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Automation cell for non-glued syringes.

Zahoransky AG, the German maker of injection molds, packaging machines, and automation systems, offers the Z.Zyklon system for producing disposable syringes with non-glued encapsulation of the metal needles. Zahoransky offers complete system capability, from moldmaking through system engineering to blister packaging the finished parts.

The system starts with a needle-feeding system (NFS), whose modular structure can handle needles and puncture aids of varying lengths and diameters. Needle singularizing from the magazine follows the first-in/ first-out (FIFO) principle, ensuring that needles are not stored for excessively long periods and making batch tracing much easier. Suited to small to medium batch sizes, the NFS can singularize four to 32 needles or puncture aids.

The heart of the system is a horizontal rotating table with eight stations. In station 1, singularized needles are placed in a terminal socket strip by the NFS and carried to station 2, where the needles are camera inspected for correct position and integrity. At station 3 the needles are placed into the mold for encapsulation and removed after molding. Stations 4 to 6 provide more optional needle checks and inspections, such as pull-out force. Station 7 delivers the good parts to the downstream automation for siliconing, assembling, final checking, and blister packing. Bad parts are ejected in station 8.

Current system output is up to 400 syringes/min, or 55 million/yr. The system complies with clean-room class 8. +49 761-88509-33 *

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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Aug 1, 2014
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