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Available Job positions.

Lead Machining Engineer

We are seeking an experienced individual in the area of aluminum castings. The Lead Machining Engineer would help specify all new machining equipment, tooling, and fixture designs. The person would also be expected to help with programming of the machines, training other individuals to program, and be a mentor to other engineers in the area of tool selection and fixture design. Experience with aluminum casting machining required.

Sales/Tooling Engineer

The sales engineer's primary responsibility is to help coordinate sales quotes for casting, machining, and all secondary operations such as machining and chemical conversion. It is expected that the candidate would have experience in tooling design and processing of castings. The engineer would coordinate sub-her tooling quotes, outside machining quotes, and secondary processing quotes. The ideal candidate would have experience with casting tooling, machining, ProEngineer, and aerospace experience.

CMM Technician/Programmer

The CMM program would be expected to take the lead as supervisor of the CMM room. The responsibilities would include development of CMM programs, coordination of work load in the CMM room, gauge oversight.

Complex Core Assembly Technician

Denison is seeking individuals with experience in the area of complex core assembly. This would include both large complex cores (dump box) and small pipe type cores. The assembler should be familiar with the cold box core blowing process, air set cores, and core assembly. Complex aerospace experience is preferable.

Aluminum Molding/Melt Supervisor

This individual should be experienced in the handling and preparation of molten aluminum and the casting. The supervisor would oversee the staffing and operation of both the melting and molding department. Denison's melt department consists of both electric holder, electric melters, and gas fired reverbatory furnaces. The molding department consists of dry sand molds and permanent molds.

Aluminum Melting Technician

This individual should be experienced in the handling and preparation of molten aluminum. The preparation would be conducted in both electric furnaces and gas reverbatory furnaces. Experience is required in the area of metal preparation, which would include degassing, fluxing, grain refinement, silicon modification, and other alloy additions, such as beryllium.

Process Engineer for Dry Sand/SPM/Low Pressure

The process engineer would be a key interface between engineering and manufacturing. It is desired that the candidate have 5 years minimum experience in dry sand casting, permanent mold, and/or low pressure casting, and tooling design. The ideal candidate would have experience with aerospace castings arid ProEngineer.

Apprentice Patternmaker--Tool Room

Apprentice patternmaker sought. Minimum 5 years previous work experience training. Candidate must have in-depth knowledge of pattern materials and proper repair procedures for soft tooling as well as experience with new pattern making. Denison is currently serving the aerospace, automotive, commercial, and defense industries. Job offers potential advancement into a lead patternmaker position for a qualified person.

Low Pressure Casting Technician

Denison is expanding its low pressure casting capabilities for the aerospace market. The low pressure casting technician will help coordinate the low pressure casting cells. The coordination would include set-up, debugging, basic control programming, and process flow.



22 Fielder St.

Denison, TX 75020

Ph. (903) 786-6500

Fax (903) 786-6575

Denison Industries is located in Denison, TX, just a short drive from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Denison is a premium aluminum casting and machining facility serving a wide variety of customers. Denison serves the aviation, military, automotive, commercial, and industrial markets with a very diverse customer base. Casting pour size can range from 1 to 3000 lbs, in a variety of alloys. More information can be found on our web site WWW.DENISONINDUSTRIES.COM.

Candidates considered for employment will be subject to drug test and background screening.

Denison Industries is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Please contact:

Annette Johnson, HR Manager

Denison Industries

22 Fielder Street

Denison, TX 75020

PH. (903) 786-6508 FAX (903) 786-6573
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Date:Dec 1, 2013
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