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Autosampler offers enhanced reproducibility.

The CDS-7400 soil/water purge and trap autosampler offers enhanced reproducibility and compatibility with a variety of purge and trap concentrators. The system features a 72-position autosampler with three removable trays of 24 vials, and automated water addition of 5 mL for soil samples. Features also include internal standard addition (for soils and water), soil heating and stirring capabilities, a pick-and-place robotic arm and a separate water station for transfer of water to the sparge vessel of the attached purge and trap. Designed for compatibility with the CDS-7000 Purge and Trap Concentrator, this model can also be used in conjunction with OI, Tekmar or EST purge and trap concentrators. It's chemically inert sample pathways are made of PEEK and Silconert. CDS Analytical, 800-541-6593


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Title Annotation:Update on Ion Chromatography
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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