, Chicago, San Francisco, and Melbourne, Australia.

Be a part of the revolution. Call Avectra today at 800-858-8272 to schedule a demonstration of AvectraFORUM. Or, visit our Web site at
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