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Active Control of Cylinder Charge Motion Using Vortex Generating Jets (VGJs) on Generic Intake Port Geometries. Sun, Shaowei; Eilts, Peter; Scholz, Peter; Haubold, Stefanie Technical report Oct 1, 2018 7293
Effect of Spray-Exhaust Gas Interactions on Ammonia Generation in SCR Mixing Sections. Schallhart, Verena; Moeltner, Lukas Technical report May 1, 2018 12650
Development of Component Level Transfer Equations of Simplified Human and ATD Occupant Models. Guleyupoglu, Berkan; Koya, Bharath; Gayzik, Francis Scott Report Apr 1, 2018 5739
Theoretical Study of Improving the Safety of the "Operator, Machine, and Environment" System when Performing Transport Operations. Glemba, Konstantin Viatcheslavovich; Averyanov, Yuri Ivanovich; Larin, Oleg Nikolaevich Technical report Apr 1, 2018 7491
Bench Testing Validation of Wireless Power Transfer up to 7.7kW Based on SAE J2954. Schneider, Jesse; Kamichi, Kensuke; Mikat, Daniel; Sutton, Robert; Abdul-Hak, Mohamad; Minagawa, Yus Technical report Apr 1, 2018 11053
Automated ASIL Allocation and Decomposition according to ISO 26262, Using the Example of Vehicle Electrical Systems for Automated Driving. Munzinq, Patrick; Ostertag, Andreas; Bertsche, Bernd; Koller, Oliver Technical report Apr 1, 2018 4337
Parasitic Battery Drain Problems and AUTOSAR Acceptance Testing. Thiyagaraj, Anandan Technical report Apr 1, 2018 3112
Introducing the Modified Tire Power Loss and Resistant Force Regarding Longitudinal Slip. Sina, Naser; Esfahanian, Vahid; Yazdi, Mohammad Reza Hairi; Azadi, Shahram Technical report Apr 1, 2018 4916
Personalized Controller Design for Electric Power Steering System Based on Driver Behavior. Zhu, Bing; Yan, Shude; Bian, Ning Technical report Apr 1, 2018 5372
Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Engine Operating Parameters on a Rankine Based Waste Heat Recovery System in a SI Engine. Matousek, Thomas; Lagaly, Paul; Bens, Michael; Koch,, Thomas Technical report Apr 1, 2018 9131
Influence of Miller Cycles on Engine Air Flow. Braun, Marco; Klaas, Michael; Schroder, Wolfgang Technical report Apr 1, 2018 8871
Internal Combustion Engine Cylinder Volume Trace Deviation. West, Ivan Anagrius; Moreno, Carlos Jorques; Stenlaas, Ola; Haslestad, Fredrik; Jonsson, Ola Technical report Apr 1, 2018 10860
LSPI Durability, a Study of LSPI over the Life of a Vehicle. Michlberger, Alexander; Sutton, Michael Technical report Feb 1, 2018 9184
Knock Phenomena under Very Lean Conditions in Gasoline Powered Si-Engines. Doornbos, Gerben; Hemdal, Stina; Denbratt, Ingemar; Dahl, Daniel Technical report Feb 1, 2018 9961
Lean Burn Combustion of Iso-Octane in a Rapid Compression Machine Using Dual Mode Turbulent Jet Ignition System. Vedula, Ravi Teja; Gentz, Gerald; Stuecken, Thomas; Toulson, Elisa; Schock, Harold Technical report Feb 1, 2018 8646
Exploring Engine Oil Reactivity Effects on End Gas Knock in a Direct-Injection Spark Ignition Engine. Szybist, Jim; West, Brian Technical report Feb 1, 2018 6198
Impact of Siloxanes in Biomethane on the Performance of a CNG Vehicle. van Essen, Martijn; Visser, Pieter; Gersen, Sander; Levinsky, Howard Technical report Feb 1, 2018 4414
Literature Review on the Effects of Organometallic Fuel Additives in Gasoline and Diesel Fuels. Hoekman, S. Kent; Leland, Amber Technical report Feb 1, 2018 15377
Analysis of Evaporative and Exhaust-Related On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Readiness Monitors and DTCs Using I/M and Roadside Data. Sabisch, Michael; Weatherby, Meredith; Kishan, Sandeep; Fulper, Carl Technical report Jan 1, 2018 7227
HMI for Left Turn Assist (LTA). Schmitz, Marcus; Rittger, Lena; Kienast, Henning; Neukum, Alexandra Technical report Jan 1, 2018 7051
Obstacle Avoidance for Self-Driving Vehicle with Reinforcement Learning. Zong, Xiaopeng; Xu, Guoyan; Yu, Guizhen; Su, Hongjie; Hu, Chaowei Technical report Jan 1, 2018 4681
Efficient Lane Detection Using Deep Lane Feature Extraction Method. Yu, Guizhen; Wang, Zhangyu; Wu, Xinkai; Ma, Yalong; Wang, Yunpeng Technical report Jan 1, 2018 6291
2-D CFAR Procedure of Multiple Target Detection for Automotive Radar. Li, Sen; Bi, Xin; Huang, Libo; Tan, Bin Technical report Jan 1, 2018 3363
PSO-Based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Automotive Assemblies. Rahmani, Mohsen; Behdinan, Kamran Report Oct 1, 2017 8864
Admissible Shape Parameters for a Planar Quasi-Static Constraint Mode Tire Model. Ma, Rui; Ferris, John B.; Reid, Alexander A.; Gorsich, David J. Report Oct 1, 2017 5161
A Systematic Approach to Engine Sound Design for Enhancing Sound Character by Active Sound Design. Kim, Seonghyeon; Chang, Kyoung-Jin; Park, Dong Chul; Lee, Seung Min; Lee, Sang Kwon Report Oct 1, 2017 4432
Pressure Following Strategy for Conventional Braking Control Applied to a HIL Test Bench. Galvagno, Enrico; Tota, Antonio; Vigliani, Alessandro; Velardocchia, Mauro; di Torino, Politecnico Report Oct 1, 2017 4092
A Study of the Disc Scoring Generation Principle and Reduction. Jeong, ByeongUk; Ryu, Hyong Tae; Jung, Kwang Ki; Kim, Chang Jin Report Oct 1, 2017 4153
Brake System Performance at Higher Mileage. Antanaitis, David B.; Robere, Matthew Report Oct 1, 2017 8078
Timing Analysis for Hypervisor-based I/O Virtualization in Safety-Related Automotive Systems. Kohn, Andre; Schmidt, Karsten; Decker, Jochen; Sebastian, Maurice; Zupke, Alexander; Herkersdorf, An Technical report Aug 1, 2017 6296
A Parametric Study of Automotive Rear End Geometries on Rear Soiling. Kabanovs, Anton; Hodgson, Graham; Garmory, Andrew; Passmore, Martin Technical report Jul 1, 2017 5440
Distinction of Roller Bearing Defect from Gear Defect via Envelope Process and Autocorrelation Enhancement. Morsy, Mohamed El; Achtenova, Gabriela Technical report Jul 1, 2017 3687
Vapour Space Flammability Measurements of High Ethanol ("E85") and Low Ethanol ("E10") Winter Automotive Fuels: Effects of Fuel Composition and Vapour Pressure. Gardiner, David Report Apr 1, 2017 9899
Surface Conductivity Measurement of Catalyst Materials by EUPS and Its Correlation to Catalyst Performance. Nagata, Makoto; Yamada, Takashi; Ando, Ryuji; Kim, Insu; Tomie, Toshihisa Report Sep 1, 2016 2367
Lubricant-Derived Ash Impact on Gasoline Particulate Filter Performance. Custer, Nicholas; Kamp, Carl Justin; Sappok, Alexander; Pakko, James; Lambert, Christine; Boerensen, Report Sep 1, 2016 6681
Impact of Rh Oxidation State on NOx Reduction Performance of Multi-Component Lean NOx Trap (LNT) Catalyst. Li, Junhui; Currier, Neal; Yezerets, Aleksey; Chen, Hai-Ying; Hess, Howard; Mulla, Shadab Report Sep 1, 2016 5657
Vehicle and Drive Cycle Simulation of a Vacuum Insulated Catalytic Converter. Daya, Rohil; Hoard, John; Chanda, Sreedhar; Singh, Maneet Technical report Sep 1, 2016 6722
Catalytic Soot Oxidation: Effect of Ceria-Zirconia Catalyst Particle Size. Konstandopoulos, Athanasios G.; Pagkoura, Chrysoula; Lorentzou, Souzana; Kastrinaki, Georgia Technical report Sep 1, 2016 4933
Modeling of Catalyzed Particulate Filters - Concept Phase Simulation and Real-Time Plant Modeling on HiL. Wurzenberger, Johann C.; Bardubitzki, Sophie; Kutschi, Susanne; Fairbrother, Robert; Poetsch, Christ Technical report Sep 1, 2016 10447
Evaluation and Prediction of Deposit Severity in SCR Systems. Smith, Henrik; Lauer, Thomas; Schimik, Viktor; Gabel, Klaus Technical report Sep 1, 2016 12022
Capability Assessment Process for the Optimisation of Testing Facilities for Powertrain Development. Lawson, Philip; Houldcroft, John; Neil, Andrew; Balcombe, Andrea; Osborne, Richard; Ciriello, Antoni Technical report Sep 1, 2016 8608
Profile Optimization of the Teeth of the Double Rack-and-Pinion Gear Mechanism in the MCE-5 VCRi Engine. Duchemin, Matthieu; Collee, Vincent Technical report Sep 1, 2016 4171
A Study of the Friction of Oil Control Rings Using the Floating Liner Engine. Westerfield, Zachary; Tian, Tian; Liu, Yang; Kim, Dallwoo Report Sep 1, 2016 7656
Internal Combustion Engine - Automatic Transmission Matching for Next Generation Power Transfer Technology Development in Automotive Applications. Robinette, Darrell; Singh, Tejinder Technical report Sep 1, 2016 11081
Development of an e-LSD Control Strategy Considering the Evolution of the Friction Torque with the Wear Depth. Tesi, Amedeo; Vinattieri, Francesco; Capitani, Renzo; Annicchiarico, Claudio Technical report Sep 1, 2016 5098
Investigating the Effect of Advanced Automatic Transmissions on Fuel Consumption Using Vehicle Testing and Modeling. Moskalik, Andrew; Hula, Aaron; Barba, Daniel; Kargul, John Technical report Sep 1, 2016 8725
Development of CFD Inverse Analysis Technology Using the Transient Adjoint Method and Its Application to Engine In-Cylinder Flow. Kubota, Masato; Tokuda, Shigefumi; Noguchi, Yasushi Technical report Jun 1, 2016 4987
Simultaneous PLIF Imaging of OH and PLII Imaging of Soot for Studying the Late-Cycle Soot Oxidation in an Optical Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine. Lind, Ted; Li, Zheming; Mico, Carlos; Olofsson, Nils-Erik; Bengtsson, Per-Erik; Richter, Mattias; An Technical report Jun 1, 2016 5796
Mechanistic Model for the Breakup Length in Jet Atomization. Diemuodeke, Ogheneruona E.; Sher, Ilai Technical report Jun 1, 2016 3677
Diagnosis of within Cylinder Faults Using Instantaneous Mode Based Engine Model. Sengupta, Somnath; Deb, Alok; Mukhopadhyay, Siddhartha Technical report Jun 1, 2016 11809
Locating wire short fault for in-vehicle controller area network with resistance estimation approach. Du, Xinyu; Jiang, Shengbing; Nagose, Atul; Zhang, Yilu; Wienckowski, Natalie Report May 1, 2016 4605
Incoming wave estimation characteristics by MUSIC method using a virtual array antenna in urban reception conditions. Komatsu, Satoru; Imai, Suguru; Taguchi, Kenji; Kashiwa, Tatsuya Report May 1, 2016 6232
Development and application of FM multipath distortion rate measurement system using a fading emulator based on two-stage method. Komatsu, Satoru; Karasawa, Yoshio; Kashiwa, Tatsuya; Taguchi, Kenji; Imai, Suguru Report May 1, 2016 6311
A New Way Of Testing Car Emissions. Apr 23, 2016 475
Researches regarding the continuous improvement of the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) operation for the passenger cars. Beles, Horia; Rus, Alexandru; Dragomir, George; Mitran, Tudor; Trusca, Daniel; Tolea, Bogdan Technical report Jan 1, 2015 3351
Forum for entrepreneurs. Varrasi, John Brief article Apr 1, 2010 174
New donor from Dow improves polypropylene manufacturing process, end-product quality. Mar 29, 2010 490
New donor from Dow improves polypropylene manufacturing process, end-product quality. Mar 28, 2010 490
Upgrade your new-product machine: this process allows the product team to prepare a solid business case before beginning the costly development stage. Adams, Dan; Hublikar, Sudhir Mar 1, 2010 7868
Lessons in distribution. Minton, Gabe Mar 1, 2010 914
Jacketed reactors offer green solution: the traditional way to develop a manufacturing process is to do the initial development in round-bottomed laboratory flasks and make the transition to small-scale production-type reactors when the process is ready for piloting; but, suggests Tom Adams, Director Technical Sales, from De Dietrich Process Systems, laboratory-scale jacketed reactors may be an alternative. Adams, Tom Jan 1, 2010 1804
Flexibility Now. Harbour-Felax, Laurie A. Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2009 777
A smiling car. Thilmany, Jean Feb 1, 2009 386
Aspects about estimation of replacement moment at lubricate oils for spark ignition engines. Ungur, Petru; Pop, Adrian Petru; Veres, Eugen Mircea; Pop, Teodor Mircea; Polojintef Corbu, Nicolae Jan 1, 2007 1585
U.S. automotive R&D needs refocusing. Studt, Tim Jan 1, 2004 534
Sound welds in aluminum: the ultrasonic approach: Ford researchers are working on a project that could allow aluminum body structures to be assembled comparatively economically through the use of ultrasonic energy. Vasilash, Gary S. Sep 1, 2003 963
Bush touts fusion and Hydrogen. Mar 1, 2003 370
Smart cars: knowledge is power ... and safety. (Feature Focus). Sharke, Paul Mar 1, 2003 2142
Design inspiration. . Peter, John Cover Story Dec 1, 2002 3455
CAD conundrum: will the industry ever work off of one CAD platform or should suppliers turn to the next best solution? (Product). Wielgat, Andrea Industry Overview Dec 1, 2002 1485
Cutting Truck Fuel Use and Improving Control. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 477
Monitoring Device Analyzes Vehicle Data. Sep 1, 2000 308
Shaping Aluminum Auto Parts with Electricity. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 355
Car of the future. Mitchell, Jacqueline D. Brief Article Jun 1, 1998 598
Automotive testing demands dedicated DAQ. Masi, C.G. Mar 1, 1998 2309
Rethinking the car of the future. Sperling, Daniel Dec 22, 1996 3410
Melting windshield ice. Jan 1, 1994 488
Automotive safety is in the bag. Ashley, Steven Jan 1, 1994 4386
Tetraethyl lead. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 145
Macro-micro analyses of Japanese direct R&D investments in the U.S. automotive and electronics industries. Serapio, Manuel G., Jr. Jul 1, 1993 5711
Auto lab simulators speed new model development. Studt, Tim Cover Story Mar 1, 1992 1538
Japanese 'lean' R&D solves problems faster and cheaper. Feb 1, 1991 339

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