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Automation boosts performance review efficiency.

One year ago, the Executive Office of the Bureau of Human Resources automated the Foreign Service performance files used by the Department's Foreign Service promotion boards. The move brings the yearly selection boards closer to having paperless electronic boards, or eBoard, capability, as envisioned by HR/EX Information Management Division Director Pamela Bundy in 1999.

Since then, HR/EX/RIM has worked to record timely updates to electronic images of all active Foreign Service employees' performance folders.

The effort began as a pilot program with the conversion of 700 Foreign Service performance records. Today, it is an intricate electronic workflow solution that is accessed by the electronic Official Personnel Folder application and the eBoard module. The eBoard module uses eOPF technology to allow authorized users, such as board members, to access and view folders identified for use by specific boards. It also allows members to simultaneously review the same employee's record, enabling more efficient reviews.


In 2007 alone, board members reviewed approximately 2,500 Senior Foreign Service candidates' folders and 8,000 generalist and specialist folders using the eBoard module. The eOPF application now also accommodates sessions of the Commissioning Board and Tenure Board. Electronic review of 800 tenure candidates' folders is possible through use of the eOPF Authorized User Console. What was once a folder-by-folder, manual check-in-check-out process is now a real-time, electronic, employee-folder review process.
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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