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Nigeria to begin exportation of vehicle parts, heavy duty metals. Sep 8, 2021 369
Nigeria to begin export of vehicle parts, heavy-duty metals. Sep 7, 2021 420
M1A2 SEPv2/v3 Tank: EMU Key to Keeping Engine Running. Jul 1, 2021 223
AutoPro offers customers extended warranty for their cars. Jun 27, 2021 204
Leasing opportunity at former factory site. MICHAEL PRINGLE Apr 28, 2021 564
Thailand's famous floating market Longtail boats to go electric. Mar 6, 2021 158
Ebrahim K. Kanoo hosts talented Bahraini youth. Feb 8, 2021 293
Cycle group's message to drivers. Jan 19, 2021 180
Schoolchildren aim to make drivers think twice before idling. Jan 19, 2021 183
Egypt's central bank allocates EGP 15bn to finance dual-fuel vehicle conversions. Hossam Mounir Jan 5, 2021 346
Egypt's central bank allocates EGP 15bn to finance dual-fuel vehicle conversions. Hossam Mounir Jan 3, 2021 336
Diesel Car Engines Falling Out of Favor. Dec 1, 2020 220
FG in plans to implement methanol fuel technology. Nov 28, 2020 506
Lamborghini to continue hybrid V-12 engine in Aventador replacement. Nov 26, 2020 157
Mopar reveals details of 807bhp Hellcrate Redeye 6.2-litre Supercharged HEMI(R) V-8 engine. Nov 9, 2020 188
Petrolina releases new P-[eth]onergyMax fuel. Press Release Nov 2, 2020 231
GM puts $32 million into casting facility upgrades. Nov 1, 2020 190
Bentley adds twin-turbocharged V-8 engine to 2021 Flying Spur. Oct 16, 2020 160
Solar power looking sunny. Sep 22, 2020 843
DPR warns against use of cell phones at petrol stations. Aug 24, 2020 215
Work on new power line to start next year. Jul 29, 2020 635
Dodge SRT introduces most powerful SUV ever - 2021 Durango SRT Hellcat. Times News Service Jul 11, 2020 2761
Engine really was purring... TATTY TAKES A DAY TRIP. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Jun 17, 2020 458
No fines issued for drivers sitting with car engines idling. David Irwin Council Correspondent Jan 30, 2020 417
Wigan schoolgirl's winning message to remind drivers to switch off car engines. Jan 29, 2020 409
Government planning stronger measures to deal with pollution: Varawut. Jan 14, 2020 197
When preparation meets opportunity. Jan 12, 2020 586
Auto almanac. Dec 29, 2019 604
M1-Series Tanks: Keep Your Engine Happy and Healthy. Dec 13, 2019 431
Put limit on car engines. Dec 2, 2019 139
TOXIC RISK TO SCHOOL KIDS NO IDLE THREAT; Switch off car at gates plea; Children higher risk of har. MICHAEL KENWOOD Nov 12, 2019 460
Ola Energy launches O'ptimium to compete with Vivo's Shell V-Power. Nov 8, 2019 282
Parents could be fined for leaving their car engines running near Bracknell schools; Council bosses want to start taking direct action. Ollie Sirrell Oct 31, 2019 481
Silicon Nitride Market Share, Size, Top Players, Emerging Trends, CAGR Analysis, Development Strategy, Sales Revenue, Opportunities and Challenges 2025. Financial report Oct 30, 2019 832
Automotive Fuel Filter Market: Global Growth, Trends, and Forecasts to 2024. Oct 17, 2019 1103
Silicon Nitride Market Global Share, Growth, Size, Opportunities, Trends, Regional Overview, Leading Company Analysis, And Key Country Forecast To 2025. Sep 24, 2019 899
NSPO signs contract with petroleum sector to offer natural gas refuelling services. Aug 22, 2019 352
Ferrari Continues To Wow Investors With Steady Performance And New Cars. Aug 11, 2019 696
General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) - Tonawanda-Built Next Gen 6.2L Small Block V-8 to Power All-New 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray -- 23/7/2019. Aug 2, 2019 340
Fuel Oxygenates Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018-2028. Jul 3, 2019 911
Fuel Oxygenates Market Growth during the Forecast Period, 2018-2028. Jul 3, 2019 897
Proposal to fine drivers who leave their engines running. Jun 19, 2019 287
Why are people keeping their car engines running? LETTERS. Jun 5, 2019 287
Migrants as young as 15 found squeezed inside car engines and dashboards; Officials in Beni Ansar, Morocco, stopped three vehicles attempting to take the migrants to the European Union (EU), it's said. May 25, 2019 256
Climate activist raps drivers; Pollution: Former teacher knocks on motorists' windows when car engines left idling. May 16, 2019 381
Teachers call for a ban on cars clogging up the school run -- and the atmosphere; Almost two thirds of teachers polled support total ban on cars to stop children inhaling toxic fumes outside school. Mar 25, 2019 305
Parents given 'idling threat' by town hall. Mar 13, 2019 543
Europe must step up the pace on electric cars. Mar 9, 2019 920
District engineer, finance officer arrested over missing car engines. Jan 10, 2019 411
District officials arrested over missing car engines. Jan 10, 2019 410
Pet cat is victim of poisoning. Nov 27, 2018 346
New region-specific coolants heat up ACDelco range. Aug 14, 2018 304
By day it's fine, improvements are being made... but at night a dark side emerges; Stock pictures of Soho Road and Soho Hill, THE TWO FACES OF SOHO ROAD AND A DETERMINED COMMUNITY WORKING TO MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE. Aug 13, 2018 860
ACDelco expands coolant range in Middle East. Aug 13, 2018 457
AUTO NEWS. Jul 6, 2018 1252
German Regulator Found Defeat Devices In Daimler Diesel Cars. Jun 10, 2018 286
Watch: How a car can get stolen in the UAE. Jun 6, 2018 391
How to get the best out of your car engine! Jun 1, 2018 998
Cadillac Introduces First-Ever Twin-Turbo V-8 Engine. May 30, 2018 564
Chemical-mixed petrol damaging car engines, NA told. Apr 13, 2018 346
Hunger. Apr 8, 2018 1264
Lab tests reveal use of chemicals to increase petrol quality. Mar 10, 2018 207
Drivers Can Cover Car Repair Costs with Mercury Mechnical Protection Plan from autopom!. Feb 27, 2018 292
Residents demand action against auto workshops in Khyber Super Market. Feb 13, 2018 364
Residents demand action against auto workshops in Khyber Super Market. Feb 12, 2018 322
Car production up in Uzbekistan. Feb 12, 2018 283
Workshop owners retaliate. Feb 9, 2018 249
Councillor's bid to silence idle car engines... Feb 7, 2018 459
Residents of Khyber Super Market demand action against auto workshops. Jan 27, 2018 343
Residents of Khyber Super Market demand action against auto workshops. Jan 27, 2018 343
Mighty marque comes up with menacing teaser. Jan 25, 2018 198
Deadly gas plea. Jan 8, 2018 117
Aluminum Alloys for Automotive Cylinder Heads. Dec 1, 2017 170
'Innovation is the law' in auto sector. Nov 18, 2017 431
Cadillac racing engines deliver top performance. Jun 26, 2017 490
Shell V-Power now available in Peshawar. May 5, 2017 250
TOO COLD FOR COMFORT. Nov 20, 2016 169
Union's 'grave concern' as Ford slashes engines plan; Fears for Ford's future after plans scaled back. Sep 7, 2016 875
How a car engine works. Jul 17, 2016 179
Kitten found trapped in car's engine. Jun 11, 2016 229
People mobilize to rescue prankish kitten trapped in car's engine. May 12, 2016 247
Ford's EcoBoost engines increase efficiency. Apr 6, 2016 481
Electric dreams; Volvo's XC90 showcases cutting edge technology in T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid guise. Jonathan Crouch checks it out. Jan 22, 2016 738
Drivers Find Code Diagnostic and Car Repair Help with Nov 18, 2015 418
Downsizing done right; Can Mercedes more efficient biturbo engine provide the same thrills as the old 6.2-litre V8? ANDY ENRIGHT check's out the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe. Oct 17, 2015 692
Ready for the wild; Model SUBARU Levorg GT Engine 1.6 litre petrol CVT With its powerful drive and handsome looks, MAGGIE BARRY says the Subaru Levorg is a born natural for Scotland. Oct 16, 2015 696
Ready for the wild; Model Subaru Levorg GT Engine 1.6 litre petrol CVT With its powerful drive and handsome looks, MAGGIE BARRY says the Subaru Levorg is a born natural for Scotland. Oct 16, 2015 662
Hemi: A History of Chrysler's Iconic V-8 In Competition. Book review Sep 1, 2015 170
The engine's purring... TABBY DARCY STUCK UNDER BONNET FOR 150-MILE JOURNEY. Aug 12, 2015 207
Performance and emission evaluation of an Al-20% SiC coated diesel engine fuelled with radish biodiesel. Ravikumar, V.; Senthilkumar, D.; Sundramoorthy, N. Report Aug 1, 2015 2857
Socket to 'em; With its V60 D6 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid, Volvo shows the way forward to a 281bhp, 155mpg car. JONATHAN CROUCH reports. Jul 25, 2015 434
The Power of Volvo ... With its V60 D6 twin engine plug-in hybrid, Volvo shows the way forward to a 281bhp, 155mpg car. JONATHAN CROUCH reports. Jul 3, 2015 746
Best engines in the world. Jul 2, 2015 814
IT'S A HATCHBACK; Incredible survival of starlings born in jeep engine nest after they were driven around city. May 26, 2015 467
Clinging on for deer life; Driver finds stag stuck in his engine 30 mins after collision. Mar 3, 2015 152
New 1-litre Kia engine. Feb 27, 2015 139
SADDLE UP AND FOCUS; MOTORING; Mustang engine delivers 316 horses for RS. Feb 8, 2015 368
SADDLE UP AND FOCUS; Mustang engine delivers 316 horses for RS. Feb 8, 2015 351
A look at financial confidence in every life stage. Jan 30, 2015 1161
FIA Permits Honda To Develop Engine During The 2015 F1 Season. Jan 20, 2015 436
Changes Heading F1's Way After F1 Strategy Group Proposes 1000hp Engines. Jan 9, 2015 535
'Amazing' cat survived car engine ordeal. Nov 22, 2014 291
'Amazing' cat 'Amazing' cat survived car survived car engine ordeal engine ordeal. Nov 22, 2014 291
TWINGO LITTLE STAR; Mailmotors SCOTLAND'S TOP MOTORING SECTION; Renault's latest rear-engined car is cheap, cheerful and a real champion in those packed city streets. Nov 16, 2014 578
Which automotive engines in the future? Sterlicht, Beno Nov 1, 2014 577
Supply of spare parts for the 6 cylinders GM engines serving the company's river vessels. Oct 22, 2014 123
Mercedes unwilling to change engine rule. Oct 17, 2014 407
Tiny Twingo thinks big; CHRIS RUSSON is impressed by the space, design and handling of the new rear-engined Renault city car. Sep 5, 2014 992
Operational assessment of selected gasoline and LPG vapour injector dosage regularity/Benzino ir suskystintu duju garu dozavimo reguliarumo purkstuku operacinis vertinimas. Szpica, D.; Czaban, J. Report Sep 1, 2014 5529
Looking @ the 2015 Lincoln MKC. Vasilash, Gary S. Aug 1, 2014 1790
Fuel for thought.. CHRIS RUSSON finds the new Toyota Yaris has engine options to suit all needs. Jul 25, 2014 714
Fuel for thought.... CHRIS RUSSON finds the new Toyota Yaris has engine options to suit all needs. Jul 25, 2014 716
Supercars guaranteed to get your engine racing; Fast cars go on display for DVD launch. Jul 17, 2014 322
Ford EcoBoost engine wins top honour. Jul 2, 2014 245
#1 Killer of small engines: Small-engine mechanics tell us that stale gas is what keeps them employed and busy. It causes the vast majority of starting problems, which usually lead to a carburetor rebuild or replacement ($100). But if you follow a few simple rules, you can avoid hard-starting hassles and repair costs. Here's how. Muscoplat, Rick Jul 1, 2014 691
Powering ahead.. IAN JOHNSON finds a diesel engine ensures the Mercedes-Benz SLK delivers great performance and economy. Jun 27, 2014 570
Maruti's Celerio will be outfitted with an 800cc diesel engine. Jun 24, 2014 282
Volkswagen plans to manufacture engines in India; boost localisation. May 20, 2014 253
Good power point; JON SMITH discovers the positive benefits of driving a smaller-engined Mercedes E-Class Coupe. May 16, 2014 604
xDRIVE35i ENGINE INTRODUCED IN BMW X5. Company overview Mar 27, 2014 486
Maintenance of (irrigation water) lifting pumps with related diesel/ electric engines at subordinated irrigation pumping stations under two contracts. Mar 23, 2014 134
New Ford V6 Gasoline Engine Features a CGI First. Mar 1, 2014 123
From autos to engines, a natural progression for FME president. Share, Jeff Interview Mar 1, 2014 1818
Twingo's rear action; Renault have got a secret.. their new small car's engine is in the back. Feb 28, 2014 428
Honda continues to deliver the goods; MOTORS A small engine Honda CR-V is super frugal but still offers plenty of space, writes Edward Stephens TEST DRIVE. Feb 27, 2014 691
A definite boost.. Ford's frugal engine science is a winner both in terms of power and your pocket in the dazzling Mondeo Titanium X 1.6 EcoBoost, discovers ROBIN ROBERTS. Jan 3, 2014 549
Supply of spare parts for 6 cylinders GM engines for the maintenance of navigational units (vessels). Jan 2, 2014 125
Tata new cars, new petrol engine in 2014: Karl Slym. Jan 2, 2014 316
Engine deal as car giant buys Aston Martin stake. Dec 26, 2013 391
Supply of (a) break lining (brake shoes) for tram cars, (b) charbon coal for the tram car engines, also (c) rehabilitation/ replacement of the tramway tracks and related paving layers at Ramleh station. Dec 24, 2013 156
Toyota to use BMW diesel engine; DRIVELINES. Dec 6, 2013 154
HONEST ENGINE; Suzuki's Grand Vitara SZ5 is a solid, very well-behaved and straightforward 4x4. Oct 20, 2013 519
Odd News: Platypus Trapped in Car Engine Miraculously Survives a 15 KM Australian Journey. Oct 14, 2013 416
Honda expands engine built in Ohio. Schostek, Rick, Sr Oct 1, 2013 286
New Hero Splendor to feature engine start-stop technology. Sep 30, 2013 427
Demand for new engines. Sep 27, 2013 119
Johnson Electric plans to manufacture engines in new Nis Serbia factory. Sep 25, 2013 138
That's why my car purrs like a kitten; PUSS STUCK IN CAR FOR 260KM. Sep 20, 2013 405
Variety show; Mazda's new CX-5 offers motorists a wealth of options from engine types to style and fittings says MIKE TORPEY. Sep 20, 2013 550
Governments auctioning off old stuff. Sep 18, 2013 903
Focus on economy; Ford's excellent family hatchback is now available with a very frugal diesel engine, discovers JOHN MURDOCH. Sep 6, 2013 491
Toyota recalls 3, 69, 000 vehicles worldwide over system and engine faults. Sep 5, 2013 213
Research of characteristics of working cycle of high-speed diesel engine operating on biofuels RME-E and D-RME-E. Part 2. Indicators and characteristics of heat release in diesel cylinder. Lebedevas, Sergejus; Lebedeva, Galina; Zaglinskis, Justas; Rapalis, Paulius; Gudaityte, Ingrida Sep 1, 2013 3656
Mazda to Increase Production Capacity for SKYACTIV Engines from 800,000 to One Million Units. Aug 27, 2013 552
Iranian Car Maker to Produce Diesel Engines. Aug 14, 2013 323
Kyodo Industry Brief (Aug. 7) -1-. Aug 12, 2013 286
Kyodo Industry Brief (Aug. 7) -1-. Aug 12, 2013 286
Very Hy standards; The latest Hyundai i20 should have a broader appeal with better looks, upgraded interior and a fine 1.2-litre petrol engine, argues IAN JOHNSON. Aug 9, 2013 525
Next level fuel consumption and C[O.sub.2] reduction: CAE driven strategies for engine & driveline optimization. Aug 1, 2013 358
Open and shut case; A family-friendly door design and cracking little engine make the Ford B-MAX an obvious winner, argues MAGGIE BARRY. Jul 19, 2013 746
Solid future for liquid air: with two companies working on liquid air engines, the technology is gearing up to become a viable option in the low-emission vehicle stakes. Else, Holly Jul 1, 2013 1975
New York City Scrapping Nearly A Fourth Of Its Hybrid Bus Engines For 100% Diesel Bus Engines. Jul 1, 2013 437
The future of powertrains everything but the kitchen sink: the 2016 to 2025 cafe standards will bring many significant alterations to automotive powertrains, with even more and greater change to follow. Sawyer, Christopher A. Editorial Jul 1, 2013 976
Kitten loses its tail after crawling into car engine. Jun 17, 2013 121
Research of characteristics of working cycle of high-speed diesel engine operating on biofuels RME-E and D-RME-E. Part 1. Indicators of fuel injection system and indicative process. Lebedevas, Sergejus; Lebedeva, Galina; Gudaityte, Ingrida Jun 1, 2013 6608
The engine really purrs. May 27, 2013 132
This engine really purrs; CAT'S TWO WEEKS STUCK IN MOTOR. May 27, 2013 212
Adaptive model of engine vibration signal for diagnostics of mechanical defects/Variklio vibraciju signalu adaptyvusis modelis mechaniniams defektams diagnozuoti. Komorska, I. Report May 1, 2013 2609
Suzuki to develop two new diesel engines for India. Apr 23, 2013 226
Honda plans smaller diesel engines and two MPVs for Indian market. Apr 15, 2013 355
Design of racing and high-performance engines 2004-2013. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 133
Ford India to Manufacture EcoSport Engine Locally to Make SUV Cheaper; Launch Likely by June End. Mar 16, 2013 341
Supply of spare parts for GM 6 cylinders engines required for the maintenance of river vessels. Mar 14, 2013 126
Maintenance of lifting pumps, diesel & electric engines for stand- by power stations in (a) East Kafr El Sheikh Irrigation Inspectorate & (b) Beyala & Baltim Irrigation Inspectorate. Mar 5, 2013 141
Supply of engines' spare parts for CL 120 Mercedes Buses (imported). Mar 4, 2013 125
Clean up your greasy engine. Muscoplat, Rick Mar 1, 2013 572
Red Rum lacks the engine to match Ford Motors; LCFA PREMIER LEAGUE. Feb 23, 2013 610
Five new engine technologies that are the future. Feb 20, 2013 713
Haddad offers new V8 engine Mercedes models. Feb 11, 2013 537
Supply of (a) different type automotive engines (including Isuzu injection engines, Suzuki engines & super duty engines, also (b) minibus van vehicles having two front seats & no back seats. Jan 29, 2013 143
Better all-rounder; Two-wheel drive and upgraded engines, handling and interiors make Honda's CR-V even more appealing, says JOHN CONNOR EVER of VW. Jan 25, 2013 664
THE cars with engines that are the most and least [...]. Jan 18, 2013 382
Maintenance of lifting pumps and related diesel & electric engines at stand-by pumping stations within both East Kafr El Sheikh, Beyala & Baltim Irrigation Inspectorates under 2 contracts. Jan 18, 2013 133
Accolades mark the work of two Quality businesses. Jan 3, 2013 402
Iran ends fuel subsidies for cars over 1,800cc engines. Dec 25, 2012 124
GM India rolls out 100,000th engine from Talegaon facility. Dec 13, 2012 432
Ford power ahead with green engine. Dec 7, 2012 156
Supply of spare parts for the following (a) Perkins engines for aiconditioned combine class turbo type , (b) Eveco engine for combine Laverda 3500, (c) Perkins engine for combine class Medion 310, (d) 8 cylinders Mercedes engine, (e) combine class Domin. Dec 2, 2012 189
Cars leave footprints. Rook, Terence Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2012 170
Qatar unveils low-emission hybrid vehicle. Nov 29, 2012 514
CO2-capturing car on display. Nov 29, 2012 334
Audi Japan upgrades Q5 SUV with new engines. Nov 26, 2012 140
Tiny engine has plenty of power. Nov 23, 2012 454
Tiny turbo with big appeal; FORD INTRODUCES ITS AWARD-WINNING 1.0-LITRE ECOBOOST ENGINE INTO B-MAX. Nov 23, 2012 450
Supply of (a) spare parts for GM engines, (b) vacuum discharge pumps and filters, (c) laboratory instruments, (d) a 75 KW electric motor & (e) a machine for the welding of belts. Deadlines 11/22, 11/27, 11/27, 11/29 & 11/29/2012. Nov 12, 2012 159
New diesel engine on the way. Nov 9, 2012 108
Exclusive SUV with V8 biturbo engine. Nyaungwa, Nyasha Francis Nov 2, 2012 779
Little and large; The latest Ford Focus may have a small engine but it still packs a big punch, discovers ROBIN ROBERTS. Oct 26, 2012 495
"Passenger Car and Light Duty Vehicle (LDV) Diesel Engine Market Will Generate 11.54m Sales in 2013" Says Visiongain's Report. Oct 20, 2012 459
Supply of (a) spare parts for GM engines, (b) measuring & control instruments, (c) hydraulic spare parts, (d) electric resistances for the presses starters, (e) conveyor belts underneath the magnetic clamp, (f) motors & speed regulators, also (g) electric. Oct 19, 2012 165
McLaren boss dismisses engine boost for Lewis; FORMULA ONE. Oct 4, 2012 306
Investigation into the dependence of noise generated by standing cars on the engine power/Stovinciu lengvuju automobiliu keliamo triuksmo priklausomybes nuo variklio darbinio turio tyrimai. Gineika, Julius; Grubliauskas, Raimondas Report Oct 1, 2012 2239
Supply of (a) ten engines for MAN minibuses, (b) five engines for C 120 Mercedes buses, (c) fifteen engines for Daewoo buses operated by natural gas, (d) two automatic ZF branded gearboxes & (e) five S 2100 automatic gearboxes. Deadlines 10/18, 10/18, 10/. Sep 29, 2012 165
Construction of (a) civil & concrete structure works among other refrigeration works, (b) supply & fixing of 6,000 wooden pallets, (c) supply & erection of four electric transformers & four diesel engines, also (d) supply & erection of a 100 tons bescole. Sep 29, 2012 136
New Ford Fiesta debuts six green engines and a Titanium X series at Paris. Sep 27, 2012 650
Supply & erection of electric elevators (without engines room) but including the supply & erection of the steel frames (made of construction steel and all other works pertaining to the elevator's well (Path). Sep 20, 2012 131
Request for registration of suppliers to supply pumps, engines, motors & generators, also chlorine equipment & instruments. Sep 19, 2012 120
The engine was purring. Sep 18, 2012 155
Kitten's feline fine despite car ordeal; Shell spends three days in an engine. Sep 18, 2012 393
...and now for some good mews. That motor's purring was one lucky kitten. Sep 18, 2012 379
Supply & erection of a mobile metallic scaffolding for the cleaning & maintenance of the Bank's front side walls complete including the electric engines to be managed manually in case of electricity shut down, the load box, the central control box, also t. Sep 17, 2012 173
Supply & erection of a mobile metallic scaffolding for the cleaning & maintenance of the Bank's front side walls complete including the electric engines to be managed manually in case of electricity shut down, the load box, the central control box, also t. Sep 17, 2012 159
Hyundai and Cummins launch JV to build engines. Sep 16, 2012 250
Supply & erection of a mobile metallic scaffolding for the cleaning & maintenance of the Bank's front side walls complete including the electric engines to be managed manually in case of electricity shut down, the load box, the central control box, also t. Sep 14, 2012 165
Hero MotoCorp partners with Italian design firm Engines Engineering. Sep 13, 2012 277
ENGINE IS LEWIS KEY. Sep 8, 2012 315
7 tricks to start a dead engine. Muscoplat, Rick Sep 1, 2012 796
Diesel Engines to Fuel Indian Automobile Industry Growth Story: KuicK Research. Aug 31, 2012 342
Maruti Suzuki developing diesel engines for 800 cc cars to retain growth. Aug 29, 2012 262
Brownfield site geared up for second life as race car facility. Aug 29, 2012 658
Audi Japan releases new S series with fuel-saving engine. Aug 27, 2012 150
Supply of two vehicles equipped with electric ladder with an engine of not less than 130 Hp capacity. Aug 25, 2012 120
EcoBoost is top engine. Aug 24, 2012 503
It's a little miracle; Ford's latest 1.0-litre engine delivers an amazing performance in the hi-tech, good-looking Focus EcoBoost, finds MAXINE ASHFORD. Aug 24, 2012 449
Engine's ultimate accolade. Aug 22, 2012 507
Fuel marks for i30; Hyundai's use of a 1.4-litre petrol engine in their hatchback is a smart move to win over family motorists, says IAN JOHNSON. Aug 17, 2012 543
B-MAX scores on the doors; Clever design, fuel-efficient engines and a hi-tech spec make this new Ford very family friendly, reports CHRIS RUSSON. Aug 17, 2012 667
Isuzu releases Erga electric motor-diesel engine hybrid bus. Aug 13, 2012 131
How to clean an engine. Hashange, Hilma Aug 3, 2012 469
Nissan to recall range of vehicles with faulty engine sensors. Jul 30, 2012 200
Petrol cars are diesely the best; HI-TECH ENGINES BOOST FUEL ECONOMY. Jul 18, 2012 342
Mitsubishi Motors to recall 93,500 turbo engine minicars. Jul 9, 2012 130
Mazda to Double Annual Production Capacity of SKYACTIV Engines to 800,000 units. Jul 3, 2012 510
E15 may harm engines: industry report. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 318
Propylene glycol vs. ethylene glycol. Troth, Millie Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2012 485
Request of international offers to import (a) 100 Mercedes engines complete with related accessories for the Mercedes C 120 buses, also (b) electric parts and equipment for the Thomas 2000 buses operated by natural gas. Jun 27, 2012 159
Electric Ampera will liberate you; 35 emission-free miles before petrol engine needed. Jun 22, 2012 264
Volkswagen launches 1.4 TSI engine Jetta starting at Rs 13.60 lakhs. Jun 22, 2012 473
Records for engine. Jun 15, 2012 380
SATURDAY SHORT STORY. Jun 9, 2012 2090
It's very agreeable; The Honda Accord combines stylish refinement with a brilliant diesel engine, says JOHN MURDOCH. Jun 8, 2012 553
Engine milestone marks new Hams Hall export drive. Jun 7, 2012 343
BMW engine factory hits landmark. Jun 7, 2012 237
High-capacitance MLCCs accommodate high temperatures up to 150[degrees]C. Jun 1, 2012 182
Comparative investigations into energetic and ecological parameters of camelina-based biofuel used in the 1z diesel engine. Lebedevas, Sergejus; Pukalskas, Saugirdas; Zaglinskis, Justas; Matijosius, Jonas Report Jun 1, 2012 4399
Macro efficiency; The well-equipped Micra now comes with a very frugal petrol engine, reports MIKE TORPEY. May 11, 2012 516
'Save us all and don't light up as we're filling up'. May 10, 2012 164
BMW-Hyundai in talks over engine tie-up. May 5, 2012 241
DOOR BLIMEY! Ford's new trick is magic.. and the Eco engine's not bad, too. May 4, 2012 783
BMW, Hyundai in talks on engine alliance. May 4, 2012 555
Iranian Automaker to Manufacture 900 Thousand Fuel Efficient Engines. May 2, 2012 232
Greaves Cotton planning to expand construction equipment and diesel engine range. Apr 28, 2012 360
Request of International Offers to import spare parts for the new GE locomotives of ES 40 ACI model including (a) engines' spare parts, (b) electric spare parts, (c) boogies' spare parts and (d) spare parts for the pneumatic circuits, in four lots. Apr 21, 2012 152
World's most dangerous volcano erupts in Mexico. Apr 20, 2012 154
Supply of turbo charger for the engines of the Mercedes C 120 buses. Apr 17, 2012 122
Toyota looking at a hybrid subcompact and a BMW engine for a turnaround in Europe. Apr 17, 2012 486
Maruti Suzuki planning to invest Rs 2,000 crore on diesel engine expansion Gurgaon. Apr 16, 2012 251
Electrifying engine technology sees turnover doubled. Apr 12, 2012 544
Try your hand at Autotest. Apr 4, 2012 396
A relationship to bank on: strong ties with your banker can smooth your financial turmoil. DeFries, Doug Apr 1, 2012 812
VW flags up new open Golf; Preview VOLKSWAGEN GOLF CABRIOLET 1.6TDI Volkswagon's latest soft top Golf looks the part and, with a 1.6-litre TDI engine under the bonnet, is impressively frugal and clean into the bargain. ANDY ENRIGHT reports. Mar 30, 2012 1031
A week deep inside Nature's Valley. Mar 21, 2012 912
Petrol price rises wipe out savings; Business briefing. Mar 16, 2012 128
Fuel price rises are wiping out 'warm' savings. Mar 16, 2012 250
Cost of fuel kills savings. Mar 16, 2012 203
General Motors might use Indian made diesel engines worldwide. Mar 15, 2012 455
Big changes you'll DIG; The latest Nissan Micra features an engine that produces ultra-low emissions and running costs, discovers IAN JOHNSON. Mar 9, 2012 501
GM develops new small engine family. Mar 1, 2012 784
It's fuel speed ahead; Ford's new 1.0-litre engine easily has the power to pull along a Focus - and can save drivers a fortune in petrol costs, finds CHRIS RUSSON. Feb 24, 2012 563
Ford's tiny turbo packs a punch; LESS CAN BE MORE WITH THIS 1.0-LITRE ENGINE POWERING THE LATEST FOCUS. Feb 24, 2012 775
Mazda's High-efficiency and High-compression SKYACTIV-G Gasoline Engine Awarded by the Japan Society for Promotion of Machine Industry. Feb 22, 2012 579
Taida motor launches high-end grinder for PTW engine parts. Liang, Quincy Brief article Feb 21, 2012 290
Greaves Cotton rolls out 3 millionth Light Diesel Engine. Feb 20, 2012 146
3 is the number one; BMW's class-leading premium saloon is better than ever - with the option of great diesel engines to tempt 12-plate customers. Feb 16, 2012 736
Maintenance of lifting pumps, related diesel engines and electric motors serving subordinated standby pumping stations. Feb 11, 2012 125
Ford Focus on savings boost with engine. Feb 4, 2012 397
Handyman is 'eco-criminal'. Jan 30, 2012 107
Mazda Commences Production of Mazda CX-5 with New-Generation Super Clean SKYACTIV-D Diesel Engine. Jan 26, 2012 388
Fuel Efficient Euro V Engines for IKCO Runna. Jan 15, 2012 221
Subaru EX Series Engine Production Hits 3-Million Mark. Jan 13, 2012 211
Iran-Khodro to Manufacture 70 Thousand Engines by Yearend. Jan 10, 2012 202
Kyodo Industry Brief (Jan. 4) -2-. Jan 9, 2012 247
Less is more: Formula One engines are shrinking, with greater emphasis on energy conservation and battery technology transfer. John Mortimer reports on developments under way at Mercedes. Mortimer, John Jan 1, 2012 1445
- Dig the engine; The Nissan Micra has gone from city car to supermini thanks to its DIG-S engine, says DEREK STEWART-BROWN. Dec 9, 2011 331
Dig the engine; The Nissan Micra has gone from city car to supermini thanks to its DIG-S engine, says DEREK STEWART-BROWN. Dec 9, 2011 330
Supply of (a) pneumatic sets (valves, pistons and filling materials), also (b) spare parts for Chevrolet vehicles, also for NKR - GM microbuses with 4 JBI engine. Dec 9, 2011 141
Overhauling of 4, 6 and 8 cylinders Mercedes engines serving aircrafts fuelling stations. Dec 8, 2011 107
Trapped in a massive snow drift for three days with no food, shelter or water? Then crack open a frozen BEER. Dec 6, 2011 378
Toyota boxes clever; SUBARU ENGINE TO POWER GT 86. Dec 2, 2011 400
Benefits are sizeable; Vauxhall have given the Insignia a smaller 1.4-litre engine that still packs a punch but delivers significant fuel and road tax savings, reports EDWARD STEPHENS. Dec 2, 2011 541
Toyota boxes clever; Subaru engine to power GT86. Dec 2, 2011 388
BMW and Toyota form alliance for engine technology and development of lithium-ion batteries. Nov 30, 2011 173
BMW planning to manufacture engines in China. Nov 30, 2011 189
Honda focusing diesel engines and small compact cars in Indian market. Nov 30, 2011 393
Maruti Suzuki to buy 1 lakh diesel engines per year from Fiat. Nov 29, 2011 301
McLaren considering switch to Honda engines after Mercedes deal ends. Nov 21, 2011 132
BMW unveils hitech four-cylinder engines. Nov 9, 2011 281
BMW debuts 5 Series with new engine. Nov 7, 2011 350
Energy Dept. awards engine grants. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 142
Settlers Kill Sheep, Set Fire to Beit Furik Home, Army Raids Balata Camp and Arrest 4 in Hebron. Oct 27, 2011 273

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