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Coronavirus: More drivers testing positive for alcohol, drugs during the day. Nick Theodoulou Jan 26, 2021 197
Burst water pipe causes delays for motorists. Jan 26, 2021 174
Accidents on North Yorkshire roads up by 40 per cent, despite fewer vehicles; Motorists have been urged to take extra care during and after the latest lockdown after the number of serious casualty accidents soared by 40 per cent last year despite far fewer vehicles being on the roads. Stuart Minting, Local Democracy Reporting Service Jan 26, 2021 593
DIY motorists accelerate spares supplier's growth; A-Z has seen its revenue grow by 50 per cent since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. john corser Jan 26, 2021 421
City drivers 'among worst for fines'. Jan 25, 2021 180
Drivers of overloaded trucks on Theng Long Bridge fined. Jan 25, 2021 372
Hands-free M-way driving; Motorists could text and watch movies at wheel. MATTHEW YOUNG Jan 25, 2021 326
New York Court: Uber Drivers Are Employees Eligible for Unemployment Insurance. Elizabeth Blosfield Jan 25, 2021 793
Eight drivers test positive to narcotest in less than two weeks. Katy Turner Jan 24, 2021 189
Community leaders, motorists hail Ayade's 148km rural road project in C'River north. Jan 24, 2021 468
Arrested drunk driver also carrying weapons, duty free stuff. Katy Turner Jan 24, 2021 173
Educate motorists properly on traffic laws before enforcement - EKSTMA boss. Jan 23, 2021 268
Tunnel toll fines are 'unfair' on drivers; NHS WORKER HITS OUT AT BEING FORCED TO PAY. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jan 23, 2021 704
Is council trying to discomfort drivers? Jan 23, 2021 189
'State of our roads' sparks 585 complaints and PS185k in payouts Brutal Last; week in Erskine one driver had her two right side tyres destroyed after hitting this Conservative candidate accuses council of failings. STEPHEN HOUSTON Jan 23, 2021 543
Fire chief pleads with drivers to avoid taking risks. CHARLOTTE BENTLEY Community News Reporter Jan 23, 2021 453
Speeding EU drivers could avoid fines - unless caught red-handed. Jan 22, 2021 441
Council charging drivers [pounds sterling]215 for 'permission' to cross kerb and use own driveways; Residents on several streets in Barry, Wales recently received a 'threatening' letter warning them that crossing the kerb could be illegal -despite having done it for decades without a problem. By, Alex Seabrook & Jonathan Coles Jan 22, 2021 780
Highway police shoot 'innocent' car driver dead. Jan 22, 2021 686
FLOOD CHAOS; Homes evacuated and drivers rescued as fire crews deal with dozens of call-outs. OWEN EVANS Daily Post Reporter Jan 22, 2021 490
Quit Notice To Herdsmen: Farmers, Drivers, Forest Guards Protest In Support Of Akeredolu. Jan 21, 2021 202
Kidapawan vendors, trike drivers among vaccine priorities. Jan 21, 2021 257
LTFRB releases P5.7-M subsidy for PUV drivers under service contracting program. Jan 21, 2021 325
Drivers warned over parking machine scam that could cost victims 'thousands' in minutes; Criminals pretend there is a problem with the parking machine and then swallow bank cards before they can be removed from the card reader, costing the victim all access to their money. By, Emma Munbodh Jan 21, 2021 465
Drivers warned over parking machine scam that could cost victims 'thousands' in minutes; One council in London issued an alert to residents on Thursday, after a spike in card robberies in the area. In many cases, it said people are being approached by strangers that claim machines are not working properly. By, Emma Munbodh Jan 21, 2021 465
Storm Christoph Live: Traffic and travel disruption as Scotland hit by snow and ice, Queensferry Crossing closed; Motorists are facing difficult driving conditions across Scotland as Storm Christoph brings heavy snow and rain. Follow all the updates with our live blog. Joshua King Jan 21, 2021 236
Sign of the times for drivers. Jan 21, 2021 213
Cops reveal drivers still risking lives after festive crackdown; Police boss 'disappointed' by those breaking the law. DAVID CAMPBELL Jan 20, 2021 368
Plans to ease congestion for drivers 'on track' for 2022 completion date. Jan 20, 2021 155
Plans to ease congestion for drivers 'on track' for 2022 completion date. Jan 20, 2021 155
Save newly refurbished Ngong Road from rogue matatu drivers. Jan 20, 2021 403
Simba Union begins talent search for new crop of rally drivers. Jan 20, 2021 681
Don't allow passengers without nose mask to board your cars -GPRTU to drivers. Jan 20, 2021 351
Cycle group's message to drivers. Jan 19, 2021 180
Schoolchildren aim to make drivers think twice before idling. Jan 19, 2021 183
1.09million drivers completed speed course in 2020 despite lockdowns; Traffic was 50per cent lower than normal -but speeding dropped just 15 per cent. By, Neil Shaw Jan 19, 2021 324
Warning to check your bank after petrol payments taken months late; Drivers who filled up in October are suddenly being made to pay for it -and some don't have the cash. By, Neil Shaw Jan 19, 2021 273
Drink driver caught behind wheel again. Jan 18, 2021 332
38,000 motorists to benefit daily from P1.885-billion Urdaneta by-pass road. Jan 18, 2021 259
Petition to pass learner drivers banned from having a test passes 30,000 signatures; After A-level students were given their predicted grades when exams were cancelled, learner drivers are now signing a petition asking for the same treatment -and it's fair to say it's split opinion. By, James Andrews Jan 18, 2021 458
Drivers could lose cars in new guidance. Jan 18, 2021 259
KILLER DRIVER'S SENTENCE WAS 'SLAP IN FACE' Widow calls for tougher punishments. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Jan 17, 2021 637
Warned in England, fined in Scotland: Drivers' call for change to bus lane laws. Craig McDonald Jan 17, 2021 456
Warned in England, fined in Scotland: Drivers' call for change to bus lane laws. Craig McDonald Jan 17, 2021 460
Stay-at-home drivers warned to expect fines if MOTs expire. Jan 17, 2021 271
Rescue 1122 rescued over 8.9m victims since inception: DG Oath-taking ceremony of 5th short course of 124 rescue drivers held. Jan 17, 2021 392
Pothole damage -how to get money back if your vehicle is damaged; Thousands of vehicles are damaged by potholes every single day -and a lot of the time, the motorist will pay for the damage themselves. But you do have rights -lawyer Dean Dunham explains. By, Dean Dunham Jan 17, 2021 408
Rat-run drivers targeted in bike network plan. THOMAS MOLLOY @TOMOLLOYMEN Jan 16, 2021 432
Banned driver caught at wheel miles from home; JUDGE TELLS HIM DRIVING TO GET BUSINESS EQUIPMENT 'STUPID'. DAVID POWELL Daily Post Reporter Jan 16, 2021 379
Police issue warning and help to motorists after catalytic converter thefts. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter Jan 16, 2021 353
DID YOU KNOW: NCR motorists, commuters lost 188 hours to traffic jam in 2020. Jan 15, 2021 502
PS5k paid out for drivers' pothole damage; Council's compensation bill for the last 18 months. CHRIS MARZELLA Jan 15, 2021 386
Restrict your speed; Drivers are urged to slow down on their essential journeys in slippery conditions. Giles Blair Jan 15, 2021 592
Safe way to travel; Drivers need lessons on how to use complex car systems, claims charity. Giles Blair Jan 15, 2021 540
POLICE PATROL; MOTORIST IN HOT WATER AS BIG G F FREEZE SWEEPS COUNTRY Cops bust commuter for driving or without defrosting windows first. RYAN CARROLL Jan 15, 2021 217
Drivers face fines in new Welsh plans for clean air. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Jan 14, 2021 546
More than 500 arrested over festive drink and drug driving in Scotland; More than 500 motorists in Scotland were arrested over the festive period during a police crackdown on drink and drug-driving. Gary Flockhart Jan 14, 2021 316
Bus driver Ray's guard of honour on his final journey. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Jan 14, 2021 445
Smart Auto: Workshop on wheels bringing motorists peace of mind. Jan 14, 2021 798
Courier driver sent to jail for death of dad 'too young to die'. anna lewis Reporter Jan 13, 2021 717
CTP accelerates smog awareness campaign for motorists. Jan 13, 2021 187
Uber And Lyft Drivers Challenge California "Gig Worker" Ballot. Jan 13, 2021 391
Wrexham closes all country parks to motorists as rulebreakers flood in despite county having Wales' highest virus rates. Jan 12, 2021 434
Technology racing to catch drivers; THOUGHT By Ian L Handford of the day. Jan 12, 2021 526
On the level ..someone will be killed; Don't beat barrier, drivers urged. ORLAITH CLINTON Jan 12, 2021 327
Driver fled - after ditching sausages. Jan 12, 2021 158
Rogue RAC worker avoids jail; sold motorists' details to claims firm. ANDREW BARDSLEY @ABARDSLEYMEN Jan 12, 2021 376
Cops hunt driver who ditched car after crashing it in town centre; Helicopter and dog unit searched for yob. DAVID CAMPBELL Jan 12, 2021 307
PHP urges motorists to call at helpline in case of emergency. Jan 12, 2021 174
Luxury bus owners, drivers give govt 14 days ultimatum to dismantle toll points in Benue, Ebonyi. Jan 11, 2021 425
Motorists Desert Road As Kidnappers Strike Again. Jan 11, 2021 296
Driver killed in crash:. Jan 11, 2021 417
Grieving mother's plea to motorists. DAYNA FARRINGTON Jan 11, 2021 355
CTP advise motorists to drive carefully during fog, avoid unnecessary travel. Jan 11, 2021 221
Crackdown on danger drivers at Castle Hill. ROBERT SUTCLIFFE @MRRSUTCLIFFE Jan 11, 2021 351
CTP advise motorists to drive carefully during fog, avoid unnecessary travel. Jan 11, 2021 221
Grieving mother in plea to drivers; Son's accident inspires action to help improve road safety. DAYNA FARRINGTON Jan 11, 2021 701
WEATHER: Yellow warnings for snow and ice across Yorkshire Coast; Drivers across North Yorkshire are being urged to take extra care over the next few days as a yellow weather warning for ice is now in place. George Buksmann Jan 11, 2021 182
Taiwan scooter driver handed 4 tickets in 2 minutes for not signaling. Jan 11, 2021 277
Luxury bus owners, drivers give Govt 14 days ultimatum to dismantle produce toll collectors on roads in Benue, Ebonyi. Jan 10, 2021 635
No smoke without fire - is Clean Air Zone 'a done deal?' City businesses uneasy at plans to charge drivers up to PS60 a day. STEVE ROBSON @MENNEWSDESK Jan 10, 2021 783
Three cars stranded in Dalby Forest due to treacherous snow as drivers ignored warnings; Volunteer rescuers have lambasted people who ventured into Dalby Forest despite treacherous snow. Sarah Fitton Jan 10, 2021 465
FRSC Warns Motorists, Travellers Against Night Trips. Jan 10, 2021 234
Road rage thugs try to drag driver out of car; TERRIFYING ORDEAL AS MEN ATTACKED VEHICLE. TOM DUFFY ECHO reporter @tabduffy39 Jan 9, 2021 407
Car crash driver had taken drugs. Jan 9, 2021 204
16,000 PUV drivers enlist in gov't service contracting program. Jan 9, 2021 414
Shooter wounds van driver in road rage fight. Jan 9, 2021 300
Four die in Spanish storm, troops deployed to help stranded motorists. Leo Leonidou Jan 9, 2021 364
Three-quarters of Thai drivers open to electric vehicles: survey. Jan 8, 2021 296
selfish drivers cost 20k; 'Money well spent'on double yellow lines. CHRIS MARZELLA Jan 8, 2021 163
Drivers breaking 50mph limit on Welsh roads escape fines. KATIE BELLIS Reporter Jan 8, 2021 477
Police to take stern action against motorists using LEDs, high beam lights. Jan 8, 2021 207
No speeding penalties for drivers over 50mph limit. KATIE BELLIS Reporter Jan 8, 2021 474
Still roadworthy; Scotland's dealers and garages vow to keep motorists going despite lockdown Scotland's dealers still open for client's. Giles Blair Jan 8, 2021 973
Scotland weather warning: Driving conditions 'challenging' after heavy snowfall; Motorists across Scotland are facing "challenging" driving conditions on Thursday after heavy overnight snow in some areas. Gary Flockhart Jan 8, 2021 225
Probe after taxi driver 'dumps two mattresses'. Jan 8, 2021 160
Driver had breached Covid rules; NEWS WIRE. Jan 7, 2021 210
32-minute-old baby dies after driver causes head on smash; TRAGEDY AS PASSENGER FORCED TO GIVE BIRTH Motorist, 23, faces jail over dangerous bid to overtake. CONNOR GORDON Jan 7, 2021 377
FRSC Cautions Motorists In Enugu Against Over-Speeding In 2021. Jan 6, 2021 318
Motorist ploughs into parked cars and wall in crash; police arrest man on suspicion of drug driving. THOMAS GEORGE @TOMGEORGEMEN Jan 6, 2021 572
Rogue drivers caught in police spot-checks. connor teale @examiner Jan 6, 2021 278
One motorist in Ryedale nearly 4 times over the limit in North Yorkshire drink-drive crackdown; Scarborough saw the highest number of arrests for anywhere in North Yorkshire during a month-long drink and drug driving crackdown. Sarah Fitton Jan 6, 2021 325
Drivers urged to avoid busy roundabout. CHRIS MACLENNAN Jan 6, 2021 363
Hit-&-run driver disqualified. ALAN ERWIN Jan 6, 2021 188
FRSC cautions motorists in Enugu over reckless driving. Jan 5, 2021 360
2 in 3 drivers broke speed limits during 1st lockdown. ANNIE GOUK Jan 5, 2021 427
'Momentary loss of temper' caused serious car crash; WOMAN PLOUGHED INTO RAILINGS AFTER AGGRESSIVE DRIVER CUT HER UP. DAVID POWELL Daily Post Reporter Jan 5, 2021 474
Ice weather warning remains in place across North Yorkshire; Drivers are being urged to take extra care this week as warnings of ice and other winter weather hazards remain in place across parts of North Yorkshire. Louise Perrin Jan 5, 2021 408
Two county firms join forces to create new driver jobs. Jan 5, 2021 255
Death driver gets 10yrs for killing schoolgirl, 14. Jan 5, 2021 229
Alcoblow for PSV drivers welcome but caution is needed. Jan 4, 2021 239
CTP launches smog awareness campaign for motorists. Jan 4, 2021 161
Fifth of speeding notices cancelled; Around 20 per cent of all drivers had their tickets ripped up. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Jan 4, 2021 293
PSV drivers to undergo alcohol tests as schools reopen. Jan 4, 2021 393
Warning you may need to leave for work early on Monday; Motorists will not have used their cars in several weeks or even months, with any issues compounded by the cold weather. By, Neil Shaw Jan 4, 2021 166
Idaho Distracted Driving Law Kicks in, Insurers May Consider Citations in Rates. Jan 4, 2021 382
CTP launches smog awareness campaign for motorists. Jan 4, 2021 161
A third of all fatals involve work drivers. Jan 3, 2021 246
New bus gate catches 32,000 drivers during a year of lockdown; Record PS2m fines issued at junction despite quieter streets. Craig McDonald Jan 3, 2021 556
2021: Drive Within Regulated Speed - FRSC Enjoins Motorists. Jan 3, 2021 411
Avoid Nakuru-Nairobi route, KeNHA warns motorists. Jan 2, 2021 202
Ambulance driver found dead in vehicle. Jan 2, 2021 246
BMW rewards company car drivers. Jan 2, 2021 204
Drivers, start your engines: 8,000km Dakar Rally kicks off. Rawan Radwan Jan 2, 2021 789
Twenty hotspots for speeding tickets; where drivers were caught driving over the limit. MIKE BROWN @MIKEBROWNGAZ Jan 1, 2021 302
Drivers flouting restrictions are fined by border patrols. Jan 1, 2021 269
Drivers fined for breaching travel restrictions. Jan 1, 2021 275
FCT Commercial Motorists Get New Identification Number. Dec 31, 2020 522
Met Office issue ice and snow weather warnings as hazardous conditions hit much of UK; The disruption could hit supermarket delivery drivers, with both Sainsbury's and Tesco already having to cancel shopping orders. By, PA reporters & Victoria Jones Dec 30, 2020 594
President Barrow's Driver Passes Away. Dec 30, 2020 195
Cavite mayor vows free vaccination to jeepney, trike drivers. Dec 30, 2020 444
Drivers cut free from wreckage. Dec 30, 2020 152
Driver held after police find him asleep at red light; arrested on suspiCION OF DRUG DRIVING. LEE GRIMSDITCH ECHO Reporter @LeeGrimsditch Dec 30, 2020 365
We need action now before someone is seriously hurt on road; Calls for crackdown on speeding drivers in Renfrew. STEPH BRAWN LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTER Dec 30, 2020 479
Driver accused of failing to stop for police before crash. lydia stephens Reporter Dec 30, 2020 324
'Suspected drug-driver failed to stop after collision with van'. Dec 30, 2020 203
Drivers 'are in the dark about EVs'. Dec 30, 2020 349
The vow factor.. Drivers reveal top New Year's resolutions for themselves and others at the wheel. Giles Blair Dec 30, 2020 590
Hit & run drink driver jailed for road smash by five A HIT-AND-RUN drink driver who fled on the wrong side of Van man four times limit fled scene of crash; Van man four times limit fled scene of crash. GORDON CURRIE Dec 30, 2020 335
Whole new virtual world for drivers on the Metro. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter @sophieefinnegan Dec 30, 2020 527
It's a go-snow; Motorists urged to be cautious as 13 counties issued with weather alerts. CILLIAN O'BRIEN Dec 30, 2020 335
FRSC urges motorists, travellers to comply with COVID-19 protocols. Dec 29, 2020 259
Tesco and Sainsbury's shoppers fury as supermarkets cancel deliveries after heavy snow; Tesco and Sainsbury's have both reportedly cancelled food deliveries as motorists face treacherous road conditions following heavy snowfall in different parts of the country. By, Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Dec 29, 2020 508
High-speed lockdown; shocking rise revealed in percentage of drivers caught breaking speed limits on empty roads. ANNIE GOUK News Reporter Dec 29, 2020 369
Hunt for female driver after road rage atack; UNPROVOKED ASSAULT HAS SCARRED VICTIM 'FOR LIFE'. STUART ABEL @plymouth_live Dec 29, 2020 636
UK weather forecast: Six more inches of snow to fall as temperatures plummet to -10C; A Met Office weather warning runs until 10am on Tuesday with drivers urged to stay off the roads as more snow and plummeting temperatures see out 2020. By, Helen William & Ryan Merrifield Dec 29, 2020 495
Gunmen Kidnap Catholic Bishop, Driver In Imo. Dec 29, 2020 165
New P1.6-B Subic Expressway opens to motorists today. Dec 28, 2020 403
Motorist was four times over the limit. Dec 28, 2020 284
More than 48,000 tickets are handed out to drivers; Figures reveal hotspots where most parking fines were issued to motorists in the county. KERI TRIGG Local Democracy Reporter Dec 28, 2020 377
Commuters face great hardships Drivers, guards row suspends metro bus service. Dec 28, 2020 619
CBN Driver Missing, Car Found In Canal. Dec 27, 2020 191
Calls to replace road tax with 'pay as you drive' system in Scotland; Scotland should ditch "unfair" and "irrelevant" charges on motorists in favour of a pay-as-you-drive system, a think tank has suggested. Katrine Bussey Dec 27, 2020 376
Driver arrested after tree crash. Dec 27, 2020 180
HELL'S BELLA; MOTORISTS WARNED OVER DRIVING CONDITIONS Ferries cancelled as country hit by snow and ice after storm. Paul Drury Dec 27, 2020 524
Drink-driver left his car switched on after party; POLICE TIPPED OFF ABOUT STUDENT. Sara Nichol Reporter Dec 27, 2020 410
IPOA investigating police assault on motorist, Nakuru journalist in viral video. Dec 27, 2020 321
Avoid Needless Deaths In Yuletide, TRACE Warns Motorists. Dec 26, 2020 348
Lagos-Sagamu expressway diversion: Ogun charges motorists to comply with guidelines. Dec 26, 2020 591
IPOA opens probe on Nakuru police assault on motorist. Dec 26, 2020 325
Teenager, 19, killed in Christmas Eve car crash 'one of kindest people you could meet'; Jake Birkinshaw, 19, died when the driver of the car he was riding as a passenger in lost control on a bend in Dore, South Yorkshire, and their vehicle flipped. By, Joe Pagnelli Dec 26, 2020 393
Storm Bella: UK battered with 70mph gales leaving 100s of homes without power; Sandbags have been issued to at-risk houses and police have warned drivers to be aware of fallen trees and other hazards on the road as Storm Bella sweeps across the country. By, Tom Davidson Dec 26, 2020 892
Drink driver caught three times in just three months behind wheel. SARA NICHOL Court Reporter Dec 26, 2020 564
Motorist fined for driving too slowly. GORDON CURRIE Dec 26, 2020 171
Police to crackdown on underage drivers. Dec 26, 2020 193
Humber Bridge cashless payment row erupts after motorist refuses to pay on card; MAN TRIED TO PAY PS1.50 IN COINS. JOANNA LOVELL @H5YJO Dec 26, 2020 910
IPOA opens probe on Nakuru police assault on motorist. Dec 26, 2020 278
Drink driver; COURT CASEBOOK. Dec 25, 2020 358
Warning to drivers as Christmas bubbles reduced to one day only; Getaway traffic will now be condensed to Christmas Day for whirlwind visits to family or friends. By, Victoria Jones Dec 24, 2020 656
Taraba FRSC Commander distributes face masks to passengers, motorists. Dec 24, 2020 365
Irregular speed breakers, constant nuisance for motorists. Dec 24, 2020 247
Police stop 36 drivers in nine days in crackdown. KATHRYN RIDDELL Reporter Dec 24, 2020 443
Driver trapped as car in river plunge; NEWS IN BRIEF. Dec 24, 2020 166
Almost half of Middle East drivers use their car to find privacy. Stephen White Dec 24, 2020 957
Police launches crackdown against amateur drivers. Dec 24, 2020 151
Drivers should be kinder and more considerate; OPINION & LETTERS. Dec 24, 2020 257
IG warns rogue drivers says 3,600 people died from January. Dec 23, 2020 358
Yuletide: NEMA urges motorists to observe speed limit, road signs. Dec 23, 2020 414
Drink driver 'lucky' after horror crash; News WIRE. Dec 23, 2020 212
75 motorists arrested in danger driving clampdown. Dec 23, 2020 170
Driver rammed police car during high-speed chase. KALI LINDSAY Reporter Dec 23, 2020 447
Electric cars and green technology are the real future of motoring; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Motorists will benefit from cheaper, quieter journeys and they will be helping the environment at the same time. Dec 23, 2020 643
Peugeot takes charge; GILES BLAIR thinks the e-2008 could be a front-runner among the growing number of contenders seeking to appeal to electric vehicle family motorists. Dec 23, 2020 683
A slippery slope; Campaign alerts drivers to the perils of not de-icing their cars properly. Giles Blair Dec 23, 2020 601
Wishing Santa and young motorists a Merry Car-istmas. Dec 23, 2020 446
Police in North Yorkshire crack down on drink and drug driving; Police cracking down on drink and drug driving in North Yorkshire have arrested 100 drivers. Sarah Fitton Dec 23, 2020 310
Gatchalian tells motorists: No stopping at NLEX toll booths. Dec 23, 2020 281
NEMA Urges Motorists To Observe Speed Limit, Road Signs. Dec 22, 2020 423
Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Man In Delta. Dec 22, 2020 215
The Assault on Rideshare Companies and Drivers. Bird, Maggie Dec 22, 2020 1135
Delivery drivers warned of thefts. Dec 22, 2020 159
Warning issued to drink drivers. Dec 22, 2020 177
Warnings over panic buying amid fears supermarkets will run out; "We need a pragmatic solution that gets drivers across the border and into the UK by whatever route". By, Neil Shaw Dec 22, 2020 539
Yuletide: Reps Want Halt To Arbitrary Increase Of Fare By Motorists. Dec 21, 2020 799
Driver charged with DUI after crash into squad car. Daily Herald report Dec 21, 2020 350
Driver of ride-hailing app finds support in Globe's QC expansion. Dec 21, 2020 526
Lockdown speeders; "Shocking" rise in drivers breaking the limit during Covid crisis. TOM BOKROS Dec 21, 2020 461
Yuletide: Emir Of Fika Charges Motorists On Safe Driving. Dec 20, 2020 255
Two motorists caught drunk driving, breaking curfew. Staff Reporter Dec 20, 2020 211
143 drink drivers have been arrested. Dec 19, 2020 197
Drink-driver rammed police car after chase. anna lewis Reporter Dec 19, 2020 744
who hit and Motorist killed man locked up. Dec 19, 2020 218
Santa drivers face delivery nightmare. RECORD REPORTER Dec 19, 2020 191
Driver fined after car pushed along A9 by tipper truck. Dec 19, 2020 315
Outsourced JS driver strike oas it agrees 2.1% increase in pay. Marianne Calnan Dec 19, 2020 254
Drivers warned not to take part in farmer rally. Dec 19, 2020 177
Motorists groan on Okpela- Okene highway. Dec 18, 2020 369
Triple trouble for A55 drivers in huge tailbacks; WEATHER, BREXIT AND COVID COMBINE TO BRING MILES OF QUEUES HEADING FOR PORT. OWEN EVANS Daily Post Reporter Dec 18, 2020 326
Appeal to drivers over Christmas trips. Dec 18, 2020 586
New cameras help put the brakes on speeding drivers. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Dec 18, 2020 371
Motorists are given a warning over winter. Dec 18, 2020 182
Roundabout work set to close A18 for four months; DRIVERS FACE LONG DELAYS AND MAJOR DETOURS. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Dec 18, 2020 461
1,000 San Juan trike drivers receive Christmas gift packs. Dec 18, 2020 218
Why electric cars and green technology are the future of motoring; Motorists will benefit from cheaper, quieter journeys and they will be helping the environment at the same time. By, Chris Peregrine Dec 18, 2020 670
Charity boss accuses traffic wardens of 'lying in wait' to fine drivers making donations; Two motorists who parked in the loading bay outside The Alice Charity's Newcastle-under-Lyme HQ to hand over bags of toys and food were allegedly fined in Staffordshire. By, Fahad Tariq Dec 17, 2020 637
Bid to safeguard workers from speeding drivers. Dec 17, 2020 257
Driver jailed after chase with police through city; motorist who hit speeds of 80 mph had 'panicked'. SONIA SHARMA Reporter Dec 17, 2020 448
Motorists hit out over potholes at city island. MADELEINE CLARK News Reporter Dec 17, 2020 203
Driver clocked at 180mph on the M1 in the county; SHOCKING STATISTICS REVEALED DURING ROAD SAFETY WEEK. DAVID OWEN News Reporter Dec 16, 2020 525
Teenage driver dies after early-morning A9 collision. Dec 16, 2020 218
Motorists asked to drive carefully during fog. Dec 16, 2020 211
Railways asks its drivers not to use mobile phones at work. Dec 16, 2020 545
Xmas parcel theft surge as 19 more drivers are robbed. JANE TYLER Dec 16, 2020 224
Thousands of drivers targeted by new DVLA scams -how to stay safe; A surge in reports of a new scam targeting motorists has been reported and now the Government is sharing the details of the fake messages to try and keep drivers safe. By, James Andrews Dec 16, 2020 402
Highway patrol nabs motorists, impounds vehicles in anti-crime drive. Dec 15, 2020 248
LASDRI Boss Cautions Drivers Against Drunk Driving. Dec 15, 2020 290
Drivers face 'massive' diversions. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Dec 15, 2020 396
Crackdown on illegal and reckless drivers. Dec 15, 2020 152
Councillor's 'casualty' role to warn drivers. ROB SMITH Dec 15, 2020 431
Crackdown on reckless motorists. Dec 15, 2020 201
DRIVER WHO RAMMED COP CAR BRANDED A DANGER TO THE PUBLIC; Sheriff blasts motorist and bans him for a decade Jail term and ban for 'danger driver'. DANNY MCKAY Dec 15, 2020 699
Minibus driver kicked car's wing mirror off in festive road-rage row. Dec 15, 2020 392
Tipper Drivers Protest Government Imposition, Disrupt Traffic In Onitsha. Dec 14, 2020 750
Anambra tipper drivers block Onitsha-Enugu expressway in protest. Dec 14, 2020 807
Potholes drivers' biggest concern. Dec 14, 2020 244
'Stop motorhome drivers parking where they like' CALL FOR CLAMPDOWN ON CAMPERVANS. GARETH WYN WILLIAMS Local Democracy Reporter Dec 14, 2020 425
Number of drivers caught speeding continues to rise. DAYNA FARRINGTON Dec 14, 2020 465
Drivers, operators protest phaseout of traditional jeepneys by year-end. Dec 14, 2020 738
Drivers more annoyed by potholes than motorists using phones behind the wheel; A poll by the RAC reveals drivers' biggest gripes -with potholes topping the list. By, Ben Glaze Dec 14, 2020 377
Old man tells mum 'I'll smash your fing head in' in road rage rant (VIDEO). Dec 14, 2020 175
Rains multiply motorists' agonies at ram-shackled Kahuta road. Dec 14, 2020 403
Police launches crackdown against amateur drivers, motorcyclists. Dec 14, 2020 182
CTP asks motorists to beware of smog. Dec 14, 2020 154
Driver chased down by cops as he fled through gardens. Dec 13, 2020 233
Drivers may face daily charge in capital. Dec 12, 2020 178
Lockdown speeders; "Shocking" rise in drivers breaking the limit during Covid crisis. TOM BOKROS Dec 12, 2020 460
M1 closed overnight after 52-year-old driver dies in crash involving two lorries; A 52-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene, with no-one else injured in the collision involving two lorries. The M1 has been closed southbound at junction 22 in Leicestershire. By, Katie Mansfield Dec 12, 2020 267
Unreliable charging mars North Coast 500 for electric drivers; The North Coast 500 may boast fabulous scenery but attempting to drive it in an electric car is "very touch and go" because of unreliable chargers and connection problems, a motoring group has found. Alastair Dalton Dec 12, 2020 667
Motorist admits fatal smash. Dec 11, 2020 153
Mum can't sleep over covid fears after road rage lout spat on her; Hunt for driver of Skoda car after he inflicted vile attack. DAVID CAMPBELL Dec 11, 2020 380
Drive up standards; Widening learners' experiences wins backing after study reveals motorists' many fears at the wheel. Giles Blair Dec 11, 2020 526
Delivery drivers warned after spate of thefts. Dec 11, 2020 182
Cameras set to be installed to put brakes on 'reckless' drivers. TOM DAVIS Local Democracy Reporter Dec 11, 2020 345
Over 11,000 PUV drivers join service contracting program. Dec 11, 2020 329
Motorists advised to avoid 6 Bangkok routes amid political rally today. Dec 10, 2020 262
Fewer passengers, drivers, pedestrians have died on roads compared to last year. Dec 10, 2020 287
Warning for drivers after traffic chaos at nature site. GEMMA SHERLOCK Dec 10, 2020 623
Lockdown speeders; "Shocking" rise in drivers breaking the limit during Covid crisis. TOM BOKROS Dec 10, 2020 460
Call for witnesses after road rage row in narrow lane. Dec 10, 2020 158
The 11 obscure parking laws which could land you a massive fine; Drivers are being warned to learn some of the country's most obscure parking laws in order to avoid hefty fines. Group reporter Dec 10, 2020 458
London jobs: Thameslink, Southern, Gatwick Express and more are recruiting for trainee drivers -and the salary is as high as [pounds sterling]32,080; Once you're qualified the wage increases to a whopping [pounds sterling]63,295. By, Robert Rowlands & Ellie McKinnell Dec 10, 2020 439
Drivers face tougher tests for new permits. Dec 9, 2020 666
DRAIN PAIN; residents and motorists left stranded by thigh-high flood. JENNY KIRKHAM ECHO Reporter @PJ_Kirkham Dec 9, 2020 421
Sixwarned and one driver fined by patrols. Dec 9, 2020 151
Who is most likely to be caught drink driving as offence rate falls; Men are twice as likely to be caught, roofers top the profession list and Llandudno is worst place for drink drivers. By, Neil Shaw Dec 9, 2020 520
Rains multiply motorists' agonies at ram-shackled Kahuta road. Dec 9, 2020 403
Motorists go Forth as ice closes new Crossing again; Old bridge back in use as a back-up plan. PAUL RODGER Dec 9, 2020 250
Boss who's made 74 of his workers millionaires; Driver & secretaries among staff gifted soaraway shares; EXCLUSIVE. GRAHAM HISCOTT Head of Business Dec 9, 2020 264
Valenzuela orders NLEX to reimburse 'accidental charges' to motorists. Dec 9, 2020 746
Quiz: Do you know what these UK road signs mean? According to data from Formula One Autocentres, only 25 per cent of UK drivers recognise all key road signs. A total of 32 per cent of study participants knew fewer than six out of 10, and four per cent were unable to currently identify any signs; According to data from Formula One Autocentres, only 25 per cent of UK drivers recognise all key road signs. A total of 32 per cent of study participants knew fewer than six out of 10, and four per cent were unable to currently identify any signs. Rhona Shennan Dec 9, 2020 506
DOTr's service contracting program to employ almost 9,000 displaced drivers. Dec 8, 2020 382
NLEX Corp. says some motorists complain of 'defective' RFID stickers. Dec 8, 2020 393
Warning after spate of number plate thefts; POLICE ADVISE MOTORISTS TO PARK IN WELL-LIT SPOT. JOANNE WELFORD @joannewelford Dec 8, 2020 335
WAR ON SPEEDING DRIVERS; Angry residents say they are living in peril. JACKIE GRANT Dec 8, 2020 360
Drivers not prepared for winter weather dangers -top tips to stay safe on roads; Investigation revealed one in 10 motorists are now more nervous about driving in the dark as a result of lockdown. By, Brett Gibbons Dec 8, 2020 925
UK weather: Heavy rain causes flooding as thick fog engulfs parts of Britain; Heavy rain in parts of the country has caused "underwater roads" and chaos in Merseyside as cars are engulfed in water and drivers try to find a way through a "river-like" junction. By, Ben Turner-LE & Lee Grimsditch & Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Dec 8, 2020 386
Driver taken to hospital after crash. Dec 8, 2020 170
Man, 62, committed indecent act as he watched girls at park; CAR DRIVER JAILED FOR A YEAR AND WILL BE BANNED FROM VISITING PUBLIC CAR PARKS AND PLAY AREAS. SOPHIE CORCORAN @sophcorcoran Dec 8, 2020 446
Grab hikes fees, drivers worryabout lower income, passengers switching to other apps. Dec 8, 2020 638
Excavator drivers re-open blocked roads despite danger. Dec 8, 2020 706
Go aids trike drivers in Quezon City. Dec 8, 2020 185
Despite potholed roads, notorious traffic, Lagos govt unleashes special taskforce against one-way motorists, commuters. Dec 7, 2020 399
FRSC Warns Motorists against Use of Phones while Driving. Dec 7, 2020 205
Binay to tollway operators: Intensify info drive among motorists. Dec 7, 2020 399
Cabbie drives off with Christmas presents worth [pounds sterling]300 in row over [pounds sterling]4.50 fare; Dominic Brindle, a 44-year-old from Staffordshire, claims the cab driver whose car he was in started calling him names and driving the vehicle into the side of the road. By, Fahad Tariq & Milo Boyd Dec 7, 2020 498
Motorists facing a bumpy road to green card confusion. Dec 7, 2020 293
Drivers, know your limits. Dec 7, 2020 271
Motorists facing a bumpy road to green card confusion. Dec 7, 2020 293
Scarborough's drivers urged not to make 2020 worse by drink driving at Christmas; Scarborough's drivers are being urged not to end 2020 in a police cell. Sarah Fitton Dec 7, 2020 429
Uber has been great from Bangladesh. But its drivers just wish it took a lesser cut. Dec 7, 2020 541

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