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Automotive PC glazing system makes debut at NPE. (In Brief).

A newly commercial system for manufacturing polycarbonate glazing for side and rear car windows, tailgates, and sun roofs was unveiled at the NPE show last month by Exatec in Wixom, Mich. This joint venture of Bayer AG and GE Plastics is now offering the Exatec 500 system for licensing.

Claus Peter Reisinger, Exatec's global business-development manager, describes Exatec 500 as a "complete system" that includes optimized PC materials and a method for continuous application of a plasma coating to boost the glazing's abrasion and uv resistance. Other elements include a method of bonding the glazing to the car and a silk-screening technique to apply colors, images, and fade-out effects that can be incorporated into glazing design. Reisinger says Exatec 500 provides superior weatherability and meets the same strict abrasion-resistance standards as for glass windows. PC glazing offers 50% weight reduction and unleashes new opportunities for design and styling of automobiles.

At NPE, PC windows of 1 sq meter were molded on the floor by Battenfeld of Germany. The demonstration employed a new injection-compression process jointly developed by Exatec, Battenfeld, and Summerer Technologies, a German tool builder. This "IMPmore" process requires half the clamp force used in conventional molding and reduces molded-in stress.

"In application work, we plan to begin at the rear and top of the car and evolve forward to more demanding glazing at the front, including windshields," Reisinger says. Initial targets are tailgate and backlite assemblies (with molded-in attachments), panoramic roof and sun-roof modules, and side windows that are seamlessly integrated into exterior body panels. Tel: (248) 926-4207,
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Comment:Automotive PC glazing system makes debut at NPE. (In Brief).
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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