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Automotive sensor.

PCB PIEZOTRONICS INC., DEPEW. N.Y. The Model 106M160 high intensity ICP acoustic microphone is designed for measuring airbag deployment noise and total impulse of an inflation event occurring inside of an automotive cabin. The unit offers sensitivities of 79.8 mV/kPa (550 mV/psi); a measurement range of 189 dB (57.2 kPa); 96 dB (1.4 Pa) resolution; and frequency response of 0.05 Hz to 20 kHz filtered output, tailored to the human ear. It survives higher intensity signals, up to 216 dB, that would damage most condenser microphones beyond their 3 percent distortion limit. The rugged, hermetically sealed, piezoelectric pressure microphone also features ICP output, for ease of use and reduced setup time. Series 106 dynamic pressure sensors include models that are useful for measuring low-level and high-intensity sound pressure levels, acoustic and ultrasonic. ca/7434-59 or circle 59

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Publication:Mechanical Engineering-CIME
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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