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Automating the paper chase. (Laboratory Design).

A process that generated reams of paper work and an unreliable trail of communications has been shaped up, automated, and assigned project specific sites by an architecture firm in Cincinnati. BHDP Architecture, a company that specializes in scientific, technological, and R&D projects, has modernized and smoothed the process of managing and controlling the quantities of documents generated during the construction phase of large projects. Traditionally, movement of building documentation involved a request for information (RFI) sent to the construction manager, then to the architect, and on to the engineer and back again along the same path along with copies directed to miscellaneous sub-contractors.

The company developed a project-specific Web site to manage and control the information flow, and has recently improved and streamlined the process that once took days but now takes minutes. A field on the Web site can generate an RFI electronically and send it to the engineer, with copies to the construction manager and architect. The engineer's response is sent directly to the subcontractor and to the construction manager and architect.

Distributing electronic meeting notes, shop drawing logs, RFIs, specifications, and photographs of field conditions can also be accomplished quickly and efficiently. The system tracks document flow and records user access to critical project documents. The firm uses project specific Web sites that contract on a per user basis, and can support multiple projects, both large and small, under one user agreement. The service-based project specific Web sites are available to project teams ranging from two to 200 users. BHDP Architecture also prepares research on trends in communication and collaboration.

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Comment:Automating the paper chase. (Laboratory Design).
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